Post SCVAL XC Season Evaluation Meeting


November 29, 2004

Wilcox High School 4PM

1. Attendees:

All schools were represented at the meeting except Homestead and Milpitas.

2. League Meet Team Winners:

Congratulations to Monta Vista, who won the DAL varsity boys team championship,

Cupertino, who won the DAL varsity girls team championship, Los Gatos, who won

the DAL frosh/soph boys and JV girls team championships, Gunn, who won the El

Camino varsity boys and frosh/soph boys team championships, and Palo Alto, who

won the El Camino varsity girls and JV girls league team championships.

3. CCS Finals:

Congratulations to the Monta Vista and Milpitas girls, who finished 2nd and 4th in

division 1, the Gunn, Palo Alto, and Los Gatos boys,who finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th

in division 2, the Los Gatos, Cupertino, and Palo Alto girls, who finished 2nd,

3rd, and 4th in division 2, the Saratoga and Los Altos boys, who finished 4th and

5th in division 3, and the Los Altos and Saratoga girls, who finished 3rd and 5th

in division 3.

Individually, Kevin Schneider of Fremont won the division 1 boys race, Tori Tyler

of Gunn won the division 2 girls race, and Alicia Follmar of Saratoga won the

division 3 girls race. Eric Day of Milpitas, Garrett Reid and Zach Klaphotz-Brown

of Gunn, and Hari Iyer of Saratoga finished in the top 10 of their boys CCS races.

Stephanie Cham and Lisa Worsham of Monta Vista, Aarushi Bhargava of Milpitas,

Julianne Hansen and Sumika Shiokawa of Cupertino, Renata Cummins of Palo Alto, MayC

Huang of Lynbrook, and Vivian Chiu of Los Altos finished in the top 10 of their

girls CCS races.

4. State Meet:

The Gunn boys were our top team at the State Meet for the 2nd year in a row,

finishing 8th in the Division 2 race. The Monta Vista girls finished 19th in the

division 1 race, the Cupertino and Los Gatos girls finished 9th and 12th in the

division 2 race, the Saratoga boys finished 18th in the division 3 race, and the

Los Altos girls finished 19th in the division 3 race. Tori Tyler and Alicia

Follmar led the CCS individual runners as Tori finished 3rd in the division 2 girls

race, and Alicia finished 3rd in the division 3 girls race.

5. Comments Regarding the League Finals:

All agreed that Paul Armstrong and Paul Jones did an excellent job of directing our

league finals this year.

The directors for our meet next year will be Gunn and Saratoga.

6. Comments Regarding The CCS Meet:

All agreed that Alan Green of North Salinas did a great job of directing this meet.

7. Comments Regarding the State Meet:

Some coaches complained that the porta johns were locked on the day before the

race, that no free programs were provided for the coaches, that the selling prices

of State Meet shirts and sweats were too high, and that some of their runners were

treated roughly in the finish chute.

8. By-Law Changes:

We voted to make several by-law changes two years ago. The suggested by-law change

shown below has not yet been made.

Add Article III Section 6

"Schools may compete in a maximum of 3 scrimmages during their

season. These scrimmages will not count against their 13 meet

maximum. (A scrimmage is no score, no charge, and no awards)."

The CCS by-laws limit cross country teams to 13 meets but allow

each league to determine how many scrimmages that they want to

hold. In general, SCVAL schools do not hold any scrimmages.

However, most of the meets that they participate in must be

sanctioned by the CCS office no later than the prior April. In the

event that some meets that we normally participate in are not

timely sanctioned, we want to have the option of holding

scrimmages. Therefore, we have proposed the 3-scrimmage rule.

We also voted two years ago to change the wording of Article III, section 4 to

read as follows:

"Teams may not start mandatory practice prior to the starting dates established

annually by the Board of Managers."

We added the word "mandatory" so coaches would know that voluntary practices are

okay. The coaches voted today to not pursue this change.

9. Honor Coaches:

Ernie Lee of Gunn was voted the honor coach for the boys and Mike Morris

for the girls.


10.SCVAL Center Meet For 2005:

We voted 6-4 to discontinue holding this race.

11.Central Park Race For 2005:

We voted to continue holding this race.

12.Race at Shoreline Park

We asked Hank Lawson to investigate the feasibility of holding a race at this park

at some time in the future. Since only 6 schools were interested in competing in a

race at Shoreline next year, we agreed that no race would be held at that park next


13.CCS By-Law Change

The coaches voted unanimously to propose that the CCS CBED division splits be

changed to 1450+ for division 1 schools, 1150/1449 for division 2 schools,

900/1149 for division 3 schools, 350/899 for division 4 schools, and 349 and under

for division 5 schools. This would do a better job of equalizing the number of

schools in each division in the CCS.

14.Ernie Lee discussed various cross country issues considered by the coaches who

attended the California Coaches Alliance meeting on Friday night.