Updated: 09/10/2000

School Divisions 2000

Goto Girls

Goto CBED Enrollment


Division I (1500+) Division II (1125-1499) Division III (900-1124) Division IV (351-899) Division V (1-350) Aptos SCCAL Alvarez MBL Alisal MBL Capuchino PAL Anzar MTAL Bellarmine WCAL Burlingame PAL * Aragon PAL Carmel MTAL Branham BVAL Fremont SCVAL * Gunderson BVAL * Carlmont PAL Gonzales MTAL Eastside College CPSAL Gilroy MBL Gunn SCVAL Cupertino SCVAL Greenfield MTAL Fremont ChristianPSAL Hill BVAL Harbor SCCAL * Del Mar BVAL Half Moon Bay PAL Harker PSAL Independence BVAL Homestead SCVAL El Camino PAL Hillsdale PAL King's Academy PSAL Live Oak MBL Leigh BVAL Jefferson PAL King City MTAL Liberty Baptist CPSAL Milpitas SCVAL Leland BVAL Lick BVAL Menlo School PSAL Mid-Penninsula CPSAL Mt. Pleasant BVAL Lincoln BVAL Los Altos SCVAL Monte Vista Chr SCCAL Mt. Madonna SCCAL Oak Grove BVAL Lynbrook SCVAL Los Gatos SCVAL Oceana PAL Mt. View Academy CPSAL San Benito MBL Menlo-Atherton PAL Mills PAL Pacific Grove MTAL N.Valley Baptist CPSAL Santa Teresa BVAL Monta Vista SCVAL Mitty WCAL Palma MBL Pacific CollegiatAssoc Silver Creek BVAL Monterey MBAL Mountain View SCVAL Pioneer BVAL Pinewood PSAL S.San Francisco PAL * N.Monterey County MBL * Prospect BVAL R.L. Stevenson MTAL Prunedale Chr Assoc Watsonville SCCAL North Salinas MBL Riordan WCAL San Jose BVAL Redwood ChristianPSAL Overfelt BVAL San Lorenzo Val SCCAL Santa Cruz SCCAL Sacred Heart PrepPSAL Palo Alto SCVAL San Mateo PAL Soledad MTAL San Francisco ChrCPSAL Piedmont Hills BVAL Seaside MTAL Valley Christian BVAL St. Lawrence CPSAL Sacred Heart Cath WCAL * St. Francis WCAL St. Thomas Moore CPSAL Salinas MBL Terra Nova PAL Valley Christian-PSAL Santa Clara SCVAL Woodside Priory PSAL Saratoga SCVAL * York School MTAL Sequoia PAL Serra WCAL Soquel SCCAL St. Ignatius WCAL * Westmont BVAL Westmoor PAL Wilcox SCVAL Willow Glen BVAL Woodside PAL Yerba Buena BVAL * = Team elected to move up to this division.


Division I (1500+) Division II (1125-1499) Division III (900-1124) Division IV (351-899) Division V (1-350) Aptos SCCAL Alvarez MBL Alisal MBL Capuchino PAL Anzar MTAL Gilroy MBL Fremont SCVAL Aragon PAL Carmel MTAL Branham BVAL Hill BVAL Gunderson BVAL * Burlingame PAL Gonzales MTAL Castillja PSAL Independence BVAL Gunn SCVAL Carlmont PAL Greenfield MTAL Eastside College CPSAL Live Oak MBL Harbor SCCAL * Cupertino SCVAL Half Moon Bay PAL Fremont ChristianPSAL Milpitas SCVAL Homestead SCVAL Del Mar BVAL Hillsdale PAL Harker PSAL Mt. Pleasant BVAL Leigh BVAL El Camino PAL Immaculate Concep PSAL King's Academy PSAL Oak Grove BVAL Leland BVAL Jefferson PAL King City MTAL Liberty Baptist CPSAL San Benito MBL Lincoln BVAL Lick BVAL Menlo School GPSL Mid-Penninsula CPSAL Santa Teresa BVAL Los Gatos SCVAL * Los Altos SCVAL Mercy-Burl PSAL Mt. Madonna SCCAL Silver Creek BVAL Lynbrook SCVAL Mills PAL Mercy-SF PSAL Mt. View Academy CPSAL S.San Francisco PAL * Menlo-Atherton PAL Mitty BVAL Monte Vista Chr SCCAL N.Valley Baptist CPSAL Watsonville SCCAL Monta Vista SCVAL Mountain View SCVAL Notre Dame-Sal MBL Pacific CollegiatAssoc Monterey MBAL Notre Dame-Bel GPSL Notre Dame-SJ PSAL Pinewood PSAL N.Monterey County MBL * Presentation BVAL Oceana PAL Prunedale Chr Assoc North Salinas MBL Prospect BVAL Pacific Grove MTAL Redwood ChristianPSAL Overfelt BVAL Sacred Heart Cath GPSL * Pioneer BVAL Sacred Heart PrepGPSL Palo Alto SCVAL San Lorenzo Val SCCAL R.L. Stevenson MTAL San Francisco ChrCPSAL Piedmont Hills BVAL San Mateo PAL San Jose BVAL St. Lawrence CPSAL Salinas MBL Seaside MTAL Santa Catalina MTAL St. Thomas Moore CPSAL Santa Clara SCVAL St. Francis SCVAL Santa Cruz SCCAL Valley Christian-PSAL Saratoga SCVAL * Terra Nova PAL Soledad MTAL Woodside Priory PSAL Sequoia PAL Valley Christian BVAL York School MTAL Soquel SCCAL St. Ignatius GPSL * Westmont BVAL Westmoor PAL Wilcox SCVAL Willow Glen BVAL Woodside PAL Yerba Buena BVAL * = Team elected to move up to this division.

