Menlo-Atherton Athletes - 2002

No Surprise: Mineau cruises in PAL meet

By Jelani Harper STAFF WRITER Friday, November 08, 2002 - BELMONT -- The blond locks, familiar white and red uniform, and spindly, pumping legs coming towards the finish line at Crystal Springs cross country complex during Thursday afternoon's Peninsula Athletic League meet could only mean one thing. Menlo-Atherton High's Jeremy Mineau had done it again. Mineau won the boys varsity race with a time of 15:30, the exact same time in which he finished the course last year. "When I was going uphill one of the Carlmont twins passed me," Mineau said. "I thought to myself, 'Oh man, I'm not going as fast as I thought I was going.'" Mineau would quickly rectify the situation during the downhill part of the course, when he swooped on his competition to finish out the final mile of the race by himself. The junior sensation will have a chance to run again at the Central Coast Section meet in Salinas on Nov. 16. A qualification there will mean Mineau can have a crack at the state meet at Woodward Park in Clovis on Nov 30. "I hope to place really high at state," Mineau said. "That's been my goal all year, everything else has just been leading up to that." Aragon won the boys team title due in large part to the efforts of Chris Ashley, who finished third with a time of 15:57. Paul Broyer took eighth with a time of 17:01, while the Dons rounded out their top-six contingent with efforts from Will Paladino, Chris Wooster, Nathanael Horton, and Cliff Tanaka. The Dons were actually tied for first with Carlmont in the team competition with level scores of 78. However, the sixth-place finisher on Aragon beat Carlmont's sixth runner, and the Dons were awarded the title. The Scots were led by the Shackleton twins. Kyle, who's only beaten Mineau once back in the frosh-soph days, finished second behind Mineau with a time of 15:50. "He's not too good going uphill, but he just kills you going downhill," Shackleton said. "You spend all your efforts trying to catch him uphill, then he keeps his momentum going to beat you downhill. Some people are just naturally better at one than the other." Shackleton's brother Drew took fourth overall with a time of 16:12, while Dustin Cossio (18th) and Ross De Franco (23rd) were the Scots next highest finishers. Evan Andersen took sixth overall to help M-A to a third-place finish in the team competition. Half Moon Bay, led by Dan Grech's seventh-best finish (16:57) took fourth in the team competition. Tony Aguilar and Jack Racine both finished inside the top 20 for the Cougars. Hillsdale was fifth in the team competition. The Knights top five finishers were Michael Hannon, Peter Lee, Peter Jadelrab, Patrick Constantino, and Andrew Moore. High school Boys cross country PAL meet at Crystal Springs 2.95miles ARAGON 78, CARLMONT 78, MENLO-ATHERTON 92, HALF MOON BAY 104, MILLS 133, MENLO 172, TERRA NOVA 194, SAN MATEO 200, WOODSIDE 213, SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO 231, WESTMOOR 238, BURLINGAME 299, HILLSDALE 399, CAPUCHINO 440 1, Jeremy Mineau (Menlo-Atherton) 15:30; 2, Kyle Shackleton (Carlmont) 15:50; 3, Chris Ashley (Aragon) 15:57; 4, Drew Shackleton (C) 16:12; 5, Michael Hannon (Mills) 16:27; 6, Evan Andersen (M-A) 16:29; 7, Dan Grech (Half Moon Bay) 16:57; 8, Paul Broyer (A) 17:01; 9, Peter Lee (M) 17:02; 10, Andrew Kohnert (Terra Nova) 17:03; 11, Will Paladino (A) 17:05; 12, Del Bohner (TN) 17:06; 13, Scott Stevenson (South San Franciso) 17:08; 14, Edward Chow (Westmoor) 17:21; 15, Tony Aguilar (HMB) 17:22; 16, Andy Patrick (San Mateo) 17:27; 17, Alex Van Oech (Menlo) 17:28; 18, Dustin Cossio (C) 17:32; 19, Jack Racine (HMB) 17:40; 20, Ron Price (Burlingame) 17:43; 21, Sebastian Glad-Brown (SM) 17:43; 22, Todd Norwood (Woodside) 17:44; 23, Ross De Franco (C) 17:44; 24, Matt Mendez (M-A) 17:53; 25, Aaron Wilson (HMB) 17:53; 26, Chris Wooster (A) 17:54; 27, Jeffrey Hayes (M-A) 17:56; 28, Etan Green (M) 18:06; 29, Roderick Bunenviaje (W) 18:06; 30, Nathanael Horton (A) 18:10; 31, Will Southard (C) 18:13; 32, Arturo Huezo (SSF) 18:15; 33, Peter Jadelrab (M) 18:21; 34, Jay Hendersen (M-A) 18:23; 35, Scott Loughead (M) 18:25; 36, Austin Ferris (SM) 18:26; 37, Cliff Tanaka (A) 18:27; 38, Tristan Jones (HMB) 18:28; 39, Jeremy Gessow (M) 18:29; 40, Pablo Aguilera (W) 18:33; 41, Patrick Constantino (M) 18:35; 42, Cameron Duncan (B) 18:37; 43, Steven Kanomata (C) 18:39; 44, Martin Guich (C) 18:40; 45, Andrew Moore (M) 18:49; 46, Anders Moberg (HMB) 18:49; 47, Jason Schafer (HMB) 18:49; 48, Brandon Mercado (W) 18:51; 49, Bennett Caughey (W) 18:59; 50, Owen Frivold (M-A) 19:01.

