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CIF-Northern Section
Cross-Country Rankings

Released Wednesday, September 22, 2004




CIF-Northern Section
Cross-Country Rankings
Released Wednesday, September 22, 2004

          Here's the third installment of the Northern Section rankings. We would like to thank Jim Deaver, Scott Fairley, Kevin Girt, Jean Murphy-Atkins and the many other coaches who offered their knowledge on the section's runners to help with this ranking. Remember, it is just a ranking by coaches who are making their best guess based on local invitationals and dual meets..

1. Jordan Fairley (12) West Valley D4
2. Austin Fritzke (11) Mt. Shasta D5
3. Tyson Teesdale (11) Foothill D3
4. Brent Handa (10) Fall River D5
5. Russell Carroll (12) Chico D2
6. Pat Crowl (12) West Valley D4
7. David Short (11) Shasta D3
8. Andy Brown (12) Anderson D4
9. Jon Hanna (11) West Valley D4
10. Sam Miller (12) Chico D2
Others to watch: David Bruhn (Pleasant Valley),Ben Nicoara (Paradise), Robert Edsall (Central Valley), Ryan Matz (Pleasant Valley), Scott Joyce (Modoc), Cesar Silva (Corning).

1 West Valley D4
2 Pleasant Valley D2
3 Chico D2
4 Shasta D3
5 Foothill D3
6 Yreka D4
7 Enterprise D3
8 Corning D4
9 Las Plumas D3
10 Paradise D3

1Lindsey Kirschman (11) Enterprise D3
2Hannah Hodgkinson (10) Pleasant Valley D2
3Katie Fritzke (10) Mt. Shasta D5
4Natalie Robertson (12) Foothill D3
5Hagen Atkins (10) Durham D5
6Natalie Hickman (10) Pleasant Valley D2
7Julie Shaw (12) Anderson D4
8Stephanie Frescas (10) Enterprise D3
9Amanda Barber (10) Enterprise D3
10Danielle Robberson (12) Yreka D4
Others to watch: Amanda Sperling (Oroville), Leanne Riley (Lassen), Kristina Brandt (Oroville), Lauren Teesdale (Foothill), Julia Grimes (Sutter).

1Enterprise D3
2Pleasant Valley D2
3Foothill D3
4Lassen D4
5Yreka D4
6Shasta D3
7Chico D2
8Mt. Shasta D5
9 West Valley D4
10 Las Plumas D3

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