CBED Enrollment

CIF/CENTRAL COAST SECTION 1999-2000 C-BEDS--GRADES 10-12 10/12 10/12 10/12 EnrolSCHOOL EnrolSCHOOL EnrolSCHOOL 3,183Independence 1,136Palo Alto 740 Valley Christian-SJ 2,110Milpitas 1,124Aragon 725 San Jose 2,075Live Oak 1,120Del Mar *630 Notre Dame-Salinas(G) 2,019Watsonville 1,116Alisal *606 Mercy-Burlingame(G) *2,01Bellarmine(B) 1,112No. Monterey County 586 Oceana 1,984Oak Grove 1,111Mills 572 Gonzales 1,893Silver Creek 1,097El Camino 565 Carmel 1,769San Benito 1,097Prospect 543 Monte Vista Christian 1,696Santa Teresa 1,087Los Gatos 494 Pacific Grove 1,667Andrew Hill 1,085St. Francis *462 Santa Catalina(G) 1,607Aptos *1,08Notre Dame-Belmont(G) 407 R.L. Stevenson 1,585Mt. Pleasant 1,082San Mateo 395 Menlo School 1,561Gilroy 1,061St. Ignatius 391 Greenfield 1,496Monta Vista 1,054Mitty *384 Immaculate Concept.(G) 1,468Overfelt *1,04Presentation (G) 371 Soledad 1,460Leigh 1,040Terra Nova *350 Castilleja (G) 1,447Piedmont Hills 1,031Los Altos 322 Sacred Heart Prep 1,427North Salinas 1,023Jefferson 249 The King's Academy 1,413Yerba Buena 1,022Cupertino 236 St. Lawrence *1,41Serra(B) 1,015Lick 208 Anzar 1,382Menlo Atherton 999 Carlmont 206 Redwood Christian 1,380Woodside 993 Harbor 192 Valley Christian-Dublin 1,366Fremont *988 Riordan(B) 181 Fremont Christian 1,364Homestead 954 San Lorenzo Valley 168 Branham 1,362Salinas 936 Mountain View 149 Pinewood 1,328Alvarez 936 Seaside 143 The York School 1,325Leland 932 Burlingame 122 Mountain View Academy 1,316Wilcox 923 Gunderson 115 Mid Peninsula 1,306Westmoor 908 Sacred Heart Cathedral112 Woodside Priory 1,270Willow Glen 907 Saratoga 97 Harker 1,268Sequoia 899 Hillsdale 79 Liberty Baptist 1,257Lynbrook *878 Mercy-San Francisco (G59 No Valley Baptist 1,237Monterey 875 Santa Cruz 52 San Francisco Christian 1,222Soquel 841 Half Moon Bay 35 Pacific Collegiate 1,218Westmont 820 King City 31 Mt. Madonna 1,194Santa Clara 818 Capuchino 29 Eastside College Prep 1,171So. San Francisco817 Pioneer 27 St. Thomas More 1,162Lincoln *784 Notre Dame-San Jose(G)5 Prunedale Christian 1,147Gunn *764 Palma(B) * Enrollments doubled for single-gender schools.