Uniform Rule

As we near the end of the regular season and head toward Section and State Finals, coaches and athletes are reminded that National Federation Rules regarding uniforms will be strictly enforced.

Rule 4-3-1-b-1 (Page 22) Each competitor's uniform shall consist of..."Full length jersey (singlet) and shorts issued by the school."

Rule 3-2-4-e (Page 12) The Games Committee also may.. "Declare that the jersey must be tucked into the shorts." The Games Committee (State Track/Cross Country Advisory Committee) has stipulated that jerseys must be tucked into the shorts.

Many schools have not been complying with the requirements stated above and now is the time to get your uniforms ready for post season competition. If you have uniform tops that are too short, you must pin them securely to the top of the shorts. It would also help if the waistband of the shorts is not rolled down.

It is hoped this advance notice will prevent uniform problems that could result in teams/athletes being disqualified.

Hal Harkness - State Rules interpreter