'99 X-C Post Meeting Minutes

SCVAL Cross Country Coaches Post Season Meeting November 29, 1999 4 p.m. at Harry’s Hof Brau

Coaches Present: Roberta Chisam and Marco Campagna, St. Francis; Hal Daner and Ernie Lee, Gunn; Paul Jones, Palo Alto;Hank Lawson, Lynbrook; Walt Van Zant, Wilcox; Grace Voss and Pat Lawson, Fremont; Mike and Loretta Morris, Monta Vista; Marshall Clark and Laura Lopez, Saratoga; Jen McKenzie, Homestead; Stacey Stubbins, Cupertino; Julie L’Heureaux, Santa Clara; Sam Read, Mt. View; Steve Perry and Kathryn Picanco, Los Altos

	Not Present: Willie Harmatz, Los Gatos; Bob Sharpe, Milpitas;
	Topics of discussion:
	I.  League info-  
	     A.  Congratulations to the league champions:

	           Boys Varsity	Los Gatos	Los Altos
	           Girls  Varsity	Los Gatos	Gunn
	           Boys Frosh/Soph	Los Gatos	Milpitas
	           Girls Jr. Varsity	St. Francis	Gunn

	     B.  All league certificates available for DAL Division, El Camino 
will get theirs  		           soon.

C. Filling out Varsity teams before JV and Frosh/Soph. It was not mandated, but suggested that teams should fill their varsity boys roster at the league meet before their Open boys to ensure maximum qualifying numbers for C.C.S.

D. Running in the correct race, Be sure that your runners are in the correct divisional race at the league championships.

E. Filling out of C.C.S forms whether you think you are eligible or not to ensure your ability to be eligible to compete if you qualify as a team or as individuals.

F. Aid to runners, interference from spectators; aiding in the chute. We agreed that giving water to runners in the race should be left up to meet management. If they provide it for everyone then we would use it. There were too many instances where runners were impeded by spectators, runners or hit with bottles, and sprayed in their face when they did not want water. To ensure safety and honest competition we would prevent interference during the race.

G. At the league meet we need to be more aware of informing our athletes, parents and coaches of the rules that need to be followed in order to keep the facility. We are still having problems with our buses dropping off and picking up teams and blocking the roadway or driveways. They are not to deal with passengers until they have passed the last house on the right on Hallmark Road. Teams are not to use private property for stretching, walking or looking for water. These is absolutely no smoking or bringing of pets to the course. We could be fined $25.00 by Bob Rush and if it continues we could lose the right to the facility. Please communicate to your athletes, parents and coaches of the need to follow the simple rules.

II. By Laws-

A. In reviewing previous minutes from our league meetings we noticed that we passed a change to Article IV. Section 2.4 to limit the frosh/soph boys race to 10 runners at the league championships. This was unanimously revoted in favor.

B. We also voted to limit the all league status to the top 10 runners in the JV Girls and the Frosh/Soph boys.

C. We also voted unanimously to keep the league alignments status quo. We will continue to compete against the whole league at the Central Park Invitational in the early season and have our league championships on the same day at Crystal Springs.

III. Comments on C.C.S Championship meet

Congratulations to Los Gatos boys and girls team champions, Gunn girls Div. II runners-up, St. Francis girls Div. III 2nd runners-up and all the individuals qualified for State Championships.

A. Making sure that the athletes get to run--(Aptos, Sequoia) Both of these schools did not get to run as a team at the C.C.S. Championships due to missing the deadline for turning in their paperwork. Be sure to get all paper work in on time.

B. Any other information:

1. Meet management: the league felt that the C.C.S meet was run very smoothly. We would like to see the use of ropes to keep spectators away from the hill at the mile mark and the turn coming into the chute.

2. In the Div. II race, there were two teams that did not show up and this left the race with only 9 teams. There was concern about the number of teams needed to qualify for the State Championships.

	IV.  Comments on State Championship meet

	A.  Congratulations to those who ran well and finished their season at 
State Meet.  	 	      We would like to keep the meet in Fresno vs. Mt. 
SAC if the vote comes 	 	      forward.

	B.  We would like to see coaches receive a program in the packet or at 
least the 	 	      ability to buy a program when they get the packet 
without having to stand in line 	      with all the other spectators.
	     2.     We would also like to have the ability for our assistant 
coaches to get to the 	             starting  line during warm-ups.  They 
only received a ticket that would not 	 	             allow them to get 
into  the starting area for warm-ups.

	V.  Reporting of results on the Internet
	     We would like to request that all league championship results be 
posted on the 	 	     internet within 48 hours of their race.  All 
those that host meets to be encouraged 	     to post their results  in the 
results page with either Dan Cruz’s or Hank 	 	   	      Lawson’s 
VI. Coaches Alliance Representative

The new president of the Cal. Coaches Alliance is George Vargas of Woodbridge HS. He would like to have a section representative be part of a board to meet once a year to address section concerns that he could then raise at the state board. The section rep would have league representatives to meet and give feedback to the meeting with the president. Walt Van Zant has given interest in being a rep and Hank Lawson and Roberta Chisam said that they would assist him.

	VII. New Proposals:  

		1. Information was given about Al Hernandez wanting to start 	
		      another Coaches Alliance. 

		2.   Walt also gave us information on Dan Cruz’s idea of combining 
	 	  	                  divisions at the C.C.S to make the races 
more competitive and then 		                  having a second race the 
next week only by division.  We all voted not 	 	                  to 
have this format.  We prefer our present format.

		3.  Walt reproposed his idea of using more than the league meet at 
the end
		of the season to determine our league champions.  It was voted 
13:1 not to
		have other meets count.  The league wants to keep status quo.

		4.  Hal Daner proposed that our league not allow athletes  to 
participate in 			     more than one sport for the school per 
season..  Hal’s concern was that 			     none of our league 
schools has such a small population that this rule 			     needs 
to be present to ensure fielding of teams.  The concern is also that 		
	     some schools can take athletes from other teams during the end of 
the 			     season or during an important race just to win.  This 
does not educate the 		     athletes about training or the need to 
build team unity and work ethics. It 			     was voted down 2:8.  
Some school districts allow it and some felt it 			     should 
be allowed
	VIII.  Discussion on usage of Rancho San Antonio Park Crystal Springs 
and other public places. We had  Gordon Baillie from the Regional Open Space 
office come and address the concerns about runners using Rancho San Antonio 
Park as a training facility.  

		1.  Two years ago a child was forced off a trail by a runner and 
since then
		      there has been concern about running more than 2-3 abreast 
on the 			      trails.

		2.  Concerns have been reported about walkers feeling intimidated 
with a 			     pack of runners coming at them.  We need to 
educate our athletes on 			     how to share the facility and 
make it safe for all users of the park.

		3.  Concern was also raised about the proposed parking fee of 
$4.00 per car
		     to begin in Jan. 2000.  Gordon said that the parking lot 
belongs to the 			     park system, while the trails belong to the 
open space district.  We 			     would need to get in contact 
with the park personnel to direct our 			     questions.

		4.  Gordon also said that he has been in contact with other 
schools, colleges 		     and groups that use the facility in order 
to keep consistent with all uses 			     of the park.  He would 
like everyone that brings in groups of more than 			     20 
people to call the office ahead of time to announce their use and if it is 	
	     a consistent usage, to file a permit for use.  This allows the Open 
Space 			     Office to have a contact person if there are any 
concerns.  He would also 		     like to see buses park in the upper 
parking or over by the equestrian  area 		     for more space.  Athletes 
have also been blocking the driving areas in the 		     parking lots 
while socializing or stretching and they need to be aware of 			     
the problem.