Photograph by George Sakkestad
Dammit Run competitors work hard as they climb up the side of the dam in the rugged 5.0­mile race.
For the Follmars, running runs in the family
By Dick Sparrer
Alicia Follmar is entering just her junior year at Saratoga High School this fall, but she's already made a name for herself as one of the premier distance runners in the Central Coast Section.

As it turns out, there's a reason for it—it runs in the family.

The Follmars proved it when Alicia and her mother, Debbie, each raced to victories in the 31st annual Los Gatos Dammit Run on Aug. 16.

Alicia Follmar covered the 5.0­mile course in 35:46 to finish third overall in the women's division and first among high school girls. Just over four minutes back in 40:02 was Debbie Follmar, 21st overall and first in the women's 45­49 age group.

Alicia has followed in her mom's running footsteps to star at the varsity level in track and cross country as both a freshman and sophomore, and she figures to be a top competitor again for the Falcons in the upcoming cross country season.

The Saratoga junior outran a couple of former area high school cross country stars to the finish line, ending up ahead of former Westmont great Lisa Renteria and former Los Gatos standout Lina Biber-Ferro.

Renteria, who went on to greatness at West Valley College after starring Westmont, finished fourth overall in 36:07 among the Dammit women and she was third in the open division.

Biber-Ferro was 10th overall in 37:40 and sixth in the women's open division.

Big winners in the 31st Dammit were Chris Cozort and Sarna Becker, who raced to the male and female titles in the rugged run.

In a close finish, Cozort was first overall in 28:09, finishing 10 seconds ahead of runner-up Lenin Zapata (28:19), 13 seconds ahead of third-place Ben Turman (28:22) and 25 seconds ahead of fourth-place Rigoberto Ramirez (28:34).

Becker put a little more distance between herself and the rest of the women's field. The 26-year-old was the female winner in 32:29 with Leti Cornejo a distant second in 34:05.

Jim Angelopoulos, 41, was the men's master's winner at the Dammit. He ran 30:20 to finish ninth overall, and he also finished first in the men's 40­44 age group. Angelopoulos had finished eighth a year ago in 30:34.

Katie Scott, 50, took the women's master's title. She was 14th overall in 39:04 and first in the women's 50­54 age division.

Jose Gutierrez (high school boys), Michelle Cline (women's 30­34), Greg Burke (men's 55­59), Fran Charters (women's 55­59), Joan Masui (women's 65­69) and Joy Johnson (women's 70-and-over) were all repeat Dammit Run division winners.

Top finishers in the 31st Los Gatos Dammit Run

Top 10 Overall Finishers

1—Chris Cozort, 28:09; 2—Lenin Zapata, 28:19; 3—Ben Turman, 28:22; 4—Rigoberto Ramirez, 28:34; 5—Eron Ferreira, 29:16; 6—Jose Gutierrez, 29:33; 7—Eduardo Avila, 30:12; 8—Jean Pommier, 30:18; 9—Jim Angelopoulos, 30:20; 10—Aurelio Ramirez, 30:44.

Top 10 Female Finishers

1—Sarna Becker, 32:29; 2—Leti Cornejo, 34:05; 3—Alicia Follmar, 35:46; 4—Lisa Renteria, 36:07; 5—Darci Cassinelli, 36:17; 6—Helena Walden, 36:34; 7—McKayla Plank, 36:49; 8—Christy Cowley, 37:23; 9—Jill Peanasky, 37:35; 10—Lina Biber-Ferro, 37:40.

Top Finishers By Age Group

Men's Open

1— Cozort; 2— Zapata; 3— R. Ramirez.

Women's Open

1—Becker; 2—Cornejo; 3—Renteria.

Boys' 13-and-under

1—Charlie Harrison, 43:20; 2—Patrick Impey, 45:36; 3—Jon Impey, 45:38.

Girls' 13-and-under


High school boys

1—Gutierrez; 2—Matthew Eckert, 32:00; 3—Omar Azim Ahmad, 33:01.

High school girls

1—Follmar; 2—Plank; 3—Sierra Siemer, 37:50.

Men's 30-34

1—Turman; 2—Ferreira; 3—Steve Ware, 31:20.

Women's 30-34

1—Michelle Cline, 37:55; 2—Sabrina Iles, 39:22; 3—Amy Cashman, 39:33.

Men's 35-39

1— Pommier; 2—Patrick McNenny, 31:08; 3—Derrick Peterman, 32:03.

Women's 35-39

1—Cowley; 2—Deirdre Harger, 39:19; 3—Sylvia Chen, 39:57.

Men's 40-44

1— Angelopoulos; 2—Mike Clayville, 32:06; 3—Jeff Rohrer, 33:21.

Women's 40-44

1—Mary Jo Spada, 39:52; 2—Michelle Coffman, 43:00; 3—Diane Phariss, 43:49.

Men's 45-49

1—Justin Tyme, 32:22; 2—David Woodruff, 34:17; 3—Bill Suits, 35:11.

Women's 45-49

1—Debbie Follmar, 40:02; 2—Marti Menz, 41:00; 3—Tracy Rowland, 44:30.

Men's 50-54

1—Bill Marrow, 35:33; 2—Art Mitchum, 35:57; 3—Alan Supan, 37:35.

Women's 50-54

1—Katie Scott, 39:04; 2—Mary Langford, 43:26; 3—Terri LaFollette, 46:35.

Men's 55-59

1—Greg Burke, 36:27; 2— Bill Benginveno, 37:31; 3— Steve Menchen, 37:41.

Women's 55-59

1—Fran Charters, 45:13; 2—Sheila Dubin, 51:09; 3—Elaine Krider, 52:27.

Men's 60-64

1—Robert Schmitt, 36:58; 2—Joe Hurtado, 37:10; 3—Bob Sut, 38:33.

Women's 60-64

1—Judith Milgram.

Men's 65-69

1—R.J. Konrad, 46:46; 2—Mike Kearny, 52:07; 3—Paul Scharmen, 52:45.

Women's 65-69

1—Joan Masui, 56:11; 2—Geri Lysne, 1:02.17; 3—Paula Brennock, 1:05.42.

Men's 70-and-over

1—Strat Guiliotis, 52:38; 2—Donald Masui, 1:00:19.

Women's 70-and-over

1— Joy Johnson, 57:18; 2—Etta Palmer, 1:11.03; 3—Jaclyn Caselli.