Unofficial Notes From 12/1/04 CCS Post-Season XC Meeting

Division Splits

The coaches voted to change the CBED splits for the divisions so that the number of teams in each division would be more even. We voted for the following changes:

Division 1 1450+

Division 2 1150-1449

Division 3 900-1149

Division 4 350- 899

Division 5 1- 349

This proposal must still be approved by the Board of Managers before becoming final.

Teams Qualifying For The CCS Meet

Presently, the top half of each league qualifies for the CCS meet. Additionally, if a team does not finish in the top half of the league but is the top team in its division, then it qualifies for the CCS meet. Individually, the top 3 finishers at the league finals who are not on a qualifying team, qualify for the league finals.

The MTAL proposed that the above rule be deleted and replaced by the provision that the top half of the teams in each division at the league finals qualify for the CCS meet and that the top 3 in each division who are not on a qualifying team qualify for the CCS meet. After a discussion of the issue, the motion to change the rule did not receive a second. Thus, this rule change proposal will not be forwarded to the Board of Managers.

2004 CCS Meet

All of the league reps noted that Alan Green had done a great job of directing the meet. A few suggestions were made to better the meet, such as having the starter run to the side after shooting the starting gun rather than staying in the middle of the field.

2004 State Meet

As usual, the State meet was well managed. Suggestions for future meets included lowering the selling prices of the State Meet shirts and sweat shirts, giving a free program to the coaches, and opening the porta johns the day before the meet.

Site of 2005 CCS Meet

The site of the 2005 meet is scheduled for Crystal Springs. However, if the cost of required police help is too high, then the site will probably switched to Toro Park. The CCS office will decide on the site prior to our 2005 CCS pre-season XC meeting.

By-Law Changes

All league reps were given handouts showing how by-law changes should be initiated and how they are processed by the CCS office.