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CIF Sectional
Team Rankings

Released October 24, 2005

CIF Sectional Cross-County Team Rankings
Released week of October 24, 2005

Coaches/media may email comments to
Richard Gonzalez at Roadrunner4rich@aol.com

By Rich Gonzalez

Division I Boys

Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Royal, Simi Valley (1-1-1-1-1-1)
2. Murrieta Valley, Murrieta (2-4-5-6-5-4)
3. El Toro, Lake Forest (3-5-3-3-3-2)

4. El Rancho, Pico Rivera (5-2-10-5-4-3)

5. Trabuco Hills (NR-NR-7-8-9-5)
6. Dana Hills, Dana Point (4-6-4-4-2-6)

7. Upland (7-3-2-2-6-7)

8. Arcadia (9-8-6-7-7-8)
West Covina (?-?-?-?-?-10)
10. Thousand Oaks (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-NR)

On the bubble: Marina, Sultana, Crescenta Valley, Corona, La Sierra.

Division II Boys

Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks from first week to most recent)
1. Valencia, Placentia (1-1-1-1-1-1)
2. Chino Hills (7-7-7-7-6-6)
3. Don Lugo, Chino (2-5-4-5-7-4)
4. West Torrance (?-?-?-?-?-?)
5. St. John Bosco, Bellflower (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-10)
6. Loyola, Los Angeles (4-3-2-2-2-2)

7. El Modena, Orange (6-6-5-6-5-8)
8. Edison, Huntington Beach (3-2-6-4-4-3)

9. Mira Costa, Manh
attan Beach (NR-4-3-3-3-5)
Ayala, Chino Hills (?-?-?-?-?-?)
On the bubble: Mater Dei, Damien, Torrance, Brea Olinda

Division III Boys

Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Cabrillo, Lompoc (2-2-2-2-2-1)
2. Barstow (1-1-1-1-1-2)
3. Corona del Mar, Newport Beach (3-3-3-3-3-3)
4. Servite, Anaheim (5-8-8-8-9-6)
5. Estancia, Costa Mesa (4-4-5-5-5-5)
6. Laguna Hills (8-7-7-7-8-9)

7. Santa Margarita, Rancho Santa Margarita (7-5-4-4-4-4)

Oak Park (6-7-6-6-7-8)
9. Rim of the World, Lake Arrowhead (NR-NR-NR-NR-6-7)
10. Palos Verdes (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-NR)
On the bubble: San Luis Obispo

Division IV Boys

Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Lutheran, Orange (1-1-1-1-1-1)
2. Laguna Beach (2-2-2-2-2-2)
Maranatha, Pasadena (just moved up from Division V)
4. Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks (4-4-7-8-8-6)

5. Big
Bear, Big Bear Lake (3-3-3-3-3-3)
6. Oaks Christian, Westlake Village (5-5-4-4-4-4)
7. St. Bonaventure, Ventura (6-6-5-5-5-5)
8. Paraclete (7-7-6-7-7-7)
9. Morro Bay (8-8-8-10-10-10)

10. Fillmore (?-?-?-?-?-?)
On the bubble: Bishop Montgomery

Division V Boys

Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Woodcrest Christian, Riverside (1-1-1-1-1-1)
2. Flintridge Prep, La Canada-Flintridge (5-5-5-4-4-4)
3. Chadwick, Palos Verdes Estates (7-7-9-10-10-6)
4. Webb, Claremont (4-4-4-5-5-7)
5. Brentwood (6-6-6-6-6-9)

Ontario Christian (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-5)
Sage Hill (?-?-?-?-?-?)
8. Oakwood Academy, North Hollywood (10-10-7-8-8-8)

9. Cate, Carpinteria (8-8-10-7-7-10)
10. Santa Clara, Oxnard (2-2-2-2-2-2)

On the bubble: Buckley,

Division I Girls
Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Fountain Valley (4-2-2-2-2-2)
2. Murrieta Valley, Murrieta (1-1-1-1-1-1)
3. Thousand Oaks (5-4-4-4-4-3)
4. Canyon, Canyon Country (7-8-5-5-6-5)

5. Royal, Simi Valley (2-5-8-7-7-7)
6. Sultana, Hesperia (NR-NR-NR-9-8-10)
7. Crescenta Valley (?-?-?-?-?-?)

8. Peninsula (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-NR)
9. Corona (?-?-?-?-?-8)

10. Highland (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-NR)
On the bubble: Redlands, Dana Hills, Esperanza, Glendora.

