Newsletter 2004

CSM Crystal Springs Cross Country Course

Date: August 20, 2004

Crystal Springs Course is going into its 32nd year of existence. It has come a long way in that time span. The greatest aspects of Crystal Springs is that fact that it has never changed. The record board list is a prized listing for any athlete who is on it.

During the 2003 season, the surface area on the road in, the starting area and the area around the shed has been surfaced. The reason for this project is several fold. 1. During the raining season, access to the area is extremely important. It is imperative that emergency vehicles have no difficulty in getting in or out. 2. Service vehicles must also have access to remove the refuse and to pump the port-a-potties. 3. Administrative vehicles must also have the ability to get equipment in and out of the facility. The material also acts as a fire break for the scoring shed. In the early season, dust has been a problem around the starting area. The small gravel in the starting area has reduced the dust problem.

The $15 fee per school will continue again this year. The cost of the chemical toilets has gone up to $90 per unit per month(12 units). This amounts to $1080.00 per month for three months or $3240.00 We have arranged to have extra pump outs for the busy weeks of the season, at the cost of $120 per extra pump out.

The operating budget for Crystal Springs Cross Country Course is kept in a student body trust fund at the College of San Mateo and is administrated by Gary Dilley, Dean of the Physical Education/Athletic Division. Race Director/Commissioners are responsible to remit the maintenance fees made out to the College of San Mateo and sent to Gary Dilley at CSM. Directors that have more than one race can send one check at the end of the season. Payment should be broken down for each race for accounting purposes, however.


The usual NOS will be enforced again this year. NO---Dogs, Bikes, Smoking, Rock throwing, Boom boxes, Frisbees, Balls of any type(nerf, foot, soccer, tennis, golf) The Mid-Peninsula Water Dist. Storage facility located just East of the starting line behind the fenced area is completely off limits to anyone. Buses are not to turn around at the end of Hallmark Drive. There is no room to do this. Buses have scared the driveways of local residence by trying to backup in their driveways. Schools buses that are caught turning around at the end of Hallmark Dr. are subject to heavy fines and the possibility of loosing the privilege of using Crystal Springs Course.

Buses are not allowed to double park to load or unload at anytime. This blocks Hallmark Dr. and is very irritating to local residence.

Each coach has the responsibility of having a medical kit in their position. This kit should contain a medical information card for each athlete. If a team is found not to have the medical kit and forms, they will not be allowed to compete. Each team is responsible for their own ice. Coaches should not ask meet management for ice.

Race Directors should have a medical plan in place. This plan should include a way to notify a coach they have a runner with a medical problem and the location of the runner. The person in charge of medical emergencies should have no other responsibilities.

Coaches should be aware of special needs of their teams concerning asthma, allergies and runners with congestion because of a cold or flu. Congested athletes should not run. Races on hot days should take special care. Runners and spectators should stay in designated areas. There is poison oak and rattlesnakes in the area.

It is the responsibility of the race director to forward the information in this newsletter to each coach. It is the coaches ultimate responsibility to inform his/her team as of the rules of the course. Coaches and race directors should not call 911 in case of an emergency. The emergency number to call is 650-364-1313. This number is posted on the shed. The coach or trainer should make the final decision to call emergency services.

Good luck to all runners who have the privilege and honor to run at CSM Crystal Springs Cross Country Course.


Bob Rush

CSM Crystal Springs Cross Country Course Coordinator

Home Phone 650-595-3619

Cell Phone 415-730-8299