2002 Jewelry & Uniform Rule - Update

Hank, FYI, here's the text of updates on jewelry and uniform rules: Jewelry rule - Hal's (Harkness) suggestion was that State Associations or Federated Councils handle this. There was not a great deal of support for this. The National Federation Board of Directors wants all sports to be consistent in enforcement of rules. It is a difficult rule with body piercings, rings, etc. Hal thought the way to go this year would be to stop worrying about Girls' hair (with control issues that may involve jewelry - a baret or bobby-pin). Rings, ear-rings, necklaces are out, and there is not way we can get around this rule. Visible body piercings are out, and if it becomes visible during competition (jersey flying up and belly-button jewelry showing) it becomes an issue. Uniforms - new definition of girls shorts. The "bun-hugger" is a closed legged brief/short that is okay for girls, with hope that there will be up to a 5" extension allowed on these. Await editorial change in future here. Shirt - needs to be tucked in. Many girls' uniforms are tucked over the short top. Once the competition begins the national rules committee does not care what happens once the race starts as long as they start at the line with no stomach showing. Safety pins will not be needed this year to hold shirts to shorts. To sum up: - anything in the hair is OK, but everything else isn't - bun huggers are ok - uniform tops just need to be tucked in and cover the stomach BEFORE THE START OF COMPETITION. Whatever happens during competition doesn't matter. Hope this makes things easier. -ernie.