Updated: 09/17/98

Lynbrook Invitational '98

4th Annual (once again)
Local (Loco) Lynbrook Invitational

Where:	3 miles or less from YOUR school (Lynbrook HS)
When:		Oct 29, 1998 (Thursday)
Why:		To run something flat & fast before League Meets

Divisions & Times:
	Varsity Boys	3:30 (enter 7 max)
	JV Boys		3:50 (unlimited, but only first 7 count)
	Varsity Girls	4:10 (same as boys)
	JV Girls		4:35 (same as boys)

Note: Must enter a Varsity team before entering a JV team.

	Medals (7) to 1st & 2nd place teams in VB, JVB, VG.
	Medals (7) to 1st place team in JVG.
	Additional medals to top 10 athletes not on the 1st or 
		2nd place teams in VB, JVB, VG.
	Additional medals to top 10 athletes not on the 1st place team for JVG.

Cost:	$20 per Division entered or $60 per school.
		Make check payable to Lynbrook HS.

Schools Invited:
   Cupertino		Monta Vista		Lynbrook (host)		Mitty
   Fremont		Prospect		Saratoga			Westmont
  Wilcox		Santa Clara

Course:	This is a flat and fast 2.1 mile course run on the Lynbrook 
campus.  It starts and finishes on the track (see map on reverse side).
Results:	Available race day (with your help, of course) and 
		will be mailed out within one week of the meet.
Information: Call Hank Lawson at (408) 446-9063 (pgr 408-699-2237)

Records:	Boys						Girls
Sr	David Woodruff (Wil)	11:11 '96	Anne Ricketts (S'toga)	13:05 '98
Jr	DJ Ozan (Del Mar)		11:20 '97	Lauren Adams (MV)		13:27 '97
So	Matt Bates (LG)		11:24 '98	Anne Ricketts (S'toga)	13:09 '96
Fr	Jeff Hoeft (LG)		11:39 '97	Yvonne Bailey (MV)	13:59 '97