Sac Joaquin Section

Championship Preview

By Dan King


Division 1

Rocklin(82:16) who finished 4th in the section and 14th at the State Meet in division 2, last season appears to have strengthened there hold on the top spot in this division with the addition of Jon Santellano, a transfer student from Mt Pleasant. Jon did not compete until the Sierra Foothill League Championships where he was 5th overall and 3rd for the team. At the Sub-Section meet, Jon (16:01) was Rocklinís #2 man, finishing with the 10th fastest time of the day, regardless of division. Rocklin won the league title by 18 pts over 2nd place, division 3 Placer and finished 1st at Angelís Camp, beating Sheldon by 31 pts. They were/are led by Tim Cannon(15:35), Kevin Hougen(16:47) and Shane Bennett(16:42), at Angelís Camp. Sheldon(83:39), led by Zac Bowers(16:05), Dominic Malfatto(16:34) and Derek Baptista(16:57) and Jake Wittman(16:59) will contend for the title if Kyle Fujitsubo(17:18) can recover from a late season injury and race at his mid-season level of fitness. Davis Senior(84:17) is hoping to improve on itís section runner-up finish last season, behind the miners of Nevada Union. The Blue Devils have the best chance to beat Rocklin for the team title. Watching them race on Saturday at Angelís Camp, (without racing flats) they looked relaxed and patient, like a lion waiting to pounce. They appeared confident and glad to take a back seat to Rocklin and Sheldon. With the return of Thad Sieracki(17:24) (who had not raced since The Yolo County Championships), this team will give Rocklin all it can handle. The Blue Devils are lead by Sieracki, Brendan Gregg(16:19), Patrick Lynch(16:21) and Scott Halliday(16:52). For a team I have overlooked all season, Napa(84:26) looks very impressive up front and is not only looking to improve on itís 7th place finish in the section meet last season, it is hoping to qualify for the big dance. In order for them to steal a state birth, their 5th man will have to improve greatly. There was a 26 second spread between 1-4 but a 51 second gap between 4 and 5. They were racing without Bo Bassham, which could make a difference this Saturday. Napa is led by Reid Smith(16:25), Sam Doshier(16:38), Jessie Fetherstone(16:50) and Loren Newman(16:51). A very talented Nevada Union(84:40) squad (the defending Section Champions) could contend for a spot in the state championships, but may lack the experience needed at the championship level. In the top 7, there is 1 senior, 1 junior and 5 sophomors. The only oneís with varsity racing experience before this season are Robin Carr(17:31), Barrett Vertrees(17:04) and Parker Brown. Brown is the only one to race @ the state meet. Leading the way for the Miners are Andrew Primrose(16:29), Sean Lane(16:51), Brown(17:00).

State Meet spots will go to:

  1. Rocklin
  2. Davis Senior
  3. Sheldon

Individually look for Jake Matthews(Folsom) to win this race. The other state meet qualifying spots should go to Brad Doering(Yuba City), Christian Morinico(Hiram Johnson), Marlow Patterson(Franklin) and Darrell Fernandez(Fairfield).



Division 2

Jesuit(81:06), currently ranked #6 in the state of California in all divisions, raced with what I would call a split squad. They appeared to be very relaxed and very controlled. Dillon Ramos(15:57), Michael Salvatierra(16:16), Phil McKennan(16:17), Michael Enabnit(16:24), Samir Benouar(16:26), Jake Kelly-Strong(17:08) all raced in the varsity race(81:20) while Peter Ziegler(16:12), Scott Donahue(16:31), Alex Nelson(16:41), James Laville(16:52) and Alec Gragg(17:38) raced in the junior varsity race(83:44) or the 5th fastest time of the day regardless of division. The Marauders also raced without the services of Evan Watchempino, one of their best! Jesuit is headed for is 13th straight section title and 21st overall. This team is setting up for another great State Title run and hopefully a invitation to the National Championships in Oregon in December. Racing for the runner-up spot will be Oak Ridge(83:31) and Del Campo(83:32). I believe both will qualify for the State Championships. These teams finished 5th and 6th in the section meet last year. Oak Ridge beating Del Campo by 17 points. At the beginning of the season, Oak Ridge was almost 100 points better than Coach Bob Kingís Cougarís of Del Campo, but it is what happens at the end of the season that counts. At Angelís Camp, Del Campo beat Oak Ridge by just 5 pts, 115 to 120. I thought Oak Ridge looked somewhat worn from a long, competitive season while Del Campo looked liked they stayed well within their comfort zone. Look for a real dog fight on Saturday. Oak Ridge is led by Jeff Campbell(16:22), Ryan Cosens(16:27), Danny Diamond(16:45), Scott Crawford(16:57) and Alex Mansoor(17:00). Del Campo is led by Sean Kelleher(16:09), Ian Hecox(16:44), James Tracy(16:46), Ryan Garcia(16:55), Vince Bardini(16:58) and Jessie Rushing(17:03). Los Banos(84:30) has 3 very talented runners up front in Steven Giron(15:43) and Enrique Sotelo(16:21) while Chad Piva(17:18) appeared to be off. Piva Will have to move back to the front of the pack, where he has been all season, and Ivan Bojorquez will have to get back in the mix, for Los Banos to have any chance at state meet birth.

