Post Cross Country  Evaluation Meeting

December 2, 2002
Harry’s Hof Brau in Saratoga  5PM

1. Attendees:
   All schools were represented at the meeting except Los Altos, Los 
   Gatos, and Monta Vista.

2. League Meet Team Winners:

   Congratulations to Monta Vista, who won the DAL varsity boys, FS
   Boys, and JV girls team championships, Gunn, who won the El Camino 
   varsity girls, FS boys, and JV girls team championships, Los Gatos,
   who won the varsity girls team championship, and Milpitas, who won 
   the. varsity boys league championship.

3. CCS Finals:

   Congratuations to Gunn, who won the division 2 CCS team championship
   for both the boys and girls and Los Gatos girls, Lynbrook girls, and
   Palo Alto girls, whose high finishes earned them spots in the State

   Individually, Ruth Graham and Tori Tyler finished 1-2 in the division
   2 race.  Christine Jones and Erica Williams of Los Gatos, Erica Yung,
   and Aya Wakabayashi of Lynbrook also finished in the top 10 of the
   girls division 2 race.  Andrew Lipkin and Garrett Reid of Gunn 
   finished 3rd and 7th in the boys division 2 race.  Alicia Follmar
   finished 7th in the girls division 3 race.

4. State Meet:

   The Milpitas girls were our top team at the State Meet, finishing
   11th in the tough division 1 race.  Andrew Lipkin led the boys with 
   a 23rd place finish in the division 2 race with a time of 15:48.
   Alicia Follmar led the girls with a 13th place finish in the girls
   division 3 race with a time of 18:52.

5. Comments Regarding the League Finals:

   Julie L’Heurezux of Santa Clara and Sean Bowman of Homestead did an
   excellent job of directing this meet.

   All schools entered complete teams in this meet, which meant that
   We were able to qualify the maximum number of teams to the CCS meet.

   We will make the following changes for the meet next year:

    The El Camino league will run in the first race instead of the DAL.  
    Then, we will alternate races between the leagues until we run the
    combined JV races. The DAL will lead off for the 2004 meet.

    We will change our finish-line system for next year.  No scoreboards
    will be prepared. No finish tags will be used. All schools will list
    the names of their entrants on a separate sheet for each race, show-
    ing the name of the runner, the grade and the school.  These sheets
    sheets will be placed on a table at the end of the finish chute. 
    Then, each runner will give his/her finishing place tag to a helper
    and that place will be written on the sheet for the appropriate
    runner and school.  This is how we have been handling the Central
    Park invitational for the last several years.

    We will discuss at our pre-season meeting next year whether to use
    a 20-minute interval in between races rather than a 15-minute 
    interval.  Our concern in extending the interval is that the meet 
    may finish in the dark.  As per my calculations, the last race, the 
    JV girls race, would start at 4:15PM and finish sometime after 
    4:45PM.  This might mean that some of our runners would not get back
    to their schools until sometime after 6:30 rather than 6:00.

   It was recommended that there be more helpers in the chute and that 
   they be adults.

   The directors for our meet next year will be Wilcox and Lynbrook.

6. Comments Regarding The CCS Meet:

   All agreed that Alan Green of North Salinas did a great job of 
   directing the meet.

   Some felt that the course was too narrow in places, making it 
   difficult to get through the field if a good runner did not get 
   off to a good start.

   The coaches requested that the league representatives make it clear
   to the CCS Office that we want the CCS finals returned to Crystal
   Springs for the 2003 meet and that the date should be booked as
   soon as possible before the Course director assigns the CCS date
   to another event.

7. Comments Regarding the State Meet:

   Coaches commented that the admission fee of $8 was very high and that
   coaches should be given one free program.

8. By-Law Changes:

   We voted to make the following by-law changes:

    Article III - Section 4
    “Teams may not start mandatory practice prior to the starting dates
    established annually by the Board of Managers.”

    We added the work “mandatory” so coaches will know that voluntary
    practices are okay.

    Add Article III - Section 6
    “Schools may compete in a maximum of 3 scrimmages during their
    season.  These scrimmages will not count against their 13 meet
    maximum.  (A scrimmage is no score, no charge, and no awards).”