Division II Girls
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Edison, Huntington Beach (1-1-1-1-1-1)
2. Woodbridge, Irvine (9-2-2-2-2-3)
3. Newport Harbor, Newport Beach (8-5-4-6-3-4)
4. Ventura (just moved down from Division I)
5. Ayala, Chino Hills (2-4-3-5-6-5)

6. Brea Olinda (4-7-5-3-5-7)
7. Serrano, Phelan (6-9-10-8-8-2)

8. Westlake, Westlake Village (3-8-9-7-4-6)

9. West Torrance (?-?-?-?-?-?)

10. Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach (5-3-7-4-7-8)

On the bubble: Capistrano Valley, El Modena, Foothill-SA,
Mater Dei, Simi Valley

Division III Girls
mportant note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Corona del Mar, Newport Beach (1-1-1-1-1-1)
2. Oak Park (2-2-2-2-2-2)
3. Bonita, La Verne (3-4-5-5-5-4)
4. Diamond Ranch, Pomona (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-NR)
5. Irvine (9-8-8-7-7-6)

6. Yucca Valley (4-5-4-4-4-5)

7. Santa Margarita, Rancho Santa Margarita (6-6-6-6-6-7)
8. Laguna Hills (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-8)
9. Rim of the World, Lake Arrowhead (?-?-?-?-?-?)
10. La Canada, La Canada-Flintridge (?-?-?-?-?-?)
On the bubble: Atascadero, Rosary, South Pasadena

Division IV Girls
Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Lutheran, Orange (1-1-1-1-1-1)
2. Maranatha, Pasadena (just moved in from Division V)
3. Paraclete, Lancaster (3-3-3-3-3-3)

4. Harvard/Westlake, North Hollywood (2-2-2-2-2-2)
5. Laguna Beach (4-4-4-4-4-4)
6. Marlborough (?-?-?-?-?-?)
7. Desert Christian, Lancaster (5-5-5-5-5-5)
8. Oaks Christian, Thousand Oaks (6-6-6-6-6-6)
9. La Reina, Thousand Oaks (NR-NR-7-7-7-7)
10. Morro Bay (7-7-8-8-8-8)
On the bubble: Fillmore, Westridge

Division V Girls
Important note: Each week's rankings are based on results from the entire season based on the belief that full varsity rosters are intact for each school.
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Chadwick, Palos Verdes Estates (3-3-3-3-3-3)

2. Flintridge Prep, La Canada-Flintridge (1-1-1-1-1-1)
3. Bell-Jeff, Burbank (NR-NR-10-4-4)
4. Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes (4-4-4-5-5-5)
5. Linfield Christian (6-7-7-8-8-6)
6. Sage Hill, Newport Beach (?-?-?-?-?-?)
7. Ontario Christian (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-7)
8. Cate, Carpinteria (8-9-9-10-10-8)
9. Calvary Chapel-MV (?-?-?-?-?-?)
10. Pasadena Poly (NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-NR)
On the bubble: St. Margaret's, Upland Christian

By Marc Laszlo
Division 1

1. De La Salle –
2. Deer Valley –
3. Livermore –
4. College Park –
5. Amador Valley –
Division 2
1. Maria Carrillo –
2. Petaluma –
3. Los Lomas –
4. Eureka –
5. Northgate –
Division 3
1. Acalanes –
2. Campolindo –
3. Bishop O’Dowd –
4. Miramonte –
5. San Rafael –
Division 4
1. Piedmont –
2. St. Mary’s –
3. Moreau Catholic –
4. Arcata –
5. St. Joes Notre Dame –.
Division 5
1. University –.
2. College Prep –
3. Santa Rosa Christian –
4. Head-Royce –
5. Crystal Springs Uplands –

Division 1

1. College Park –
2. Castro Valley –
3. Berkeley –
4. San Ramon Valley –.
5. Logan –
Division 2
1. Maria Carrillo –
2. Alameda –
3. Arroyo –
4. Las Lomas –
5. Carondelet –
Division 3
1. Bishop O’Dowd –
2. Campolindo –
3. Miramonte –
4. Acalanes –
5. Albany –
Division 4
1. Arcata –
2. Piedmont –
3. Moreau Catholic –
4. Terra Linda –
5. Marin Catholic –
Division 5
1. Marin Academy –
2. Crystal Springs Uplands –
3. University –
4. Lick Wilmerding –
5. Marin Academy –

