May 28, 1998

Hello Fellow Runner,
	Here's an update on what's going on since Track ended, what's planned 
for this summer and a little nudge to get you out there and running in your 
"spare" time, not to mention to get you out for Cross-Country this fall (hey, 
we have a good time).  First off, for those of you who don't know me, let me 
introduce myself to you (returnees can skip the following paragraph):

	I'm Hank Lawson and I've been coaching X-C at Lynbrook since 1994.  
Before that, I coached at Gunn High School from '88 - '92 and ran there from 
'69 - '73.  In between, I ran for De Anza JC, San Diego State, founded and 
coached the Hewlett-Packard Track Team in the SF Bay Area, worked and ran for 
Runner's World Magazine and my last stint was running/coaching at Maxtor 
Corporation.  I'm very involved in Community Theater along with being a sound 
engineer at my kids school plays.  Oh yes, I'm a programmer in my spare time, 
which also pays the bills.  I still run and race competitively (when I'm not 
injured) and plan to run with you all this fall.

	OK that's me in a nutshell.  Joining me again this year will be Shirley 
Pimentel ("Mrs. P") and a host of parents (we LOVE those cookies).  You can 
also do the "300 Mile Club" again this summer.  This is where you have 60 days 
to run 300 miles (5 miles a day average).  Just keep a log of where you ran 
and how far each run is.  You can start any time between now and June 15th.  
Then, just turn your log into me at the beginning of school and you'll get a 
"300 Mile Club" T-shirt.  We had a few runners do it last year, let's try and 
get some more this year.   If you're really ambitious, you can go for the "500 
Mile Club" and get a "Custom Design" T-shirt for your effort.  Los Gatos is 
having their standard "All Comers Meets" starting June 25th at 6:00 PM and 
going every Thursday until August 13th.  It's $3.00 entry fee and you can run 
as many of the races as you want.  All sorts of ages and caliber of athletes 
show up to these races and it's fun (plus, if you win your division, High 
School, you get your name in the paper the next day, usually).  San Jose City 
College is having All Comer meets starting on June 24th at 5:00 PM and going 
every Wednesday for 6 weeks.  There are also a number of local Road Races that 
you can compete in.  To get a listing pick up a magazine called "The Schedule" 
in your local running store, or if you have access to the web, they're at:
"".  Speaking of 
cool Web Sites, check out the Lynbrook XC/Track web page at 
"" for all sorts of info on course 
records, past results, meet schedule, etc. (Be patient, it's still under 
construction).  I have info on a Running Camp in Yosemite this summer (Aug 9-
14), so give me a call if you're interested.

	We start X-C training on Aug. 24th at 9:30 (we meet at the Football shed 
out by the basketball courts).  We'll start off with an easy 3 miles that day 
and then work our way up from there.  By the end of the season, you'll be able 
to run 9 miles in the hills without breaking a sweat.  Attached is a 
PRELIMINARY race schedule.    We'll have our standard Pizza Party, Rallye Run, 
Hash Run, Ice Cream Run, Turf & Surf, and some others I hope.  You need to 
have your HEALTH CARDS in before you can OFFICIALLY run for the team.  So 
please get your packet and get your physical ASAP.

	I'll be around most of the summer, trying to get in shape.   I'll be 
running at the Corporate Nationals in Santa Barbara (July 18/19).  I also have 
closing night (6/13) performance of Brigadoon for Saratoga Drama Group and 
then will be doing Carousel this fall.  Have a good time and looking forward 
to X-C.  See you in the fall.

Hank Lawson	(408) 446-9063 hm		(408) 699-2237 pgr