Unofficial Notes From 12/3/03 CCS Post-Season XC Meeting

Staggering The Start of Races at the CCS Meet

We discussed whether we wanted to change our present method of running both the boys and girls races in each division from being run consecutively to having another race in between them. As an example, we could run a div 1 boys race, then the div 2 boys race, and then the div 1 girls race, etc. We decided against this proposal.

Site of 2004 CCS Finals

Barring the unforeseen, the 2004 CCS finals will be run at Toro Park. Alan Green stated that he will request sanctioning for at least one Center meet so that the various schools will have more opportunities to run on the Toro course prior to the CCS meet.

Site of 2004/2006 State Meet

The State CIF office has entered into a contract so that the State XC meet will be held at Woodward Park for the next 3 years. The State office will then open up the bidding for 3 more years for the site of the State Meet. It is unknown whether Fresno will bid for the site in years subsequent to 2006 (As far as we know, the subject has not come up). However, if Fresno does not enter a bid for 2007 and later years, Alan Green might lead a bid by the Monterey area for the site (but not at Toro Park).


The coaches recommended that 10 individual awards be given in XC for each CCS finals race rather than 7 awards. Presently, 70 individual awards are given for the 10 races. This proposal would increase the total to 100. It was noted that when we had 3 divisions that a total of 15 individual awards were given per race for a total of 90. Our recommendation will be given to the Awards Committee.

The CCS office noted that CCS participant pins will no longer be given at the CCS finals due to their high cost ($10,000).

Free Entry of Coaches To CCS Finals

All coaches are allowed to enter the CCS XC finals free. However, it is difficult for the person at the entry gate to determine who is a coach and who is not a coach. Therefore, the first coach to arrive at the meet for each school should give the gatekeeper a listing of all coaches who will be coming for that school.

Spectator Entry Fee For the CCS and State Meet XC Finals

The adult cost to enter the CCS meet is $6 and it is $8 for the State Meet. Apparently, this is the standard charge for all CCS and State Meet finals for all sports. Some coaches feel that the charge for XC should be less because most parents are coming to see just one 20-minute race. Eileen of the CCS office noted that the XC finals fee will remain the same in future years as it is for other sports.

Qualification of Individuals to the CCS Meet

It was noted that individuals on division 4 and 5 teams in large leagues that are mostly comprised of division 1, 2, and 3 schools might have trouble qualifying for the CCS meet even though they would do well if they ran in the CCS division 4 and 5 finals. The PSAL would like the rules changed to allow one individual entrant from every league for each division to the CCS finals. However, since this is considered to be a major rule change and the PSAL did not have its league commissioner sign off on the proposal prior to our meeting, the rule change will not be considered until our next meeting.

Qualification of Teams to the CCS Meet

We discussed whether we would want to change the qualifying of teams from league to CCS from the top half of the league plus at least one team from each division to just the top half of each division in each league. As an example, if a league had 3 division 2 teams, 4 division 3 teams, and 1 division 4 team, the top 2 division 2 teams, the top 2 division 3 teams, and the 1 division 4 team would qualify for the CCS meet. The coaches did not like this proposal. In any event, the proposal would have to be signed off by a league commissioner before it could be voted on.

Runners on the Crystal Springs Course During the CCS Meet

It was noted that during the meet that runners not competing in a specific race were warming up on the course, which was against the written instructions in the meet guide. The CCS office will try to better educate the coaches of these runners for future CCS meets held at Crystal Springs.

State Meet

If practical, some coaches would like to have the Woodward Park course watered down in dry years prior to the races so that it would not be so dusty and affect asthma sufferers.

Also, the coaches would like to be provided with at least one free program at the State Meet.