2004 State Qualifying

Sept 10, 2004

Per Ernie Lee (Gunn HS) and his calculations are NOT the final word, just for information only (since we know you all love this kind of stuff). CCS (baseline 2 entries) DI Boys: 2 DI Girls: 2 DII Boys: 3 DII Girls: 2 DIII Boys: 4 DIII Girls: 3 DIV Boys: 3 DIV Girls: 3 DV Boys: 3 DV Girls: 3

Dec 3, 2003

The formula for calculating the number of additional qualifiers is actually pretty simple. 1. Count up the number of top 10 team finishes a section has had at the state meet for the past 4 years. Yes, it weighs the places equally, but it does make the calculation simpler. 2. Divide that number by 40 (total number of top 10 teams in 4 years) to get a percentage. 3. Multiply that percentage by the number of "free" spots (it's 5 in division I and 8 in the others, although it might only be 7 in Division IV). 4. That number is the number of additional state meet berths a section receives. Remember, the maximum is 7 total (3 additional for the SS or 5 additional for most other sections). Since most of these numbers include fractions, you have to be careful about rounding. All sections with whole numbers immediately get those extra spots. Then, the largest fractions receive the spots until all of the "free" spots are taken. Now, it is unclear what happens when 2 sections "tie" for the final spot. I'm sure that the State folks have a method for resolving it, but I don't know what it is.