October 22, 2005

1. San Pedro: Looked ok at Mt Sac today, and with Birmingham banged up, definitely the favorite….as of now. Solid through top 5, could use some development at #6 and #7.
2. El Camino Real: After dual meet victory over Patriots, they jump to second. Depth was key in victory, will need continued development to stay ahead of healthy Birmingham, or to make run at top spot.
3. Birmingham: Right now they are down, but they can get healthy in 4 weeks, and be knocking on the door again. Top two are coming back, need next three to be ready to PR on the 19th.
4. Garfield: Didn’t run Sac, has looked better last two invites. Big dual vs. South Gate this Thursday at Griffith to decide Eastern League title.
5. South Gate: Victory over Garfield on Thursday would give them league title, and probably #4 seed into City Prelims. Partida up front will need others to step up to defeat Bulldogs.
6. Taft: In dogfight for last City qualifying spot in West Valley League. Big victory over Granada gives them the nod, continued improvement of Potter could be crucial to chances.
7. Granada Hills: Starting to look better, will need huge effort at league finals just to qualify for City. Nice run from Ortiz today could spell trouble for Taft.
8. Belmont: Has big dual against LA this week, winner has the edge in qualifying for City Finals. Didn’t run today at Sac.
9. Eagle Rock: No news on meets with LA and Belmont. Looked good at Bell-Jeff, but not much information on them since then.
10. Roosevelt: Ran tough today at Mt Sac, will need huge performances to break into top two at league meet.

Individuals: Katja Goldring (Hamilton) had great opener in 18:28 at Pierce. Big victory for Hartel (Birm) over Roth (ECR) and Hernandez (Birm) on Thursday. Rubi (SP) had nice run today at Sac, and Megan Adams (SP) and Doebel-Hickok (Palisades) have both looked good so far. Sanchez (San Fernando) broke 19 for first time at Pierce last week.

1. (tie) Birmingham: Two seconds faster in team time today at Sac over Monroe. Top two are running great, but #4 and #5 must pick it up to give Patriots first City title.
2. (tie) Monroe: Guzman running well and depth of #4,#5, and #6 runners may be key to winning first title in over 30 years.
3. San Pedro: Looking vulnerable, hoping Calise can come back to form within 4 weeks after ankle sprain derails him. Soto just coming back from sickness, but others are starting to improve. Could be wild last month of season.
4. Los Angeles: Starting to look good, Baez had nice race today, and others are looking good. Have to have stronger performances out of 4 and 5 runners to have chance at top 3.
5. Garfield: Nice depth, but no one up front may spell doom at Finals. Always has nice improvement throughout year, will need it to move up.
6. Taft: Good duo up front, lack of depth could crush their hopes for hardware in November. Has big meet against ECR this week at Pierce.
7. Narbonne: After strong performance today, they continue to move up rankings. Meets San Pedro at tough Peck Park course this week to decide Marine League title. Weather may be cool, but competition will be hot.
8. Venice: Coming around, ran solid today at Sac. Will win Western League title, can they make City Finals?
9. SV Poly: Running ok, will be looking forward to City Prelims to prove they are back.
10. Belmont: Still little info on the former LA City power. Have had some decent performances thus far, but nothing special.
Individuals: Guzman (Monroe) is favorite to take 2nd straight crown. Aguilar and Hernandez (Birmingham) continue to impress, but Soto (SP) and Calise (SP) are lurking close. Zeidler (Taft) and Baez (LA) had nice runs today at Sac.

Last rankings will be after seeding meeting on November 4th. Good luck to all in league finals meets.

