Letter from Ken Reeves on Footlocker - 2003

Subject: Footlocker Meet >Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2003 14:52:39 -0800 > >Coaches and excoaches > >There is a rumor going around that the Footlocker Cross Country meet will >be >no longer after this season. Nike is proposing a National team >championship >race. For California, the participants for this would be chosen by >comparing times from the state meet. The two teams to be chosen from >California would come from a combined all division scoring similar to the >scoring that Bob Rush does at the conclusion of the state meet. Similarly, >the individuals would be chosen the same way. People could be eliminated >without facing each other in head to head competition. > >The Footlocker has never been a huge portion of the programs I have helped >coach. However, a number of young runners made the step to the next level >by participating in the class races. A select few have been lucky enough >and talented enough to qualify for the nationals. Best of all, it is a >grass roots that allowed participation by any individual, from 7th grader >to >coaches, parents and beyond. If this is something you would like to see >continue, please contact Footlocker as soon as possible to let them know of >your concerns. They are meeting this week in San Diego, supposedly to >decide the future of this meet. > >I would encourage you, parents, administrators and athletes to send emails >to Footlocker. Please pass this on to anyone you think might be concerned. >Send it to fellow coaches around the area. The director of the meet is >Jeanine Zocks and she is extremely supportive, but she needs some ammo to >show the bosses. Attached is a letter I sent to her and below is her >email. >Would appreciate any and all help to keep this opportunity for our >athletes. > >jzocks@footlocker.com > >If you feel so inclined, please do as quickly as possible and as often as >possible. > >Ken Reeves >High School and Community College Coach >Ventura, California >805-643-6949 >