Lynbrook HS - Cross Country '01

Running Camps

To all Cal coaches.  We will be mailing camp flyers to all
California Cross
Country Coaches this next week.

As you may know we have 5 running camps each summer in 3 states
great coaches, speakers, running, clinics and recreation.  Over
athletes and coaches attend the camps each summer and our teams
individuals - from Chadwick to Ryan Hall have won 23 State
Championships in
the past two years!

We hope you will make plans to join us this summer - 1st time to
Workshop coaches attend free with or without runners, so whether
you want
to bring your team or just check us out for a day or a week - you
are our
guest for free.  Dozens of Cal Coaches join us with their teams
summer.  We work hard to create a total running environment -
exposing the
runners to a great variety of running workouts, running drills,
strategies, and swim workouts, and the recreation (team bonding)
is some of
the finest outdoor recreation anywhere.

You can find more information at    or we
would be
happy to send you as many flyers as you would like, and/or a free
10 minute
camp video (just let us know which camp you would be interested

Hope to hear from you soon (our early registration deadline is
March 1st -
to have in a $75. deposit), and see you at camp this summer.  It
a great
energized for a coach - you get to chat with a dozen coaches at
camp while
we take care of everything!

Mark Celestin
Runner's Workshop
P.O. Box 5028, Los Alamitos, Ca. 90720    562 493-7545

Listed below are some Cal Coaches you can contact for references.

Tim O'Rourke                    Arroyo
Randy Rossi                     Northwood
George Ramos/Drew Wartenburg    Chadwick
Ken Reeves                      Nordhoff
Brent Thorne                    Torrey Pines
Jay Stepp                       Yucca Valley
Pam Valenti                     Brea Olinda
Mel Bechtal                     Coronado
Pat Cady                                Santa Monica
Dave Wilson                     Ramona
Dave Sanford                    Marina