Girls Rankings – October 20, 2005
Courtesy of Joe Hartman

GENERAL COMMENTS: These are the final rankings until after subsections. Of the top four divisions, all have different characteristics this year. (We’ll have a Division 5 preview after subsections.)
Division 3 'appears' to be the most predictable on who the three state teams will be. Division 1 should be
epic with three excellent teams fighting for two spots. Division 2 has about 5 teams fighting for the
third berth (assuming Vacaville and Oak Ridge don't slide back.) Division 4: no one close to Riverbank
but will be fun to watch battle for next two spots. Disclaimer: Information on Stockton/Modesto area teams hard to come by. Very little reporting to DyeStat. Apologies if anyone deserved is omitted.
Comments/info to marlinsdad@hotmail.com

Division 1 - Two team berths to Fresno
1 FAIRFIELD - TEAM CHECK with coach Dave Monk: "Our #4 and #5 runners came from track last spring. Bianca
Curtis and Danielle Piatkiewicz are who we thought were going to be our #4/#5 runners. Jessica Koehne is
a freshman who’s just come in and shocked us. She’s a tough competitor and she wants to be a part of that
group so bad that she follows along. Danielle was a half-miler that moved up to a miler on the track last
year and we’ve had to convince her to come out and do the work and run cross country for us. Biggest reason
for improvement? I think it’s mostly that our latter three have pulled the rear up. I think our first three runners (Caprice Bradshaw, Danzel Bradshaw, Dominique Jackson) have a lot more in them. I don’t think they’re performing as well as they really can. They’re working well as a group but I think they believe, as I do, that they’ve got more. Those 4-5-6
runners are working their butts off and they want to make this happen. More than being good distance runners, more than training hard, they’re great competitors. And that’s a big asset to have in the 4-5-6 hole."
"Section finals? There’s no doubt Davis is going to put a great team on the line at the section meet. There’s no doubt in my mind. Davis is the team to beat. We’ve never done it - they have. Modesto’s top three are great and everyone’s waiting to see what they come up with. But I’ve told our girls if we take care of our business, and run up to our capabilities, we’ll be on our way to Fresno.”
2 DAVIS - Cruised to team win at Roughrider Invite at state course following narrow win on Oct. 1 at Yolo County over St. Francis. Defeated rival Vacaville at MEL Center. Rematch is Oct. 26.
3 MODESTO - Best kept SJS secret: what does Modesto have behind Doors #4 and 5? #1 Erin Lewis is as good as ever. Ali Battling was 20:30, 3 miles, to be Modesto's #2 at a recent meet.
4 YUBA CITY - Honkers have migrated lately up I-5 to go head-to-head with the North Section's best. They took 3rd behind the hosts and Chico at the Mt Shasta Invite and then put four in the top 21, led by Lauren Lewis, at the West Valley Invite. Can't ignore the 3-minute gap back to 5-6-7 in that race, though, and it does take five.
5 SHELDON - Oft-raced, hard-running team who has exchanged Delta 2nd/3rd place finishes behind St. Francis with Folsom. 6th at Yolo and 5th at Bronco. Starters include Pugh and Derebenskiy out front with Goodwin, Blackwood, and senior Alex Hernandez staying as close as possible. Put all 5 in Top 18 at Delta 2. No stragglers: the more teams in the race, the lower they might score.
6 LODI - A little up and down. Ahead of Folsom at Stanford, but behind Kennedy and Elk Grove at Yolo Invite, but only because 1-2 were not there. Jeff Tillett developing several nice runners here: namely Jillian Carli, Desirae Gonzalez, and frosh Jordan Rodriguez.
7 FOLSOM - TEAM CHECK with freshman Maria Malone on the Folsom team: “After Casey and I, there’s Karyn
Lawler. She’s doing good this season and I’m pretty sure her times are faster than last year. And after her we have a big group and (some of them) are Rachel Samson, Danielle Harsch, Laura Vargas, and Suzy Soin. They work together really well and push each other. I look forward to being with the team because they encourage each other. It’s fun to hang out with them and discuss our races.”
8 KENNEDY - 6th at Bronco 21 points behind Sheldon. Surprised Yuba City for second at Metro 1, but slipped to 4th at Metro 2. Delta Kirkland runs tall, runs fast.

