To the 2001 Lynbrook Cross Country Team,

Stephanie: Tomorrow is the big day. Leagues.

Ken: One more time to kill Crystal Springs, or get killed by it. Even though we're in college now and studying 20 of 24 hours in the day, we still get butterflies in our stomachs and chills down our spine this time of the year, no matter where we are, the day before a big race.

Stephanie: Frankly, we're jealous of you all. Jealous that you still get to run hill workouts and fartlicks and to Hank's house. Jealous that you are still a part of the team that we left behind. Jealous that you get one more chance at PRing on Crystal. By this point in the season, you're probably all wondering where the past few months went. It sure flies by, doesn't it? Hopefully you're peaking by now. You know all the workouts, you're able to run Prya's one, two, three times now without stopping to walk.

Ken: OR, by this point in the season, you probably are so thankful the last race is here so you won't have to slack off and do pushups when you're late for practice. Long long ago, when I was a young lad, I ran for that young coach of yours, Hank Lawson, and I remember how I felt, standing where each of you are standing. Yes, that's right - I was thinking about what homework I had due the next day and how to ask out the girl I had a crush on. No no no I'm just kidding - get that out of your heads! None of that junk is important compared to the challenge you face tomorrow!

Stephanie: We wanted to write you all from college and give you all a little note of encouragement. As you can tell, we haven’t quite given up our positions as your captains… This is your LAST race of the season, this is what all those hill workouts, country club runs, strides, and even those slack-off days have come down to. No matter what each of your attitudes have been thus far, tomorrow you will all run hard and give it all you've got.

Ken: For you seniors, tomorrow could be your last race of your high school career, so put away all those worries about college apps and getting good grades - your senior year passes the quickest!

Stephanie: Juniors, next year you’ll be in charge. Learn as much from the seniors now as you can. Sophomores, only a few more days and it’s back to Team PE for you! Hank no longer controls your grades… And for you freshmen, aren’t you glad you decided to run? We know we sure were our freshmen year.

Ken: And it's okay to feel the urge to pee numerous times prior to the race in anxiety. It's okay to feel outrageously nervous moments before they fire that gun. Cherish it, cause you're gonna miss all of that when high school flies by you. Cheer on your teammates, don't sit on the tarp all afternoon, and most of all, get fired up and run your heart out.

Stephanie: We know you’re all going to do great tomorrow- Hank’s been working you hard this season, and you have all been very dedicated. Enjoy every last minute of cross country, even if tomorrow ends up being your last race. Now that we’re in college, we realize how much we miss the team- you guys, the coach, the workouts, the sport.

Ken: Steph couldn't have said it better...we miss y'all so much and wish that we could be there at Crystal tomorrow with you to cheer y'all on. But, before you can truly be ready for the race, you must GO TO THE PASTA FEED!!!! Have fun and hug your coach for us!

Stephanie: As we approach the finishing line of this note, we just want you all to reflect back on the season you’ve had- all the memories you’ve made, friendships formed, and good and bad races run. Cross country is a truly unique and special experience- cherish your last race together. We’ll be cheering for you in our heads. Give it everything you’ve got.

Love, Stephanie Claussen and Ken Chung, Class of 2001