Vic Heckler - 2003

Vic Heckler is a 61 year old miler who broke 5 minutes last year at the 5th Avneue Mile at age 60 in New York City. This is the age of many HS athletes Grandparents! Here is the e-mail he sent me and I have included the links he refers to. Here is what Vic Heckler does. When I am OK health wise, I train as you have read.,1300,1-0-0-4061,00.html I average about 38 miles a week across the whole year. The best source for training schemes for me has been The Self Coached Runner, Volume2, a book by Lawrence and Scheid (the spelling may be a little off) and Owen Anderson's Running Research News, a monthly news letter. Take a close look at Anderson's V02 Max workout. It is described in his newsletter about 2 years ago. Another point about preparing for the mile: I would try running 1/4 repeats (4-6) almost as hard as you can go several times during the month before a mile race (say, 73"-75") with medium recovery (2 min). About 4 days before the race, run 4 all out quarters with as much recovery as you want.