Division 2 - Three team berths to Fresno
1 VACAVILLE - TEAM CHECK with coach Ray Hausler: “We’re doing alright. Annaliza Rizo is getting healthy. Our #4 is doing alright – a little bit of a letdown against Davis a couple weeks ago – but I feel like we’re going to be alright. We’ll need Christina Lopez to step it up a level to compete at section level and within our league. Everybody’s healthy,
that’s the big thing. It’s just a matter (now) of getting everyone fast. Season strategy? I don’t think we’ve raced as hard as we did last year early on. Last year we had some really big races at the end of September where we ran extremely fast. We’ll try to hold that off a little this year. We had so many big races last year and it was fun. We were winning
meets. They felt confident, but I think they ran out of gas. This year, Oak Ridge scares me a little bit.”
2 OAK RIDGE - TEAM CHECK with junior Ashley Silva: “Alex Dromensk is running pretty well. Her, me, and Ellie (Dickson) have stuck together. We’re becoming a good pack for the team.” Trojans put four ahead of Union Mine’s #2 at SVC center meet #2 to avenge earlier league loss. Alex Kosinski is on track for back-to-back D2 section titles.
3 WOODCREEK - A timid #3 choice here as opposed to clear-cut #3 due to big question mark regarding the Alex Ciaraglia injury. (Alex was #4 overall in the section in 2004). Hopefully Alex will be able to race by subs or sections, but even without her, Wolves were only 9 points behind Del Oro at SFL #2. Among the est groups of young runners in SJS. If she can stay focused on XC, Jaime Brooks could be a budding star.
4 PONDEROSA - TEAM CHECK with coach Barbara Richardson: "Deborah Maier, a sophomore new to us this year, Becky Preto, a freshman, and Kelly Roberts: those are my top three who have done an excellent job. Rachel (Mullen) – a returner – is running well. We have another runner coming up who is running well. And we have another Rachel - Lambert - who is first-time running, a sophomore, our fifth girl, so we’ve had a lot of changes going on and a lot of new
girls who have never run before who are trying to learn to race and are stepping it up.”
5 GRANITE BAY - TEAM CHECK with coach Steve Barth: “We’re pretty much still a work in progress. We have
people coming back from injury. We have people that didn’t train over the summer and they’re running into shape. I really don’t know where we’re at. It’s as much a mystery to me as anyone else. Caitlin (Clark) is coming back fairly strong. A person whose made the biggest step up, as you know, is Jessie Sowers. She put in a lot of work over the summer and she brought herself to a new level that she’s been at consistently. Mary Zagaynov, who was our #3 girl last year behind Erin Schuyler, didn’t train much over the summer but she’s starting to come back a little bit. And then we’ve got some seniors who have been steady in Christa Magness and Jenny Liu. Christa’s had some medical issues, and was once one of the top runners in the section, and we just want her to finish on a high note.”
6 OAKMONT - Has split PVL center meets with Colfax. League finals on Oct 26 will determine the league champ. Stacey Haack, with great mechanics for a freshman, is one of the the area's best newcomers and is over her ankle injury. Chelsea Grassfield has stepped up to be near #2 Lindsay Mosbrucker.
7 ROSEVILLE - 4th at SFL #2. Another outstanding young team possibly capable of finishing 3rd on November 11. “United Nations” team includes Brit Catherine Crisp and Rebecca Hbtamu from Ethiopia. 8 SIERRA - 3-1 in duals so far. 8th at Bronco Invite. Senior Cherise McNair is truly on her game: 16:35 (distance unknown) at Oct. 12 dual and just behind Cecily Lemmon for third at Bronco. Jessica Fiore, just over 22 ninutes at Bronco, is #2.

