Unofficial Notes From 9/18/02 CCS Preseason XC Meeting

League representatives from all leagues except the STAL and WVAL divisions of the BVAL and the WBAL league attended the meeting.

Selection of Toro Park as the CCS Meet Site

Eileen Roche of the CCS office explained for several minutes the various procedures as to how the Toro Park site was decided and stated that there would be no further discussion of the issue. Toro Park will be the CCS site for 2002.

Discussion of Toro Site

Alan Green of North Salinas will be the race director for the 2002 CCS meet. He provided a map of the course and described the course. He noted the potential problems with the course and what was being done to correct the problems. Parking at the park will be free on race day. The park does not allow the course to be marked by chalk. So, flags will be used throughout the course to show the runners where to run. It was noted that there will be a sharp turn to the right about 150 yards after the start and that this may be a problem. Positions of the starting line will be determined by a random drawing.

CCS Meet Entries

All schools that would like to participate in the CCS meet must submit their entries no later than 9AM on Friday, November 8, 2002. They should also submit their entries in Excel format to Mark McConnell at by 11/8. Mark would prefer that the league representatives submit the entries to him rather than each team submitting its entry.

Individual Qualifiers to the State Meet

The rules are still the same. The top 5 finishers in each division who are not on a qualifying team may run in the CCS meet as long as they finish in the top 12.

Team Qualification to the State Meet

The at-large procedure has been dropped. All sections will continue to receive the same number of automatic entries as in the past (2 per division in the CCS). However, additional entries will be allowed for sections that have placed more teams in the top 10 at the State Meet than other sections. Based upon this new rule, the CCS will receive 4 division 3 boys entries for 2002, 3 boys entries for division 4, 3 boys entries for division 5, and 3 girls entries for divisions 3, 4, and 5. Divisions 1 and 2 will continue to receive 2 entries each.