Minutes of the SCVAL Cross Country Meeting

Date: 9/13/2002

Location: Lynbrook High School Library

Attendees: All SCVAL schools represented

1. CCS Meeting

- Walt Van Zant (Wilcox) encouraged all coaches to attend the CCS meeting on September 18th to express our concern over the selection of this year’s CCS finals site.

- Liz Cotter (Palo Alto) requested that we ask about any clarifications to the uniform and jewelry rules and their enforcement during cross country meets this season. Ernie Lee (Gunn) agreed to look into this. [SECRETARY’S NOTE: I checked with the list of new rules for 2003 (located on the CCS website) and the only change to any uniform rules is that now boxers and all closed-leg briefs (bun-huggers) are allowed. No comment on bare midriffs.]

- Paul Jones (Palo Alto) brought up the possibility for funds from CCS available for travel expenses to CCS contests. We agreed to investigate.

- The new by-laws appear to replace the past method for ensuring that 10 teams compete in each division with an at-large system based on team time performances.

2. CCS Meet

- We agreed for each team to submit their CCS entries by October 17th to the league reps. It was also suggested that each school may submit a copy directly to CCS as well.

3. SCVAL Center Meet

- We agreed to the following time schedule for the meet:

3:30 FS Boys

3:50 Varsity Boys

4:10 Varsity Girls

4:30 JV Boys

4:50 JV Girls

- Hank Lawson (Lynbrook) agreed to make tags for each competitor.

4. SCVAL Finals

The meet responsibilities were distributed as follows (De Anza, El Camino):

Starter – Monta Vista, Santa Clara

Scorer – Lynbrook/Fremont, Wilcox

Tags – Fremont, Los Altos

Chute – Los Gatos, Palo Alto

Timer – Lynbrook, Gunn/Mountain View

Final results will be compiled by committee. Ernie Lee (Gunn) proposed using the Gunn library subject to availability.

5. Qualifying to the State Meet

- There is some ambiguity about how individual qualifiers advance to the State Meet. Ernie Lee (Gunn) will seek clarification from the State office.

6. Coaches Alliance

- Walt Van Zant (Wilcox) encouraged everyone to join the Coaches Alliance. The primary benefit is a $1 million dollar liability insurance for all members.

7. Post Season Meetings

- The CCS post season meeting is on Wednesday, December 4th. Thus, we agreed to hold our league post season meeting on Monday, December 2nd at Harry’s Hofbrau in Saratoga at 5 PM.