Doniger outpaces PAL field for title

By Jelani Harper STAFF WRITER Friday, November 08, 2002 - BELMONT -- Typically, you hear about a love of the great outdoors, the fun of representing your school, and the thrill of winning medals when you hear about high school cross country. But it takes some serious pain to win a Peninsula Athletic League meet title. Menlo-Atherton High's Allison Doniger, who accomplished such a feat with a time of 19:10 at Thursday afternoon's girls varsity race, can tell you all about it. "That last mile was really painful," Doniger recounted after her championship run. "My thighs were burning and the finish line seemed really far away." Doniger was hurting, in part, because she was fighting off a gutsy challenge from Burlingame's Alyssa Gagliani, who hung tough with her for the first part of the course to eventually take second with a time of 19:28. "She's a great runner and she was right with me for the first two miles," Doniger said. "I heard her for awhile, then I lost her just before Heart Attack Hill. I was nervous because she was right behind me. I was trying to go as fast as I could." Due to the slippery, blustery weather conditions, Doniger's time was far from her personal record. Half Moon Bay's team had no trouble adjusting to the weather, however, as the Cougars landed three runners in the top 10 to win the team title. Alyson Millett finished sixth with a 19:59. Katherine Fulp-Allen was seventh at 20:03, while Liza Hitchner took ninth with a time of 20:15. For good measure, Aimee Kirmayer and Leilani Ortiz took 11th and 12th, respectively, with times of 20:36 and 20:39. Gagliani helped pace Burlingame to second overall in the team competition. Katie Voightlander took eighth with a time of 20:12, while Paris Maghzi finished 15th with a 20:59. Led by Doniger's win, the Bears were able to snatch third place in the team category. Rachel Fasig, Gia Matzinger, Chelsea Kirkland and Lauren Mouat rounded out Menlo-Atherton's top five finishers. Menlo School placed a pair of runners in the top five to take fourth in the team competition. Michal Oda-Burns and Libby Jenke grabbed fourth and fifth with a 19:52 and a 19:55. Mills rounded out the top five in the team competition with a solid effort from Alyssum Skjeie, who took 13th in 20:44. Lianna Kali, Maile Thompson, Tehani Thompson and Kristen Lee closed out the Vikings' top five finishers. High school Girls cross country PAL meet at Crystal Springs 2.95miles HALF MOON BAY 45, BURLINGAME 63, MENLO-ATHERTON 110, MILLS 131, MENLO 133, CARLMONT 152, TERRA NOVA 157, HILLSDALE 161, WESTMOOR 219, ARAGON 246, WOODSIDE 297 1, Allison Doniger (Menlo-Atherton) 19:10; 2, Alyssa Gagliani (Burlingame) 19:28; 3, Allie Hurst (Hillsdale) 19:41; 4, Michal Oda-Burns (Menlo) 19:52; 5, Libby Jenke (M) 19:55; 6, Alyson Millett (Half Moon Bay) 19:59; 7, Katherine Fulp-Allen (HMB) 20:03; 8, Katie Voightlander (B) 20:12; 9, Liza Hitchner (HMB) 20:15; 10, Julia Gordon (Carlmont) 20:27; 11, Aimee Kirmayer (HMB) 20:36; 12, Leilani Ortiz (HMB) 20:39; 13, Alyssum Skjeie (M) 20:44; 14, Misoo Cho (South San Francisco) 20:51; 15, Paris Maghzi (B) 20:59; 16, Marissa Jones (TN) 21:04; 17, Caitlin Roake (C) 21:05; 18, Christina Hertzberg (TN) 21:06; 19, Lianna Kali (M) 21:07; 20, Katie Oliver (B) 21:08; 21, Ashley Benson (B) 21:09; 22, Rachel Fasig (M-A) 21:11; 23, Jezabel Ortiz (HMB) 21:17; 24, Gia Matzinger (M-A) 21:17; 25, Tori Steeves (HMB) 21:19; 26, Kelly Ghilarducci (H) 21:25; 27, Ashley Porter (M) 21:38; 28, Georgina Lopez (Capuchino) 21:41; 29, Chelsea Kirkland (M-A) 21:43; 30, Natalie Poon (H) 21:51; 31, Maile Thompson (M) 21:52; 32, Katie Manis (TN) 21:58; 33, Sarah Jewett (C) 22:06; 34, Tehani Thompson (M) 22:13; 35, Audrey Bretthauer (TN) 22:22; 36, Stephanie Donahue (B) 22:23; 37, Jennifer Torres (W) 22:30; 38, Shana Chibidakis (A) 22:31; 39, Xiu.Mei Chen (W) 22:32; 40, Lauren Mouat (M-A) 22:43; 41, Kristen Lee (M) 22:45; 42, Anna Lee (A) 22:49; 43, Tarisha Bal (A) 22:52; 44, Jennifer Connet (M-A) 22:52; 45, Liz Steinberg (M) 22:56; 46, Serena Fong (W) 22:57; 47, Erika Chan (W) 23:13; 48, Jennifer Bailard (C) 23:21; 49, Emily Tung (M) 23:23; 50, Christina Decker (M-A) 23:38.