Post Cross Country Evaluation Meeting

November 26, 2001 Harryís Hof Brau 4 pm 1. Congratulations to: DAL El Camino SCVAL League Champions: Varsity Boys Saratoga Gunn Varsity Girls St. Francis Milpitas Fr/ So Boys Los Gatos Palo Alto JV Girls St. Francis Gunn CCS Championships Boys Girls Div I Milpitas 4th Milpitas Champions/ J. Baldwin Wilcox 6th Underwood 7th MV Monta Vista 12th Radmilovic 5th Wil Monta Vista 3rd Skucha 6th Wil Wilcox 10th Grilli 9th Mil Div II Gunn 1st Ruth Graham/Champion Fremont 7th Gunn 2nd Palo Alto 9th Caldwell 5th, Williams 7th LG Lynbrook 10th Miller 10th PA Los Gatos 11th Los Gatos 4th Palo Alto 5th Div III Saratoga 2nd St. Francis 2nd Kraemer Champion Tyler 7th SF Los Altos 7th Saratoga 10th Los Altos 12th CIF Championships Div I Radmilovic 67th Milpitas 15th Baldwin 17th Div II Gunn 15th Gunn 14th Graham Champion 44th Caldwell LG 50th Williams LG Div III Saratoga 5th St. Francis 5th Kraemer champion 2. League Meet Discussion: a. The meet seemed to run pretty smoothly throughout the day Thanks to Monica Townsend and Bob Sharpe for their hard work. B. Thanks to all that returned to St. Francis after the meet to help with the results, they were done faster than ever. C. We had complete teams in each varsity race which allowed the maximum number of entries to the CCS meet. Thanks to all coaches that help recruit their team. Next years meet directors are: Santa Clara and Homestead. Question was raised: since the calendar is moved back one week next year, when is league meet 3. CCS Discussion: Coaches did a great job about turning in paper work for CCS entry forms. a concern was raised about people being out on the course when races were being run. We suggested that they not allow runners on the second mile after the start of the first race. Warm-ups should take place on the first mile after a race has cleared. we would like to see the awards match the state meet with 3 teams and 10 individuals. If they need to charge more money per league to do so, then do it. The league agreed that they liked having the divisions divided the way that they were and we would like to see state adopt the no move up rule also. The sections should be able to decide the range of the CBEDs for each division. 4. State Meet Discussion: a. At- Large entries b. Good show by the CCS entries at the state meet. C. Despite the weather, the meet was run very smoothly League By-laws review? Article III section 4: change to Teams may not start mandatory practice prior to the starting dates established annually by the Board of Managers. add III section 6: Schools may compete in a maximum of 3 scrimmages during their season.. These scrimmages will not count against their 13 meet maximum. ( A scrimmage is no score, no charge and no awards) C. Article IV. Section 2 the maximum number of boysí Frosh/Soph entries at the league meet will be 10 runners. Article IV section 4: The awards at the league meet are as follows: Boys and Girls varsity division = top 15 Girls JV = top 10 Boys Open = top 5 Do we want more than one meet next year to determine the league champions? We voted 2:9 against the interest in having more than one meet to decide the league championships. Do we want to change the sanctioning process for meets with no scoring or awards? Scrimmage: We would like to encourage CCS to change their policy about needing a sanctioning for scrimmage meets. We should not have to sanction these meets that are no charge, no awards, and not scored. Do we want to qualify at-large teams to the CCS meet? They did have problems with getting 10 teams in Div I for the championships. (10 Div II G) We felt that teams like Lynbrook and Mt. View girls were strong enough to run in the CCS meet, but our league was so strong in division 2 and 3 that they did not get a chance to run. We would like CCS to increase the teams to 12 and have the next place finishing teams to be invited to compete. Select new Chairpersons for both divisions of the league: Next years chairpersons will be: Walt Van Zant for the El Camino and Ernie Lee for De Anza league Select Honor Coaches: Sam Read of Mt. View for the girls and Ernie Lee of Gunn for the boys Possibly no Foothill Invitational next year Due to the possibility of the security and regulations of Foothill there may not be an Invitational next year. Coaches Alliance We would like to have all the coaches join the coaches alliance to help have a stronger voice as a section to override the southern coaches. 13. Sam Read agreed to be in charge of running a meet at Crystal the Tuesday before the first center meet since this years center meet was such a travesty. 14. Checking up on results at : Lynbrook website, Alliance information 15. St. Francis Track Invitational April 6th, 2002