    The CCS by-laws limit cross country teams to 13 meets but allow each
    league to determine how many scrimmages that they want to hold.  In
    general, SCVAL schools do not hold any scrimmages.  However, most of
    the meets that they participate in must be sanctioned by the CCS 
    office no later than the prior April.  In the event that some meets
    that we normally participate in are not timely sanctioned, we want
    to have the option of holding scrimmages.  Therefore, we have
    proposed the 3-scrimmage rule.  None of our schools participated in
    a scrimmage this year and we will probably rarely participate in a
    scrimmage in the future.

    Article IV - Section 2.4
    Boys” Frosh/Soph         A limit of ten (10) entrants

    Limiting the number of entrants in the boys frosh-soph race to 10
    has been our practice for many years.  We voted to put this change
    in the by-laws sometime in the early or mid 90s but the by-laws
    never got changed.  We would like to get the by-laws revised 
    regarding this item this year.

    Article IV - Section 4
    “The top 15 finishers in the varsity races and the top 10 in the
    frosh/soph boys and JV girls races will be awarded All-League

    We voted several years ago to award all-league status to just the
    top 10 in the FS and JV races but this revision has never been put
    into the by-laws.  Hopefully, the revisions will be presented to the
    Board of Managers this year and approved.

9. Honor Coaches:

   Ernie Lee of Gunn was voted the honor coach for the boys and Bob
   Sharpe for the girls.

   The coaches who were eligible for the CCS award and who had not
   previously received this award included Pat Lawson of Fremont (10
   years of coaching XC), Grace Voss of Fremont (15 years), Ernie Lee (8
   years), Bob Sharpe (18 years), Mike Morris of Monta Vista (15 years),
   and Sam Read of Mt. View (7 years).  A coach must have at least 5 
   years of XC coaching experience in order to be eligible for this 

   The coaches also requested that the league representatives recommend 
   to the CCS office that the award be named after Marshall Clark.  This
   was done.

10.SCVAL Center Meet For 2003:
   Sam Read agreed to again direct this meet. It will be run on 

   Paul Jones has agreed to direct this meet in 3003 if he is still 



Agenda For 12/2/02 SCVAL Post-Season XC Meeting


1. Congratulations to: DAL El Camino

SCVAL League Champions:

Varsity Boys Monta Vista Milpitas

Varsity Girls Los Gatos Gunn

Fr/ So Boys Monta Vista Gunn

JV Girls Monta Vista Gunn

CCS Championships Boys Girls

Div I Milpitas-5th Milpitas-2nd

Monta Vista-7th Monta Vista-4th


Yow-3rd (MV) Nguyen-3rd(Mil)

Grilli-8th (Milp) Baldwin-4th(Mil)

Kim-5th (Mil)

Elias-6th (Mil)


Div II Gunn-1st Gunn-1st

Los Gatos-9th Los Gatos-2nd


Lipkin-3rd (Gunn) Graham-1st (G)

Reid-7th (Gunn) Tyler-2nd (G)

Jones-4th (LG)


Yung-7th (G)

Wakabaya-8th (Ly)

Div III Los Altos-9th Palo Alto-3rd

Saratoga-10th Mt.View-13th

Santa Clara-14th Saratoga-14th

Dirks-10th (LA) Follmar-7th(Sar)

State Meet

Div I

Div II




2. League Meet Discussion:

A. Thanks to Julie L’Heureaux and Sean Bowman for directing the meet.

    1. We had complete teams in each varsity race which allowed the maximum number of entries to the CCS meet.

C. Next years meet directors are: Wilcox and Lynbrook.

D. Any comments re the league finals.

3. CCS Discussion:

4. State Meet Discussion:

5. League By-laws review?

    1. The by-law changes that we made last year have not yet been made. These changes included:

Article III section 4:

Change to:

Teams may not start mandatory practice prior to the starting dates established annually by the Board of Managers.

Add: III section 6:

Schools may compete in a maximum of 3 scrimmages during

their season.. These scrimmages will not count against their 13 meet maximum. ( A scrimmage is no score, no charge and no awards)

Article IV. Section 2

The maximum number of boys’ Frosh/Soph entries at

the league meet will be 10 runners.

Article IV section 4:

The awards at the league meet are as follows:

Boys and Girls varsity division = top 15

Girls JV = top 10

Boys Open = top 5

B. Are there any other suggested by-law changes?

6. Select Honor Coaches for boys and girls:

7. SCVAL Center Meet For 2003

    1. Any comments about the 2002 meet?
    2. Do we want to do it again for 2003?
    3. Who will direct it for 3003?


8. Any other items that the coaches desire to discuss.