Unofficial Notes From 9/3/03 CCS Preseason XC Meeting

League representatives from all leagues except all three divisions of the BVAL, the MBAL, and the WBAL league attended the meeting.

CCS Meet Site

The CCS meet will be held at Crystal Springs this year. Bill Daskarolis of Aragon will direct the meet. See the CCS website for additional details about the meet.

CCS Meet Entries

All league representatives (and not the individual coaches) must e-mail their league meet results and entries, including names of both team and individual qualifiers to Mark McConnell at and to Eileen Roche at on or before noon on Monday, November 10, 2003. The entries should be submitted on an Excel spreadsheet. Mark gave a CD with the desired format to each league representative in attendance.

At-Large Entries To The CCS Meet

It was noted that if a team does not qualify for the CCS meet, it may qualify based upon its team time. Qualifying standards have been computed for teams who run their league finals on the Crystal Springs and Mt Madonna courses. If leagues run their league finals on other courses, then they should submit their league finals results for 1997 and subsequent years to Eileen Roche so that the at-large standards for those courses can be determined.