2002 CCS Qualifying

Sept 20, 2002

The CCS has adopted an at-large procedure for teams attempting to qualify from their league meets to the CCS meet. If a team is unable to qualify for the CCS meet in the regular manner but runs under the at-large standard in its league finals at Crystal Springs, then it may compete in the CCS meet as an at-large team. The at-large standards for each division for 2002 are as follows: Boys 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 Average Div 1 6th-84:41 5th-85:55 6th-88:49 5th-85:06 8th-85:57 86:06 Div 2 7th-87:22 8th-86:17 7th-88:03 8th-86:12 7th-88:13 87:13 Div 3 8th-87:45 6th-85:04 7th-88:55 6th-84:01 6th-85:47 86:18 Div 4 5th-88:20 5th-87:33 6th-89:33 6th-89:48 6th-88:44 88:48 Div 5 3rd-93:16 3rd-95:51 5th-95:04 4th-96:20 4th-93:48 94:52 Girls 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 Average Div 1 6th-106:33 5th-104:46 7th-110:36 5th-111:59 7th-106:05 108:00 Div 2 6th-105:58 6th-107:49 5th-110:23 8th-104:37 5th-103:59 106:33 Div 3 6th-107:04 6th-109:29 6th-107:49 6th-109:13 7th-103:10 107:21 Div 4 5th-110:19 6th-108:31 8th-114:28 6th-112:55 5th-112:45 111:48 Div 5 2nd-116:41 2nd-112:49 3rd-129:51 3rd-109:02 2nd-111:08 115:54 The 2002 at-large standard is equal to the median time average for 97-01 Boys Girls Div 1 86:06 108:00 Div 2 87:13 106:33 Div 3 86:18 107:21 Div 4 88:48 111:48 Div 5 94:52 115:54 If a league runs its league finals on a course other than Crystal Springs, then it must provide data to the CCS office for its league finals for the past 5 years so that a computation can be made of the average difference between the league meet course and the Section Crystal Springs time. If a league does not have a 5-year history for its non-Crystal league meet course, it cannot qualify for the at-large procedure.