Watermelon Run - 09/19/85

Watermelon Run XC Scores 9/19/85 2.36 Miles Name Time 1 Pietrowicz, Steve 13:44.8 2 Gruender, Joe 13:46.3 3 Hiatt, Eric 13:47.0 4 Miller, Joel 14:13.9 5 Yuen, Mark 14:17.6 6 Deb, Dipanjan 14:25.3 7 Brum, David 14:29.0 8 McElravey, Toby 14:36.6 9 Hsia, Eric 14:36.8 10 Kong, Alan 14:38.6 11 O'Brien, Dennis 14:48.2 12 McCarty, David 14:56.2 13 Silva-Mistry, Noshur15:04.1 14 Hydfe, Mike 15:04.7 15 Kelleher, Pat 15:19.5 16 Allen, Andy 15:21.1 17 Mount, Andrew 15:28.3 18 Seck, Matt 15:29.7 19 Elliott, Bryan 15:53.0 20 Jerdes, Larry 16:01.0 21 Sze, Stan 16:09.0 22 Bowers, Karl 16:10.3 23 Lippman, Steve 16:15.6 24 Membreno, Lisa 16:28.5 25 Kim, David 16:45.3 26 Perasco, John 16:51.1 27 Lamasney, Pat 17:10.0 28 Keen, Bryce 17:36.3 29 Prudhon, Nicole 17:51.8 30 Maloney, Kieran 17:52.6 31 Yacoub, Rosie 17:54.3 32 Stephenson, Carol 18:31.2 33 English, Jennifer 18:33.0 34 Berg, Lara 20:37.3 35 Francis, Kristy 21:01.0 36 Strikantia, Padmini 24:51.8 37 Wyeda, Stacy 25:56.0 Congradulations are due the the following runners: Steve Pietrowicz (11) for winning the Watermelon Run Lisa Membreno (12) for winning the girls' division in her best time after being injured last year. Eric Hiatt (10) for the best time for a first time runner Matt Seck (9) for the best frosh time and beating his sister's time Toby McElravey (11) for being the most improved boy Rosie Yacoub (11) for being the most improved girl Joel Miller (11) and Dipanjan Deb (11) for making the varsity team David Brum (11) for running so well considering his being sick Joe Gruender (12) for his great effort to win the race and uphold the senior class Nicole Prudhon (9) for being the number two girl runner. Comments: 21 runners who finished the Watermelon Run for the first time. New Record 4 runners had a slower time this year. New record for this. Last year there were six. Times were slower this year in all divisions. Only five of last year's top fifteen runers ran in this year's race. The first mile was slow. Only nine of last year's top 25 runners ran this year. This was probably the most inexperienced group to start the run. We did not warm up together, and we did not war down together. If you didn't run as well as you thought you might, please remember that every year some runners who didn't do well in the Watermelon Run end up the season as one of our bewtter runners. Althought Lynbrook appears to have its most inexperienced boys and girls varsity teams ever, this will not be considered a rebuilding year. With a little more work, running together, and the continuing desire to improve, we may surprise ourselves and the rest of the league by doing very well in November. Coach Fishback and I are very positive about the season ahead…………I hope the team members are the same. If you look carefully at the top finishers, you see improvement from first year runners. If you had told me two or three months ago that both the girls and boys varsity teams would shape us as they are now, I would have bet money against you. In the girls races this year, the top seven are fairly well determined. In the boys division, the top seven are still up for grabs, and I wouldn't bet a penny the the top seven boys will stay the same for long. Keeping healthy is a main concern at this time. We have never had so Many ailing runners at this time fo the year. The flu and very bad colds have been a serious problem. Hopefully the illnesses are behind us. Next Thursday @ Lynbrook, we entertain Willow Glen and Prospect. This should be a very interesting meet.