Lynbrook X-C (Cross-Country)
Aug 6, 1996

Hello Fellow Runner,

	Hi guys & gals, I'm back.  Well, summer is in our last month and you should all 
start thinking about getting back in shape, I know I am.  In fact, I started running again on 
June 20th with a full half mile!  By the end of week 1, I was running 3 miles a day at 
about 7:30 pace and ran a 5:26 mile.  Knee still hurts but only when I DON'T run.  Went 
down to San Diego for the Corporate Nationals and was able to reel off a 65 second 
quarter and a 5:12 mile (also able to run 5 miles at sub 7:00 pace).  Now since it's been 6 
weeks of running I've gotten myself down to a 5:01 mile (going for sub-5:00 this 
Thursday at Los Gatos), and I can run 5-7 miles at about a 6:45 pace.  It's coming back 
but slowly.  Point is, I will be able to run with you all this season (unlike my sitting out 
during track season).

	The "Turf & Surf's" went well with at least 2 people (some times as many as 6) 
showing up on those designated Fridays.  We'll have a couple more as the season 
progresses, especially on those hot days.  The pool is in but not much else has been done 
since the track team party (it's real slow going).

	We start X-C training on Aug 19th at 9:30 (we meet at the Football shed out by 
the basketball courts).  We'll start off with an easy 3 miles that day and then work our way 
up from there.  By the end of the season, you'll be able to run 9 miles in the hills without 
breaking a sweat.  W are looking at taking a group of runners down south to run in the Mt 
SAC Invitational.  We will only be sending a Varsity squad (Guys & Girls) and only 
those that show they can be competitive.  The way I'll choose the Mt SAC team is by 
those that show up for workouts and races.  Speed won't necessarily get you on the team 
for this field trip.  We'll take 5-7 people for both teams and will keep the cost as low as 
possible.  More to come on that when we start training.  We'll have our standard Pizza 
Party, Rallye Run, Hash Run, Ice Cream Run, and some others I hope.  You need to have 
your HEALTH CARDS in before you can OFFICIALLY run for the team.  So please get 
your packet and get your physical ASAP.

	For those of you that know Jason Balkman ('94), I ran into the Stanford X-C today 
and asked him how he was doing.  Well, he's still running for Stanford and is going out 
for X-C this season.  He also ran track for Stanford and scored in the PAC-10 
Championships in the 5K (14:32) and the 10K (30:04), some pretty impressive times.

Hank Lawson	446-9063 hm		699-2237 pgr