CIF Track & XC Advisory - Oct 2002

Information from CIF track and XC advisory committee

1. New CIF offices are now located in Oakland

2. A new CIF sponsor = Starwood/Sheraton Hotel will give discounted rates for all teams 
and personal use, up to 9 rooms at once

3. It was investigated to have more awards given at the CIF finals. The investigation 
showed that the awards at the state level already exceeds that awards given in each section.

4. National Scholastic Rules Review
The following rules were voted for by the National Federation of State HS state Associations:
a.  absolutely no jewelry is allowed on the starting line.  This includes all body piercings 
throughout the body.  The only exceptions will be medical alert bracelets and religious 
medals which need to be taped to the inside of the jersey.

b.  Pole vaulters have 1.5 minutes instead of 2 to begin their vault after their name 
is called.  Other jumpers only have one minute.  This is so that the events will run faster.

c.  In XC, there will be no run-outs allowed at the starting line once the race has been
called to the start.  This is so that everyone can hear the final directions.

d.  clarification as to when a running event is concluded:
i.  when places have been determined and the results have been recorded at 
the finish line.
ii.  field events are concluded when the places have been determined and results 
have been recorded.
e.  If a referee determines a venue to be unsafe for competition, the event points will be 
awarded to the opposing teams equally.  The host team will receive zero points.

f.  Rule 3-4-8
Prior to the start of a track meet, the referee shall, either by a meeting or written 
communication, address the following with head coaches and team captains:
	i.  all team members are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship.
ii.  the head coach shall verify verbally or in writing that all of his/her 
competitors are properly equipped (uniform, equipment and no jewelry) 
in compliance with these rules.
iii.  any special circumstances, procedures, and information pertaining to 
the meet shall be given at this time.

	g.  Rule 4-3-2
Loose fitting boxer-type shorts are permitted for boys and girls and closed-leg 
briefs/shorts are acceptable for girls only.

h.  Rule 7-4-8
In the pole vault, effective immediately
The landing pad measured beyond the vertical plane of the planting box shall be 
a minimum of 19’8” wide and 16’5” deep.  The material in the pad shall be of a
Composition that will decelerate the landing.  When the landing pad is made up 
of two or more sections, the landing surface shall include a common cover or 
pad extending over all sections.

i.  Rule 7-4-13
A planting box shall be located midway between the standards.  The front edge 
of the box shall not extend above the grade of the runway surface.

If we are using any collegiate facility, we need to make sure that they follow 
all our high school guidelines or we cannot use their facility.

A question arose as to how we would feel about making it mandatory that 
the athletes have a minimum of 16” to move the standards back to force 
them to jump deeper into the pit.  Right now the minimum is 12”.

j.  Rule 7-4-20
Meet management may provide check marks, not more than three inches long, 
on the runway as follows: Starting at the back of the planting box, mark intervals 
in the following manner: 6’7’8’-13’  and 20’30’40’-120’.

5.  Electronic Entry Discussion

Discussion about how to make entry into the State Championships for track and XC 
more efficient.  The discussion brought up the possibility of using a clearinghouse for 
entries at the possible charge of the schools.  There is a need to have the section and/or 
league representatives use similar programs like Microsoft Excel so that entries can 
be easily downloaded.

6.  Cross Country
a.  There is a rain course set up for Fresno now.

b.  we are in the 2nd of a 3 year contract with the city of Fresno.  If there is 
a chance of moving the meet, it will not happen for another year.

c.  we received the new entries for State XC Finals

d.  plans for inclement weather is to have hay laid out in the muddy finish area.

e.  there was discussion to possibly change the weekend for the state finals
i.  Reasons that we cannot move it are that the JC’s use the facility the 
week before us  and if  we were to change, many sections would have 
to change their whole season calendar.  Right now, many sections do 
not compete before the first week in October  due to extreme heat 
conditions.  This would be difficult to change.

f.  Interest was shown to increase the maximum number of teams on the line 
from 23 to 25.  Concern was raised about managing the finish chute with that 
many competitors.

7.  Track:
State meet will be in Cerritos this year.
They are looking into increasing the visibility of the shot put competition.
Recommendations towards having field event athletes wear hip numbers for announcers 
were brought up and it will be investigated.

Next meeting will be Jan. 14th at 10 AM