Minutes of CIF Track and Cross Country Advisory Committee

September 29, 2003

  1. We are trying to buy the rights to Hytek for Cross Country State Championships to ensure that every section is using the same program for entries.
    1. in track there is still a problem with the relay names for
    2. qualifying, but everything else went smoothly last year.

    3. the CIF is no longer is going to post the state program as such, but they will post the entries for the meet the Sunday prior to the meet. Coaches should go to the cifstate.org website to view for corrections by the Tuesday before the meet. This way, name spelling and any other corrections can be made

    c. Some of these corrections may not make it into the program, but they will

    be made for seeding of the meet.

  2. When adding new schools to the sections, you should contact Hal Harkness before setting up the 2-letter abbreviations for your section championships. We want to use universal codes for every school.
  3. Since the state meet will be held at Sacramento this year, there is a concern that there are no Northern California starters that are certified by the CIF. The USATF officials are not certified by the CIF without passing their course.
  4. We need to get our starters to go to a clinic and become certified or the CIF is

    Going to use the Southern California starters for the meet.

  5. There has been a standard set up to identify the age of a child for admissions into any CIF activity.
    1. IF the child is 5 and under =Free of charge
    2. IF the child is 6 and over they will have to pay admission
    3. There has been an inconsistency from sport or event to event.

    4. If the event is hosted by a non-CIF sponsor, the admission prices will be in accordance to that venue. ie: Sports Arena

    Cross Country

  6. The Cross Country handbook for the State Meet will be up on the CIF website in a couple of weeks.
    1. This is the end of the 3-year contract with Fresno for hosting the
    2. State XC meet so they are accepting applications from other

      Possible sites.

    3. Discussion was made about how to select the at-large teams for the state meet qualifying. As it stands, we are currently using the formula that uses a top 10 team finish to determine if a section earns another spot for the following year. Using this formula favors the Southern Section and

Limits other sections from receiving another team. There is the possibility and discussion is continuing on using the top 12 finish as a better mark. They are also looking into the possibility of changing the formula for individuals to qualify for the meet.


Track and Field

    1. The North and North Coast Section were the only ones to contest the 4X800 Relay in their section championships so they have tabled the idea

Of adding this event to the State Meet. It has to be contested at the section level before it becomes a State event.

**2. The Steeplechase, Hammer and (javelin) events cannot be contested in any of our meets because they are not accepted by the National Federation

As acceptable events. We cannot compete in these events in our invitationals or dual meets. If we want to have these events acceptable, we need to have our section commissioners address this at their committee meetings. There can be negative reprocussions to our state if we compete in these events.

    1. The Honest Effort Rule only applies to the Friday qualifying at the State Meet and does not apply to Saturday’s events.

**4. There is discussion that needs to be continued as to whether we want to keep the qualifying for the 800 Finals at the State Meet as a 3 or 4 heat event.

Due to the weaker standard, this is one of the largest fields in the meet.

Last year, they put the slowest qualifier in the same lane, behind the fastest qualifier instead of creating a 4th heat. What do you think? We need to discuss this at our track meeting in January.

5.Officials at the State Championships will be using Friday night as the time they will be selecting the Sportmanship Awards. If they do not see

Anything worthwhile, they may not select someone in every event.

The presentations will be made during the break where the 2 mile

Should be held.