From: Jim Deaver, Enterprise HS

Northern Section Finals held today at West Valley High
School on a 3 mile course...

Team Standings:
Varsity Boys-
Enterprise 84  D-III
Pleasant Valley 85  D-II
Foothill 95  D-II
Chico 146  D-II
Yreka 153  D-IV
Paradise 158  D-II
Shasta 180  D-II
Central Valley 194  D-IV
West Valley 200  D-IV
Las Plumas 218  D-III
Red Bluff 329  D-I  ???????

There were a total of 25 teams and 195 runners. We run all in one
Division/race and the top team finishes for each division win
out..Enterprise ran without their number two runner at full strength. Today
was his first day back after a two week lay-off. He was a minute and a half
or more off his best time and looked rusty. The race was a great race
through two miles as Tim Nelson and Matt Sartor ran away from the field.
Nelson ran a tremendous race to win in 15:24 breaking the course record held
by Gabe Szody(15:32) and Aaron Gillen (15:33). Sartor finished in second
cruising in at 15:36. Paradise put in the next two spots with Kliebe and
Younie running well. Pleasant Valley ran a great team race to almost pull
off a big win. Enterprise held on without Hanks, to win. Freshman, Eric
Webster came in 2nd for Ent. and David Frank was their #3.

Nelson Liberty 15:24
Sartor Ent 15:36
Kliebe Paradise 16:18
Younie Paradise 16:25
Weber Pv  16:30
Leake Cv  16:37
Fitzgerald Anderson 16:40
Boice Chico 16:44
Peacock PV  16:49
Brooks Foot 16:57
Webster Ent 16:57
Hughes Modoc 17:02
Minor Shasta 17:03
Szody Foot 17:04
Frank Ent 17:07

Varsity girls:
Foothill 53  D-III
Yreka 76  D-IV
Chico 105 D-II
Paradise 123 D-II
Enterprise 161 D-III
Pleasant Valley 162 D-II
Shasta 183
Central Valley 202
Lassen 209
Durham 260

Ortlieb Foot 18:33
Camy Chico 18:51
Roberts Paradise 19:21
Oppezzo Shasta 19:31
Whitlow Yreka 19:40
Furlong Paradise 19:48
James Enterprise 19:50
Lendl Foot 20:05
Harvey CV 20:11
Kamiyama Yreka 20:34

Ortlieb of Foothill sat back for the first mile and then broke from the pack
to an easy win. She looked relaxed and very tough!! Camy of Chico broke as
well and again, it was the top two and then everyone else. The weather was
nice but a bit on the cold side. The rain held off until the conclusion of
the day which made it a great day for racing...
See ya at the state meet,