9/8/03 – Pre-Season SCVAL XC Meeting

This meeting was held from 5PM until 5:30PM in the faculty lounge at Wilcox high school. Those in attendance included:

Cupertino – Paul Armstrong

Fremont – Grace Voss

Gunn – Ernie Lee

Lynbrook – Hank Lawson

Mt. View – Sam Read and Evan Smith

Palo Alto – Paul Jones

Santa Clara – Julie L’Heureux

Saratoga – Peter Jordan

Wilcox – Walt Van Zant

Homestead – absent

Los Altos – absent

Los Gatos – absent

Milpitas – absent

Monta Vista – absent

The items discussed included:

CCS Pre-Season Meeting

Nothing of significance was discussed at this meeting. The CCS finals will be run at Crystal Springs on 11/15 (or 11/18 if the meet is rained out on 11/15).

The league representative will submit the entries for all teams to the CCS office and Mark McConnell by noon on 11/10/03. All coaches should submit the names of their intended entries to the CCS to the league representatives (Ernie Lee-DAL and Walt Van Zant-EC) no later than 10/31/03. The names of your entrants can be changed on race day.

Division Splits for SCVAL teams

SCVAL cross country teams will run in the following divisions at the CCS and State meets for 2003.

DeAnza El Camino

Div 1 Monta Vista Div 1 Milpitas

Div 2 Fremont Div 2 Wilcox

Div 2 Homestead Div 2 Gunn

Div 2 Lynbrook Div 3 Santa Clara

Div 2 Los Gatos Div 2 Palo Alto

Div 2 Cupertino Div 3 Mt.View

Div 3 Saratoga Div 3 Los Altos

2003 CCS Meet

You must finish in the top half of the league or be the top team in your division in order to qualify for the CCS meet.

If you run the team times shown below at the league finals, you will qualify as an at-large entrant to the CCS meet even if you do not finish in the top half of the league.

Boys Girls

Div 1 86:06 108:00

Div 2 87:13 106:33

Div 3 86:18 107:21

The time schedule for the CCS meet is as follows:

Div  II Boys 10:00AM Girls 10:30AM

Div III Boys 11:05AM Girls 11:35AM

Div IV Boys 12:10PM Girls 12:40PM

Div  V Boys 1:15PM Girls 1:45PM

Div  I Boys 2:20PM Girls 2:50PM

Central Park Invitational – 9/23/03

This meet will be run at Central Park in Santa Clara. All schools must participate in this meet.

SCVAL Center Meet at Crystal Springs – 10/14/03

As per our discussion at our post-season 2001 XC meeting, we will all run in this meet.

Sam Read of Mt. View is the meet director. She will assign the duties for each school prior to 10/14/03.

There will be no awards for this race.

The cost for each school is $15. A check for this amount should be made out to Mt. View high school and given to Sam.

The time schedule will be:

3:45 PM F/S Boys

4:00 PM JV Girls

4:15 PM JV Boys

4:30 PM Varsity Girls

4:45 PM Varsity Boys


SCVAL League Finals – 11/4/03

The directors of this meet for the next several years will be:

El Camino DeAnza

2003 Wilcox Lynbrook

2004 Palo Alto Cupertino

2005 Gunn Saratoga

2006 Mt.View Monta Vista

2007 Los Altos Fremont

2008 Milpitas Los Gatos

2009 Santa Clara Homestead

2003 Job Assignments

DeAnza El Camino

Starter           Santa Clara     Santa Clara
Finish Table      Lynbrook        Los Gatos & Los Altos
Chute             all             All schools
  VG – Homestead
  VB – Los Gatos
  FS – Monta Vista
 JVG – Cupertino
 JVB – All schools (it’s a mad house)
Timer             Lynbrook        Gunn & Mt.View
Backup Timer      Fremont
Tags creation     Lynbrook
Results           all             Wilcox
  VG – Lynbrook
  VB – Los Gatos
  FS – Monta Vista
 JVG – Cupertino
 JVB – Homestead

Each DAL team will be sent an Excel spreadsheet in advance to the meet. Teams are to take their respective race sheets home with them and type in the place, name, grade and school abbreviation into the Excel file and e-mail back to Hank Lawson (hanklaw@ix.netcom.com) that night so the results can be posted on the web.

The results will be computed in the same manner as done for the Central Park Invitational. That is, each school will fill out a sheet for each race that shows the names and grades of their runners. The runners will receive a place tag as they finish the race, continue through the chute, and show their number to the finish-table officials, who will then record their place on the sheet for their school.

The DAL league should direct their runners to their respective coach who will record the runners finish place on the sheet and when the sheet is complete, the coach will return that sheet to Lynbrook coach Stephanie Bambury (Hovancik).

Time Schedule

El Camino DeAnza

F/S Boys 2:00 2:15 Max 10 entries

Var Boys 2:30 2:45 Max 7

Var Girls 3:00 3:15 Max 7

Open Boys 3:40 3:40 Unlimited

JV Girls 3:50 3:50 Unlimited

We discussed whether we wanted a 15- or 20-minute break in between races and voted to keep the 15-minute interval.

Qualifying to the State Meet from the CCS Meet

Teams will qualify as follows:

# of Boys Teams # of Girls Teams

Div 1 2 2

Div 2 2 3

Div 3 3 3

Div 4 3 3

Div 5 3 3

The top 5 individuals in each division who are not on a qualifying team go the State Meet as long as they finish in the top 12.

California Coaches Alliance Membership

Applications to join this group were available at the meeting. One of the benefits of joining this organization is that you get $1,000,000 liability insurance.

Post-Season Evaluation Meeting

The post-season meeting will be held on Monday, 12/1/03, at Wilcox high school, beginning at 4PM.

DeAnza League XC League Representative

Ernie Lee would like for someone else to take over this job at the end of this season. He is a coach in the El Camino league and believes that it would be more appropriate for someone from the DeAnza league to be the representative.

Rules for using the Crystal Springs course

At no time is there to be anyone up on water tank hill.

Buses are to drop off athletes at the gate between the last 2 houses on the right side of Hallmark Avenue. After dropping off the athletes, the buses are not to turn around using the driveways. They should use the streets.

There is to be no throwing of objects, including rocks, frisbees and footballs. There is also no music boxes that others will hear. Personal CD players/ radios are okay.

There is to be no hanging out in people’s yard. It is private property.

There is no smoking or pets in the park. Please remind the parents.

Each team is responsible for clearing their own trash before leaving their area.

Tickets with a minimum fine of $25.00 will be issued for any rule violations.

Schedule of Invitationals for 2003

9/11/03 Firebird Invtl – Fremont H.S.

9/20/03 Chieftain Classic Invtl – Toro Park

9/20/03 Lowell Invtl – GG Park in San Francisco

9/27/03 Stanford Invtl

9/27/03 Ram Invtl – Daly City

10/4/03 Artichoke Invtl – Half Moon Bay

10/4/03 King City Invtl

10/4/03 Pacific Grove Intl

10/11/03 Serra Invtl – Crystal Springs

10/11/03 Castro Valley Invtl

10/17/03 Monerey Bay Invtl – Toro Park

10/18/03 Monteey Bay Invtl – Toro Park

10/18/03 Mariner Invtl – Hayward

10/24/03 Mt. SAC Invtl

10/25/03 Mt. SAC Invtl