CCS XC Alternates from North to South - 2002

It was approved by the League Commissioners (4/9), AD's (4/10), Executive Committee (4/11) and 
Board Of Managers (4/25) to:

"Establish procedure for alternating CCS Cross Country Championships between North and South 
sites 'whenever possible' (note: last 2 words being added to recommendation at time of acceptance)".

The minutes can be found at:

and go to Section VII, part D.

Coaches - you now need to talk with your Leauge Rep to help them define how this procedure 
should be written.  I imagine (I don't know this for a fact - just presuming) that at the 
CCS XC Sport Meeting to be held in Sept with the League Reps, this item will be discussed 
and defined.  So if you have any input... get it to them.