Lynbrook HS - Footlocker '99


Waiting to get the rental van.
Outside the hotel.
Kevin  at the Santa Monica Pier along with Stephanie & Polly  and Jeff.
The CREW at sunset.
Everyone at the Pier.
Coach and the guys.
Polly on the Ferris Wheel with everyone stuck at the top.
Stephanie dances with the Silver Man.
Lynbrook "World's Greatest Athletes" Vikings.
Watching the races.
Start of Soph Boys (Matt Meyer)
Start of Soph Boys (Dinyu Lee)
Start of Soph Boys (Jeff Whitsett 1.5 miles and at 2.5 miles)
Brett Goucher on his way to winning.
Start of Junior Girls (Stephanie Claussen)
Senior Girls (Polly Sidorovsky)
Start of Seeded Boys (1st / 2nd / 3rd)
Seeded Boy leaders at 1.75 miles.