Lynbrook Roster - 1985

Each morning of an away meet, the time to be excused from class will be announced during the morning announcements. The time will be different for each meet. There will be times when only part of the team will be leaving, and there will be meets where some runners will leave earlier than other runners. If you are confused by all this, please give me a call in Room 50. Our hope is to keep as many runners in class as long as we can. Since we have to travel great distances to our meets, we hope you can understand dour problem. The runners should indicate in advance the days that they will have to miss your class. GIRLS English, Jennifer 12 Membreno, Lisa 12 Stephenson, Carol 12 Berg, Lara 11 Francis, Kristene 11 Woodson, Becky 11 Yacoub, Rosie 11 Maloney, Kieran 9 Prudhon, Nicole 9 Srikantiah, Padmini 9 Uyeda, Stacy 9 SENIOR BOYS Acosta, Cesar Gruendeer, Joe Kelleher, Pat Kong, Alan McCarthy, David Sze, Stanley JUNIORS Brum, David Deb, Dipanjan Elliott, Bryan Gunby, Lee Herring, Doug Hsia, Eric Hyde, Mike Jerdes, Larry Lippman, Steve McElravey, Toby Miller, Joel Mount, Andrew Pietrowicz, Steve SOPHOMORES Allen, Andrew Bowers, Karl Blumstein, Greg Commins, Kel Gold, Brian Feltman, John Hiatt, Eric Illes, Ted Keen, Bryce Kim, David Lee, Daryl O’Brien, Dennis Park, Sam Shah, Samir Silva-Mistry, Noshir Yuen, Mark FRESHMEN Kessel, Shawn Lamasney, Pat Perasco, John Seck, Matthew