2001 Xmas Relays - Back On !!

Nov 28th, 2001

Subject: Christmas Relays are ON! Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 17:22:18 -0800 From: ccrun@psyber.com (Cynci Calvin) To: tabbott@gguol.ggu.edu The West Valley Track Club is pleased to announce that they Christmas Relays will occur as originally planned on December 9th at Lake Merced. Race Director Tony Fong has verified that the event infrastructure, including all permits and sponsor participation, is firmly in place, and that the starting gun will go off at 9 am sharp. With an increase in corporate sponsors over previous years and a slew of committed volunteers, WVTC fully expects that this, the 28th annual running of the Relays, will be the best ever. Teams will have 3 options for submitting entries for this event. Online entry through Active.com will soon be reactivated, and will be accepted up until December 7th at 11:59 pm. Entry forms that were sent out earlier this month can still be mailed if postmarked by November 30th. These forms are still available through Tony by email. Finally, race day entries will be accepted as usual, starting at 7:30 am. For more details please contact Tony Fong by phone: (510) 865-4605, or by e-mail: TONYFONG@aol.com We hope to see you out there for this classic event, which has long been used by clubs, families, and businesses to end the year in a celebration of running and team competition.

Nov 21st, 2001

Please send questions/comments to Jack Leydig FROM JACK LEYDIG, West Valley Track Club

"After 27 years of being Meet Director for the Christmas Relays I have decided to cancel the event (this year) because I simply am WAY SHORT on volunteers. Yes, I could probably recruit help from other sources than the club, but since it's a club-sponsored event, that's letting people off the hook and creating much more work for me and also a certain lack of centralization and control. So, please pass along the word at any events (have race director make announcement if possible and have them tell people to spread the word). Any entry fees received so far will be returned/refunded, and those entries that come in from now on will be returned (marked "Relays Canceled" on the outside). If they come too late the team captain will be called. I'm sure there will be a few show up on raceday and we'll have someone there to explain. It's up to the runners to always verify with the event if there is a cancellation. But since this has gone 27 years straight, most people probably take it for granted that it'll be held. So, please 'spread the word' (to any of your e-mail lists too). Marc Lund will be contacting the PA office regarding this since he's the one who filed for the sanction. He is out of town until Monday and I made my decision today and have contacted everyone else that needs to know on my end."

Jack Leydig