Newsletter 2003

CSM Crystal Springs Cross Country Course

Date: September 10, 2003

Crystal Springs Course is going into its 31st year of existence. It has come a long way in that time span.

One of the greatest aspects of Crystal Springs is the fact that it has not changed in the last 31 years. The record board has been kept to a high degree of accuracy. It is an extremely great honor for an athlete to make the list of records kept for Crystal Springs. It is for this reason that I am glad to hear that Central Coast Section will be returning to Crystal Springs this year. It is important for the outstanding athletes to have every chance to make the record board particularly during the peak and high competitive part of the season.

During the last season, one of the great dreams of events to happen to Crystal Springs came about. The addition of power to the shed and finish area was completed. Thanks to the efforts of our neighbors, the Mid Peninsula Water District. Also added at the same time was a water outlet at the shed and watering outlets for the two memorial trees. This improvement did not come without cost. In order for the Mid Peninsula Water District to bring power into the area, a $1000 permit had to be arranged. This cut into the Crystal Springs budget. Adding to this was the raising cost of the chemical toilets(now $85 ea. Per month.) X 12 is $1,020 per month) In the past we had 10 units on site. Because of complaints of long lines, I have increased that number to 12 during the peak season. Because of these situations, I have no choice but to raise the cost of using the course to $15 per school per competition. With all the budgetary restrains on everybody, I am hoping that this will be a one year situation.

The operating budget for Crystal Springs Cross Country Course is kept in a student body trust fund at the College of San Mateo and is administrated by Gary Dilley, Dean of the Physical Education/Athletic Division.

We are currently working on a new improvement situation for the Crystal Springs Course. We are hoping that in the next few weeks, ground-up asphalt will be spread on the road entering Crystal Springs and the area around the chem. toilets. It will also be spread around the shed and the road from the shed to the top of the hill by the starting area. It will not be placed anywhere on the course except on that road from the shed to the top of the hill. This only affects the 8K and 4 mile course. It will be packed down and should not affect the footing of the course.

It will have a three fold effect. 1. It will reduce dust on the road coming in. 2. It will greatly reduce the mud on the road and the area around the shed. 3. It will reduce the fire danger and weeds around the shed during the summer months. This material has been donated.

The usual NO’S will be enforced again this year: NO—dogs, bikes, smoking, rock throwing, boomboxes, frisbees, balls of any type(foot, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf), kite flying and no one going up in the area around the Mid Peninsula Water Dept. tanks. The final responsibility of these rules and regulations rest with the coach. It is also the responsibility of the race directors for each event, to make sure the coaches are aware of the rules. Remember that buses cannot turn around at the end of Hallmark Dr. This could also lead to a double fine.

Race Directors are responsible to have a check system to guarantee that each coach has a medical information card on each athlete that is competing. Each coach is responsible to have a medical kit and ice available for injuries. Race Directors should also have an emergency plan and a responsible person (preferably with a cell phone) to carry out the plan. This plan should include how a coach is to be notified of an injured runner, and who will make the decision to arrange for transport of the injured runner to medical care. The emergency number to call is 650-364-1313. This number is posted inside the shed.

We have had several situations where the coach has had no information or medical supplies to take care of an injured runner. Coaches should be aware of special needs of their teams concerning asthma, allergies and runners with congestion because of a cold or flu. Special effort this year will be made to insure that the above procedures are carried out. The $25 fine will be levied on coaches who do not have medical kits and cards. If this infraction is discovered before the competition, that team will not be allowed to compete.

Good luck to all runners who have the privilege and honor to run at CSM Crystal Springs Cross Country Course.

Bob Rush

Crystal Springs Cross Country Course Coordinator.