Watermelon Run - 09/17/87

Watermelon Run XC Scores 9/17/87 2.36 Miles Name Grade Time 1 Braunstein, Jeff 12 13:43.0 2 Allen, Andy 12 13:49.0 3 Park, Sam 12 13:50.0 4 Yuen, Mark 12 14:03.0 5 Carpenter, Lew 10 14:22.0 6 Abdul-Malak, Pierre 11 14:33.0 7 Carson, Tim 10 14:34.0 8 Lee, Nate 9 14:34.0 9 O'Brien, Dennis 12 14:52.0 10 Bratkowsky, Jason 11 14:55.0 11 O'Jea, Amil 10 14:57.0 12 Perez, Ricky 10 15:21.0 13 Perasco, John 11 15:37.0 14 Thayer, John 11 15:46.0 15 Lee, Daryl 12 15:55.0 16 Brinkman, Carl 12 16:20.0 17 Hagerty, Gabe 11 16:29.0 18 Holmes, Corye 10 16:30.0 19 Kiem, Mike 11 16:56.0 20 Moyer, Bill 10 17:00.0 21 Maloney, Kieran 11 18:03.0 22 Chao, David 11 18:05.0 23 Cogen, Andri 11 19:33.0 24 Feldman, Dan 10 19:36.0 25 Wang, Jane 10 22:28.0 Records Fitchen, Todd 12:23.2 1983 Seck, Michelle 15:12.9 1981 Most finishing race: 39 1986 Most first year finishers: 21985 & 86 Fastest last place time 1986 Largest crowd ever 1986 Best conditions in which to 1986 Slower time: only two runner1986 Congradulations are due for the following runners: Jeff Braunstein for winning the Watermelon Run Kieran Maloney for winning the girls' race Tim Carson for the best time for a 1st time runner on the course Nate Lee for having a very fine frosh time. Lew Carpenter for making the varsity team: however, he will run in the F/S division most of the year. He also won a milkshake Jane Wang for staying in the race Jeff Bratkowsky for gutting it out and finishing the race, after running too hard the 1st mile. Comments: The day was not as good as last year, when the conditions were excellent. The race was very fast last year, as Joel Miller set a blistering pace the first half of the race. This year the pace for the first mile wasn't very fast, but didn't slow up as Jeff ran as fast the last half as he did the first half. Coach Fishback and I are very pleased with the times for both Jeff Braunstein and Andy Allen. Their times would have made the varsity team last year when times were fast and we had a very good varsity team. Keep it up. I can't believe that we improved so much in the Frosh/Soph division in one week. Ten days ago, I told a coach in our league that Lynbrook might not have a complete F/S team. If we can stay healthy and run together and keep a good mental attitude, the F/S will do well. The team is thin, need work, but just may be better than most people think. Team work, desire, and a positive attitude make a world of difference. If you didn't run as well as you thought you might, please remember that every year some runners who didn't run well in the Watermelon Run end up the season as one of our better runners. 1987 will be no different. It is also evident that there will be some changing of places as the season goes along, particularly in the boys varsity. Thanks to the three parents who came to the race. When I saw Jeff leading the first mile, I knew that his mother just wasn't here to see a "also run" finish. Our first meet of the season is Monday, Sept. 28th at Menlo-Atherton. I'm hoping that some parents will be able to see several of the later meets. I have attached a schedule for you. We may be thin on numbers this year; but we are not thin on thoughness and we are going to get tougher