LYNBROOK CROSS COUNTRY ROSTER 1987 Seniors Allen, Andrew Braunstein, Jeff Brinkman, Carl Lee, Daryl O’Brien, Dennis Park, Sam Utter, Garth Yuen, Mark Juniors Abdul-Malak, Pierre Bratkowsky, Jason Chao, David Cogan, Andri Hagerty, Gabe Kessel, Shawn Kiem, Michael Lamasney, Pat Maloney, Kieran Perasco, John Ochoa, John Thayer, John Wang, Jane Sophomores Carpenter, Lew Carson, Tim Feldman, Dan Holmes, Cory Likins, Krag Moyer, Bill O’Jea, Amil Perez, Richard Freshmen Dasilva, Tony Lee, Nate Coaches: Jeff Fishback & Verne Thornburg Because each starting time during the school week is different, and because same teams must run earlier than others, the time to be excused from school will be given on the morning announcements on the day of the race. This will allow several runners to stay in classes more often. If you have a problem with any of the above runners, please give Fishback or Thornburg a call immediately.