CIF XC & TRACK Advisory Meeting - Sept/05

I have some great news for all of you--Hair ribbons are okay and now we can also wear sweat head bands as long as they are made of cloth. They wanted equality for the males. This was a VERRRRY heated debate, but bottom line: it is not jewelry. The state meet in XC will run rain or shine of the same course. There will not be a different course for rain. --Coaches with athletes that use inhalers should keep the inhalers at the finish line with the coach and not back at the team tent. Last year there was an athlete in serious condition at the end of the race and the medics had a lot of difficulty reviving her. If she had her inhaler, it would have helped greatly. -- New format for individuals qualifying to XC state meet. A maximum of 5 individuals , not on an automatic team entry, per the criteria in each division, will qualify from Section to State Meet finals as follows Sections with 2 auto teams , the individual must place in the top 12 finishers. Sections with 3 auto teams, the ind. must place in the top 14 finishers. Sections with 4 auto teams, the ind. must place in the top 16 finishers. --CCS team auto qualifiers for 2005: Div I--2 B, 2 G Div II--3 B, 3 G Div III--4 B, 3 G Div IV--4 B, 3 G Div V--3 B, 3 G Fresno is ending their last year of the contract for hosting the state meet and there are two other cities interested right now, one in Monterey and the other is Rocklin. They will investigate the bidders this year. Track is at Cerritos College as of this moment, but they may tell us by mid October that theay are going through with their new football stadium and we will have to move to Mt. SAC College. We will know by mid October. New rules for pole vault coaches: you will be responsible for signing a sheet of paper each meet identifying each athlete's weight and whether each of their poles are properly labelled and the correct size for their weight. There should also be a zero point marked at the back end of the box. In 2007-- they are decreasing the sector area for the throwing events again. The new sector will be 34.92 degrees. The reason: because it fits with IAAF standarized width and when we go to college sites, it will be uniform. It is also a 5:3 ratio for creating the sector. --There will be a trainer at the State Track Meet, but it is only for immediately emergencies. Athletes that need daily taping or other care need to bring their own trainers to take care of them. --the federation is encouraging large invitational meet directors to mark alleys around the first turn with tape so that athletes are not injured in large fields. --we need to put in applications to the California Coaches Alliance to our CCS envelopes for XC and track if we want to save the seat on this board. If you have any further questions, please contact me. Roberta Chisam