Thanks to a very generous donation to the Crystal Springs Cross Country Course, the course surface has been completely gone over and smoothed out. Drainage ditches have been added to help control erosion and keep surface water off the course as much as possible during the rainy season. Trimming back the brush and removing most of the poison oak that was near the course has opened up the course. There is still a lot of work yet to be done to open up culverts and complete the job. The course is the smoothest that it has ever been. It is currently ready for competition.

Emergency vehicles (except large fire trucks) should be able to go any where on the course during dry weather. There is only one drawback this first year—until the first rain, the course will be dusty.

I am in the process of setting up a meeting with the Belmont Police, the San Mateo County Sheriff and the South County Fire Department to discuss the procedures for the use of Crystal Springs Cross Country Course. As you are all aware, the Belmont Police want to charge a fee for traffic control on Hallmark Drive during large races. This is primarily to control the school bus problem of unloading and loading of athletes at the entrance and the problem of buses turning around at the end of Hallmark. I will try my best to keep this cost at a minimum. After I find out what the procedures are and what the cost will be, I will inform the meet directors of the large races.

During the past several years, the above agencies have become more aware of our presence at Crystal Springs. The South County Fire Dept. (the first responder to the course) has requested that the following number be called in an emergency: 650-595-7400. This number is the Belmont Police Department. It is important for them to know where on the course the injured athlete is. They cannot get their large fire trucks out on the course. They need to know if the athlete is in the finish area or out on the course. If the athlete is out on the course, they will send a smaller vehicle to assist the athlete.

Ninety nine percent of the calls for emergency services are related to heat illness. We must do a better job in trying to prevent it occurrence and the procedures to follow when it occurs. Meet directors must assume the responsibility for this situation and have a game plan to follow when an athlete needs medical help.

We are now requiring a certificate of insurance be filed with Gary Dilley, AD at CSM by each host school or institution. Please arrange for this as soon as possible.

The updated race director’s handbook has been attached to this letter. Race Directors are responsible for its content and that all coaches are aware of the rules and regulations concerning the use of Crystal Springs Cross Country Course.

Good luck for the 2005 Cross Country Season.



Bob Rush-Crystal Springs Course Coordinator

116 Wycombe Avenue

San Carlos CA 94070-1843

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Cell 415-730-8299