Dick Calvin (HMB) - 2002

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Dick Calvin (83) passed away Sunday. I spoke with his wife, Lita, Saturday night when we returned home from
Fresno. Dick had been sick for a very long time. I wouldn't be suprised if he hung on last week just to hear
how everybody did at the state meet.
Dick started the Half Moon Bay XC program (1970) and coached for 30+ years before retiring in 1997. Dick also
started the Artichoke Invitational which, in its 33rd running this year, had over 3000 athletes entered. The
XC tradition at Half Moon Bay can be traced directly to Dick.
My understanding is there will not be any services. If you remember the Calvins or have participated in The
Artichoke, I encourage you to send Lita and/or her son Steve a card at 216 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay, CA
Nobody loved this sport more than Dick.