CCS Pre-Season XC Minutes (Unnofficial) - 09/01/04

By Walt VanZant 9/1/04 Pre-Season CCS XC Meeting Unofficial Minutes

League reps from all leagues except the Santa Teresa, PSAL, and WBAL leagues attended the meeting.

The CCS finals will be held at Toro Park in Salinas on 11/13/04. If the meet is postponed due to rain, then it will be run on 11/16/04.

If the 11/13 meet is postponed due to rain, the league reps will be notified as soon as possible after 6AM.

The league reps must submit the entries for each of the leagues no later than noon on 11/8/04.

The number of teams qualifying to the state meet in each division will be shown on the CCS website.

The division placement for each school for cross country is shown on the CCS website.

No CCS pins will be given at the CCS meet. They have been discontinued for all sports because of the cost.

The cost of spectator parking at Toro Park is $4 on week days and $6 on weekends.

By Hank Lawson

Called to order at 7:00 with all Leagues in attendance EXCEPT:


Reviewed Section and State Meet dates (11/13 & 11/27) and date of Post
season meeting (12/01).

CCS is at Toro Park with a rain date of 11/16.  If the meet is to be
postponed due to rain, phone calls will be made to League Reps starting
at 6:00 am race morning and info will be posted on web sites.  Calls will
go to the farthest away reps first so they can contact League coaches - be
sure your league rep has your phone number.

Parking at Toro has been raised by $1 (total now M-F $4, S & S $6).

There is a NEW excel spreadsheet that should be used for CCS entries - it is 
available on CCS & LynbrookSports web-sites.

CCS participation pins have been discontinued.

Reviewed By-Laws where there was a correction noted.  To advance from CCS
to State, for D2 boys it should be 3 and for D3 boys it should be 4 - CCS
will make change and re-post By-Laws.

C-Beds will be evaluated at the post season meeting to see if changes should
be made to the counts in the 5 division structures.

At the State Meet this year, officials are going to be EXTREMELY STRICT about
NO JEWLERY and the UNIFORM RULE.  Athletes can be disqualified at any time
after check-in or during the race for either infraction.  We will be doing 
the same at the CCS meet.  It is recommended that the Leagues conduct their 
League Finals in the same manner.

Meeting adjourned at about 7:40 pm.