Updated: 12/21/98

Santa Rosa Greats

The City of Santa Rosa, just north of San Francisco, has been a real hotbed of
prep distance running over the last few years.  This past Fall Cross-Country
season was no exception, with Sara Bei, Trina Cox, Celedonio Rodriguez, and
others adding to the great historical tradition of the schools from that city
with their participation all the way to the Foot Locker National Finals.  They
are just a few of the stars from the area, with the seasons of Sara Bei and
Trina Cox, two of the nation's top half dozen harrier athletes, summarized in
great detail below.  Santa Rosa "Press Democrat" writer, Jim Crowhurst, was
good enough to put together the following summary piece on the local season.
We would certainly like to thank Jim.  
Some of Julia Stamps' course records are quite amazing, and it appears they
will keep Sara Bei honest for the next two years.  
All the coaches and athletes from the area covered below are a pleasure to
deal with, with their support and friendship for each other seeming to lift
all involved to the next level--
Doug Speck      


The city of Santa Rosa, CA has two of the best cross country runners in
the nation.
Montgomery sophomore Sara Bei, '98 3rd Nationals, '97 & '98 div. 3 state
Santa Rosa senior Trina Cox, '98 6th Nationals, '97 div. 1 state

Also future stars to watch
Montgomery sophomore Sarah Bashel.
Maria Carrillo freshman Jenny Aldridge.

1998 Season

9/4  Rancho Cotate Inv. 2.75 miler   cr - 14:57 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa
1st Bei 15:42  2nd best time ever
2nd Cox 16:06 3rd best time ever
3rd Bashel    16:51
4th Aldridge   16:57

9/9   vs Justin Siena  3.1 miler   cr - old 20:22 Trina Cox '97
1st Cox 19:35 new cr, won by 1:28

9/12 Ed Sias Inv. 2.1 miler  cr - 11:27 Kristen Gordon, Carondelet  ('95
National Champ)
1st Bei 11:32 2nd best time ever
2nd Cox 11:51 3rd best time ever
4th Bashel 12:19
1st F/S Aldridge  12:57 MR

9/14 7 way meet 2.0 miler  cr - 10:40 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1996
1st Bei 11:34 won by 44 seconds over Bashel

9/19 Viking Opener Inv. 2.0 miler  cr - 10:40 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa
1st F/S Bei 11:05 2nd best soph. time to Stamps 10:51, won by 55 seconds

2nd F/S Aldridge  12:00
3rd F/S Bashel  12:00
1st Jr/Sr Cox  11:32 2nd best senior time to Stamps 10:40, won by 53

9/23 4 way meet 2.97 miler  cr - 16:15 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st Cox 17:55 won by 1:05 over Aldridge

9/26 Cowchip Classic 3.0 miler  old cr - 18:02 Sara Bei, 1997
1st Bei 17:12 new cr, won by 42 seconds
4th Bashel 18:30
5th Aldridge 19:20

9/30 5 way meet 2.97 miler  cr - 16:15 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st Bei 17:33 won by 1:07 over Bashel

10/3 Stanford Inv. 3.1 miler  cr - 17:19 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st Bei 17:26 div. III 28 seconds faster than next fastest girl, any
5th Bashel 19:03 div. III

10/3 Vulcan Classic, Alabama 3.0 miler cr- 17:10 Courtney Adams,
Indianapolis '95
                                 Jennifer McGramhon, Florida '96
1st Cox 18:21 won by 34 seconds, ran extra distance

10/10 Clovis Inv. 3.1 Woodward Park  cr - 16:43 Julia Stamps, S.R. '96
1st Bei 17:23 M.R. won by 1:31, #2 Soph. behind Stamps 16:45
2nd Bashel 18:54

10/10 Castro Valley Inv. 3.0 miler
1st Cox 18:40 won by 18 seconds

10/14 3 way league 2.5 miler  cr - 15:48 Sara Bei '97
1st Bei 16:22 won by 50 seconds over Bashel

10/14 2 way league 2.97 miler  cr - 16:15 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st Cox 18:24 won by 45 seconds

