I would like to point out a few events that made this season a very special one for me. They are in no particular order; I just put them down as they came to mind. There was the season long argument as to whether we were doing well because of “all the talent on the team,” or because of the outstanding coaching. We now know that with “all the talent” graduating in June, that Coach Fishback and I will have to do one great job next year, if Lynbrook hopes to get into the CCS Finals again. The Lynbrook boys varsity team won the CCS Cross Country Varsity Scholarship Award for 1986 with a 3.609 grade point average. Of the fall boys awards, football, water-polo, and cross country, Lynbrook had easily the highest average and at the same time, was the only winner to compete in the section finals and finish in the TOP TEN. It is great to receive the scholarship award, but to also be athletic at the same time is a great tribute to the team. The 1986 boys’ varsity was also the DAL champs. Although we were not the favorite at the beginning of the season, the team improved and won the league championships for the first time in 11 years, Lynbrook finished second place four times and third place three times during this period. We ran well several years, but just faced some great teams each year we were second. By winning this year, Lynbrook’s league record in the league (DAL) meet in the 21 years of varsity competition now stands at 108 wins and 53 losses. WE have had only five losing season, and have had only 3 losing season in the last 19 years. In the first two years, without graduating class, Lynbrook finished seventh in a field of 12 schools. Since 1974, the Vikings have been in smaller seven or six school league. The cookies (homemade) that were awaiting runners after their races were the best yet. Thank you great cooks for the treats, but next year, please see that the coaches get their fair share. I understand that the team party of November 29th was an event that Coach Fishback and I were happy to miss. I can’t see cheese and crackers at Hunter’s Point, “stick ball” at Lynbrook, or the so called “hot dogs” at Mark’s house. The watermelon run at Lynbrook on September 19th was a great shock to see Joel Miler run away from the crowd. It was the best team time in years, the best watermelons ever, and the largest crowd to see the annual event. The junior class team won the St. Francis-Foothill Invitational on October 17th, and the senior class team placed second behind an excellent Los Gatos team. This was Lynbrook’s best showing ever in this meet. It was the first time that we had had complete boys’ teams. The boys varsity team finished second behind Live Oak in the Serra Invitational on October 11th; second behind Serra in the 3rd Center Meet at Crystal Springs on October 30th; and 14th in the prestigious Stanford Invitational on October 6th. The finish at Stanford was our best finish since they started inviting all schools in both Nevada and California to this meet. Reno won in 1985, while Arroyo from Southern California won this year. Even in 14th place, Lynbrook beat the following well known schools like Santa Rosa, North Bakersfield, Berkeley, Carson, Mission San Jose, Turlock, South Pasadena, Red Bluff, and De La Salle (the east bay football power). Just in case the weekly results did not arrive at your home, here are the best Crystal Springs times of the year. 12th Grade Elliott, Bryan 20:04 Gunby, Lee 16:35 Hsia, Eric 17:45 Hurd, Colleen 21:22 Jerdes, Larry 21:29 McElravey, Toby 17:44 Miller, Joel 16:06 Pardini, Mike 17:41 Pietrowicz, Steve 16:16 Thayer, Janice 23:25 11th Grade Allen, Andrew 17:49 Blumstein, Greg 20:40 Braunstein, Jeff 17:49 Dennis, Don 18:45 Feltman, John 23:31 Hiatt, Eric 16:35 Kim, David 19:38 Lee, Daryl 19:03 O’Brien, Dennis 17:44 Park, Sam 17:12 Utter, Garth 15:54 Yuen, Mark 17:04 10th Grade Abdul-Malak, Pierre 18:41 Hsia, Curtis 23:46 Kessel, Shawn 17:15 Lamasney, Pat 20:27 Maloney, Kieran 21:45 Perasco, John 19:51 Prduhon, Nicole 23:20 Ochoa, John 21:39 Seck, Matt 17:33 Stein, David 20:25 Thayer, John 18:43 9th Grade Carpenter, Lew 18:06 Cauthen, Beth 25:07 Hetrick, Tim 21:06 Linkins, Krag 19:20 Moyer, Bill 20:39 O’Jea, Amil 18:59 Wyatt, Matt 18:24 Yacoub, John 19:56 In the girls varsity and the frosh/soph divisions, illness at the wrong times, destroyed what seemed to be two possible successful seasons. The girls had to run the league meet without Kieran Maloney and we went from a possible third to sixth. In the frosh/soph division, a hip injury to Pierre Abdul-Malak in mid season really hurt our chances, as he was running so very well at the time. We finished a close third in the league, when I thought early season that we might win it all.