September 7, 2001

SCVAL Cross Country Pre-Season Meeting

5 pm at St. Francis High School

Room 601

Co- Chairpersons: Roberta Chisam, St. Francis/ Walt Van Zant, Wilcox

AD Rep: Michael Pilawski for Tim Houlihan, St. Francis

Coaches in attendance: Chisam and Campagna, St. Francis; Van Zant, Wilcox, Lee, Gunn; Voss and Lawson, Fremont; Clausnitzer, Homestead; Lara,Los Altos; Townsend, Los Gatos; Lawson, Lynbrook; Mike and Loretta Morris, Monta Vista; Read, Mt. View; Jones, Palo Alto; L’Heureux, Santa Clara;

Missing: Cupertino and Milpitas

Meeting Itinerary

1. Minutes from CCS meeting:


b. No movement up divisions

c. Entry forms to CCS

d. Letter from Bob Rush on use of Crystal Springs

2. End øƒ season evaluation meeting: Monday, 11/26/01 Harry’s Hof Brau on Saratoga and Kiely

4 PM

3. League meet

a. Schools running the meet: 2001 Milpitas and Los Gatos

b. Money for medals to Julie L’Heureux with entrance into the Central Park Invitational. It is expected for all league teams to attend this race.

league rotation:

2002 Santa Clara Homestead

2003 Wilcox Lynbrook

2004 Palo Alto Cupertino

2005 Gunn Saratoga

2006 Mt. View Monta Vista

2007 Los Altos Fremont

2008 Milpitas Los Gatos

b. Time schedule:

League Time Schedule De Anza El Camino

Frosh Soph 2:00 2:15 Max 10 entries

Varsity Boys 2:30 2:45 Max 7

Varsity Girls 3:00 3:15 Max 7

Open 3:40 Both Divisions Unlimited

Jr. Varsity Girls 3:50 Both Divisions Unlimited

c. Officials:

DAL El Camino

starter Saratoga/ M Vista S. Clara

scorer Los Gatos Milpitas

tags St. Francis S. Clara

chute Cupertino/Fremont Wilcox/Paly

timer Lynbrook Gunn/L Altos

results St. Francis/Homestead Milpitas, Wilcox, Paly



4. Qualifying from league to section: A team must place in the top half of their league. If they are the only team in a division that is not represented in the top half, they will take the top team in that division. For example, if all of our division 3 teams were below the 1/2 line , the first div 3 team would qualify for the section championships.

A. The top 3 individuals not on a qualifying team will qualify

5. CCS entries and rosters due to Roberta Chisam and Walt Van Zant by Oct. 18Th, 2001

Send league entries at this time also. This will help to protect your entry into the CCS meet.

6. Deadline to declare your team’s CCS participation by September 20th, 2001

7. CCS Time Schedule:

Div I Boys 12:10 PM Girls 12:45 PM

Div II Boys1:30 PM Girls 2:05 PM

Div III Boys 2:50 PM Girls 3:25 PM

Div IV Boys 9:30 AM Girls 10:05 AM

Div V Boys 10:50 AM Girls 11:25 AM

8. Rules for using Crystal Springs:

a. our league is responsible for donating $10.00 per school via Tony Nunes to help pay for the portra-potties and water supply we use.

B. At no time is there to be anyone up on water tank hill. There has been too much human waste found up there.

C. Buses are to drop off athletes at the gate between the last 2 houses on the right side of Hallmark Avenue. After dropping off the athletes, the buses are not to turn around using the driveways. They should use the streets.

D. There is to be no throwing of objects, including rocks, frisbees and footballs. There is also no

music boxes that others will hear. Personal CD players/ radios are okay.

E. There is to be no hanging out in people’s yard. It is private property.

F. There is no smoking or pets on the park. Please remind your parents.

G. Each team is responsible for clearing their own trash before leaving their area.

Tickets with a minimum fine of $25.00 will be issued for any rule violations.

If we want to continue using this facility, we have to show our appreciation and use it wisely.

9. Qualifying to State Meet the top 2 teams as long as there are at least 8 teams in the competition.

A. At large times if you are not the top 2 but your team runs fast times

Div I boys 80:00 Div I Girls 96:03

Div II Boys 80:36 Div II Girls 99:23

Div III Boys 82:35 Div III Girls 98:35

Div IV Boys 82:54 Div IV Girls 101:33

Div V Boys 85:30 Div V Girls 105:28

B. Individuals will be taken if they are in the top 12 places there will be 5 athletes accepted

8. State Meet Times

Check the Lynbrook website, CIF or They are not available yet.

9. Schedule of Invitationals

Sept 6th Lynbrook Ctr meet

Sept 8th No Monterey country meet

Sept 13th Firebird Invitational

Sept. 15Th Adidas Invitaional, Newhall Park

Lowell Invitational-Golden Gate Park

Sept. 20Th Saratoga Invitational

Sept. 25Th SCVAL Central Park Invitational

Sept 29th Stanford Invitational

October 6th Artichoke Invitational-Half Moon Bay HS

Clovis Invitational-Fresno

Oct. 11Th Center Meet-Crystal Springs

Oct 13th Serra Invitational-Crystal Springs

Cal Poly Invite

Oct 18th Foothill/ St. Francis Invitational

2nd Center Meet--Crystal Springs

Oct 19th Mt. SAC Invitational

Moreau Invitational

Oct 30th SCVAL League Meet--Crystal Springs

Nov 9th CCS Finals--Crystal Springs

Nov 24th State CHampionships-Fresno

Dec 1st Foot Locker Western Regionals --Mt. SAC