10/21 3 way league 3.0 miler
1st Cox 18:37 won by 45 seconds over Aldridge

10/21 2 way league 2.97 miler  cr - 16:15 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st Bei 17:29 won by 1:25 over Bashel

10/24 Mt. Sac 2.95 miler  cr - 16:55 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st  Sweepstakes ind.  Bei  17:05 won by 14 seconds over Lauren Fleshman

12th  Sweepstake ind.  Bashel  18:57
2nd  Sweepstakes team  Cox  17:47 lost to Abby Miller of Nevada, team

10/28 3 way league 2.97 miler  cr - 16:15 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st Bei 17:18 won by 34 seconds over Bashel

10/28 3 way league 3.1 miler  cr - 19:09 Sara Bei, Montgomery '97
1st Cox 19:32 won by 1:21, 2nd best ever

11/4 3way league 2.97 miler  cr - 16:15 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa 1995
1st Bei 16:43 only 2nd to ever break 17:00
2nd Cox 17:30
3rd Bashel 17:40 4th all-time

11/13 North Bay League Finals 2.97 miler  cr - 16:15 Julia Stamps, Santa
Rosa 1995
1st Bei 16:45 won by 19 seconds, team was 2nd
2nd Cox 17:04 3rd best course time ever, team was 1st
3rd Bashel 17:52
4th Aldridge 18:25 team was 3rd

11/21 North Coast Section 3.0 miler  cr - 16:46 Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa
1st division 1 Cox  17:43 won by 1:22, team was 1st
1st division 3 Bei    17:06 won by 54 seconds, team was 1st
3rd      Aldridge 18:29
6th      Bashel    18:55

11/28 California State 3.1 Woodward Park  cr - 16:43 Julia Stamps, S.R.
2nd division 1 Cox  17:48 10 sec. behind L. Fleshman, 3rd fastest in CA,
team 9th
1st division 3 Bei     17:22 won by 31 seconds, fastest in state, team
4th   Aldridge     18:37 Fastest freshman in CA
8th      Bashel       18:46

12/5 Footlocker Regional 3.1 miler  new course, added distance to make
1st Bei 17:51 won by 11 seconds over Lauren Fleshman
3rd Cox 18:05 15 seconds ahead of Abby Miller, NV.
40th Bashel 19:35

12/12 Footlocker Nationals 3.1 miler  cr - 17:22.2 Erin Sullivan,
Vermont '97 (? same course)
3rd Bei 17:44 8 seconds behind Sullivan, 1st underclassman
6th Cox 18:06 3rd senior

12/12 Junior Olympic Nationals  4,000m
3rd Aldridge Youth Girls  14:34   3 seconds behind winner, 5th
consecutive year in top 25

Area boys strong as well
   On the boys side the city of Santa Rosa was represented at the
Footlocker Nationals (18th 16:12) by senior Celedonia Rodriguez (Elsie
Allen) who placed fourth in the Western Regionals.
   Rodriguez was the division III state champion (15:25) but was only
3rd in the North Bay League finals losing to senior Ryan Mack of Ukiah
who was the division II state champion (15:23), and senior Steve Laurie
of Maria Carrillo who was the North Coast Section division III champion.

   Fourth in the NBL league finals was senior Brent Shaw of Cardinal
Newman who placed 6th in the state in division IV (16:08).
   Fifth in the league finals was Maria Carrillo freshman Jordan Kinley
who ran the second fastest time (16:38) by a 9th grader at the state
meet. And 16:05 at Mt. Sac Invit.

   Julia Stamps who holds most of the course records listed was a
teammate of Cox and was the 1994 Footlocker National Champion.
   Stamps was coached by Dan Aldridge who ran the 880 in high school in
1975 in 1:49.7. He is now the head coach at Maria Carrillo coaching his
daughter Jenny.
   Bei & Bashel are coached by Larry Meredith.
   Cox is coached by Doug Courtemarche.

cr - course record
M.R. - Meet record
compiled by Jim Crowhurst