Unofficial Minutes of 9/6/00 CCS Pre-Season XC Meeting

The meting was held at the CCS office in San Jose, It started at about 7PM and ended at about 8PM.


Division Placements

We discussed the new option for determining division placement. The former division splits were 1533 and above for division I schools, 1217-1532 for division II schools, 908-1216 for division III schools, 351-907 for division IV schools, and 1-350 for division V schools.

We now have the option to start the division I split at anywhere from 1500 to 1700, to start the division II split at anywhere from 1100 to 1350, and the division III split at anywhere from 700 to 900 pupils.

After discussing the subject for awhile, we decided to make the splits at 1500 for division I schools, 1125 for division II schools, 900 for division III schools, and 351 for division IV schools. As per the 1999-2000 CBED listing given to us at the meeting, this gives us 13 division I schools, 27 division II schools, 29 division III schools, 24 division IV schools, and 23 division V schools. Not all of these schools field cross country teams, especially in the division V category.

Our recommendation for the division splits is subject to the approval of the Board of Managers at their October meeting.

As per Eileen Roche of the CCS office, the normal deadline for electing to compete in a higher division will be extended until after the Board of Managers meeting.


At-Large Entries to the State XC Meet

As per a new state rule, teams may qualify for the state meet as an at-large entry under certain circumstances. In the CCS two teams in each division qualify for the state meet. CCS teams may qualify as an at-large entry at the state meet if they run a time equal to or better than the following team times at the CCS meet:

Division Boys Girls

Division I 80:41 97:52

Division II 81:28 99:57

Division III 82:26 99:24

Division IV 83:29 101:13

Division V 86:32 110:41

These at-large times were computed prior to the meeting and approved by the coaches. They must now be submitted to the CIF for their approval.

The at-large qualification is subject to an overall limitation of 25 teams in each division race at the state meet and the provision that all teams finishing in front of an at-large entry at the section meet must also have qualified for the state meet. As an example, if a CCS team finished 4th in its division at the CCS meet and beat the at-large standard, it would not qualify for an at-large entry if the 3rd place team did not also beat the at-large standard.


Site of the CCS Meet

We discussed this subject briefly. The plans are to again hold the meet at Crystal Springs. The CCS office understands that it is important to hold the meet on this course if at all possible. No other site is being considered at this time.


CCS Meet Procedures

We went over the rules for qualifying for the CCS meet and matters relating to this meet. The CCS cross country bylaws, which include the procedures for the CCS meet, will soon be posted on the CCS web site. No changes were made from last year.


California Coaches Alliance

A brief presentation was made regarding this association. The cost of membership is $20 per year. Their website address is


Cross Country Web Sites

Good local cross country websites were noted. These include:

The Dan Cruz Website For Northern California

The Hank Lawson Website For the CCS


Cross Country Race Results

Please send your cross country results to the webmasters for the above sites or to and your results will be posted on the internet.