State Meet spots will go to:

1 Jesuit

  1. Del Campo
  2. Oak Ridge

Individual Honors for the Division 2 title will come down to the wire, with the very talented Steven Giron(Los Banos) and Jimmy Elam(Sierra) battling to the very end. I think Elam will be the victor, but this is why we run the race. Should be very exciting! The other state meet qualifying spots should go to Jason Engler(Granite Bay), Richard Jones(Benicia) and Caleb Mack(East Union).


Division 3

Placer(84:44), racing somewhat conservative, came away with a win at Angels Camp, but it took their 6th man to get it done. After 5 they were tied with Oakmont(85:28) at 59. Placerís 6th was 26th while Oakmontís 6th was 58th. Oakmont was racing with only 6. In the Junior Varsity race, Oakmontís Scott Meak(17:52) and could help at the varsity level. Could be very interesting come Saturday morning. This could be the closest race of the 5 divisions. The Hilman are led by Ken Parnow(15:50), Dan Labrador(16:51) and Josh Vaughan(16:59). The Vikings are led by Erik Arreygue(16:33), Garrette Infausto(16:35) and Mike Gliko(16:51). Del Oro(85:43) will have to have a great race (after suffering the loss of their #2 runner) if they hope to travel to Clovis over the Thanksgiving break as only 2 teams in this division will qualify for the State Championships. They are led by Shaun Boyte(16:15), Nathan Spangler(16:49) and Andrew Hansen(16:49).

State Meet spots will go to:

  1. Placer
  2. Oakmont

Individually: Ken Parnow(Placer) and Shaun Boyte(Del Oro) will battle for top honors. State Meet qualifiers should be Boyte(Del Oro), Chris Langbehn(Vanden), Nik Papp(Calaveras), Nathan Spangler(Del Oro) and Bill Brewer(Sonora).



Division 4

Colfax(84:58) raced to the 13th fastest team time of the day to win their sub section race by 43 points over 2nd place Escalon. They appear ready for perhaps a top 10 finish at the state championships in 2 weeks. They were led by Will Cole(16:46), Alec Reynolds(16:46), Matt Wollenberg(16:56), Joel Iventosh(17:14) and Greg Reynolds(17:16). Escalon(87:57) is lead by Mark Backovich(16:28) and Randy Huntington(17:21). Bret Harte finished 3rd in the sub sections but will be hard pressed to send these boys to the state meet as Amador(racing without one of the sections top runners in Adam Bates) will be breathing down their necks. Bret Harte(89:30) is led by a very talented runner of their own in Erik Aardal(16:07)(12th fastest time of the day regardless of race or division). Amador(90:11) is led by Adam Bates and Justin Trammell(17:11).

State Meet spots will go to:

  1. Colfax
  2. Amador
  3. Escalon

Individually: I believe Adam Bates(Amador) will win this race with Erik Aardal(Bret Harte) right on his heels. The other State Meet qualifying spots should go to Arthur Crist(Summerville), Brian Heilman(Hughson), Kyle Knutson(Lincoln,Lincoln) and Ryan King(Christian Brothers)