Division 3 - Three team berths to Fresno
1 ST. FRANCIS - Finally got the team win at Bronco Invite that had been narrowly eluding them. Also enjoyed their best-ever finish (second place) at Yolo County. Opportunity to race vs. #1 team in the nation (Corona del Mar) head-to-head on Friday at Mt. SAC. Section title is not automatic: quality pursuers nipping at S.F.'s heels will keep the Troubadours honest through sections.
2 DEL ORO – Low 16th place finish at Clovis followed by surprisingly close win in league meet. Two minutes between Brianna Atkins and D.O. #2 at Clovis appears to be the season’s biggest gap. But make no mistake, Coach Hardey will have the Eagles flying high on Nov. 11. Top 5 are quite solid.
3 UNION MINE - Team time at Bronco only 47 seconds behind St. Francis due in part to Athena Gillen's 20:04 effort. TEAM CHECK with senior Hillary Trainor: “We’re doing really good this year. We have some really good freshman, Sam (Daugherty) and Laura (Sosa). They’ve been working with our team so that we’re all pairing together real well so we’ve been running as a pack and so I think that’s going to help us this year because we don’t really have any standout runners. My running? I’ve been feeling a little bit faster this year. My mental attitude’s been improving
a little bit and I’ve been trying not to be afraid of the race. I’m just trying to do my best and have fun and stay relaxed during the race. I think that’s helping me a lot. And also keeping with the other girls and trying to be a role model for them."
4 PLACER - Michelle Dadigan slowly but decidedly returning to 2004 form. But now Hillgals must overcome absence of Elise Hinman.
5 BUHACH COLONY - Scored meet record 22 points in winning Merced County title. Led by Natalie Benoy.
6 EL CAMINO - Finally got a full team on the line at CAL #2 and came in 2nd place, due in large part to Hilary Kigar and Jenny Eiremo, who are both state threats.
7 DEL CAMPO - 3rd at both CAL league meets. Alex (another Alex!?) Banuet joins Natasha Brown near the front.
8 ST. MARY’S - 2nd at Bret Harte small school race. Kristi Gayagoy leads this all-sport Stockton athletic power.

Division 4 – Three team berths to Fresno
1 RIVERBANK - Close-knit, senior-laden team eager to begin march to Fresno. It starts next Thursday. (See Dyestatcal.com for an up-close and personal visit with the Bruins.)
2 COLFAX - TEAM CHECK with coach Angie Williams: “I’ve been coaching these kids since 3rd or 4th grade.
Like Danielle (Stam) who was or top runner today, I’ve been coaching her since 4th grade. This is my first year at Colfax but I’ve been coaching in the area for nine years. Danielle Stam has been our most consistent performer… and took almost two minutes off her time when we ran here a few weeks ago. Sarah Clark is a junior and a returning runner. She was injured part of last year so she’s really starting to come on and she’s our team captain for the girls. We were missing two of our girls today (at the Bronco Invite). Josie is sick and Tabbitha … she’ s at a soccer match today. But I think as a group they are so solidly packed that you can see any one of them win. Tabby hasn’t won (team first) a meet yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up at least coming in second to Danielle rather than somebody else in one
of these meets coming up."
"Making state? Oh, I think we’re there. I think we’re going to do it. These girls want it and I think we’ve got enough now that like even today – one of the (Del Sarto) twins, Rosie, had some hip problems this week and we were able to place second (in small school behind Union Mine) and we were missing three of our top five. We have some nice depth in the girls that I don’t think they’ve had in the past.
3 BRET HARTE - Had 4 in Top 10 for team scoring at Bret Harte SS race behind Tamilyn Lee and Brooke Lawrence.
4 ESCALON - 2003 State Champ Amanda Moreno heads into the first of seven straight races head-to-head with
ever-improving league and division rival Maritza Garcia (dual, league, subs, sections, state, FootLocker, USATF)

1. Riverbank (1)
2. Fairfield (2)
3. Davis (3)
4. Vacaville (4)
5. St. Francis (5)
6. Oak Ridge (9)
7. Del Oro (6)
8. Modesto (7)
9. Union Mine (8)
10. Yuba City (nr)
11. Sheldon (nr)
12. Woodcreek (nr)
13. Ponderosa (10)
14. Granite Bay (nr)
15. (tie) Placer (nr), Colfax (nr)


* I would appreciate central section coaches to e-mail me at dbeachum333@yahoo.com for comments and to give me information during the year about your teams and individuals. That will help me make these rankings as accurate as possible. – Dustin Beauchamp

Girls: The competition to be a top ten team in the section is fierce, there are many teams right on the edge looking for a breakout race.

Girls Teams (All Divisions Combined)
1. Buchanan (Clovis) - D1: Posted one of the best team times ever at Woodward Park.
2. Clovis High - D2: Beat Clovis East at Roughrider.
3. Clovis East – D1: Ran very well at Clovis Invite in different races.
4. Madera – D1: Ran great at Clovis Invite minus one of their top five in the Varsity race.
5. Centennial (Bakersfield) – D1: 8 points behind Clovis East at Roughrider.
6. Mission Prep (SLO) – D5: Showed they are definitely one of the top teams in the Central Section at Clovis Invite.
7. Stockdale (Bakersfield) – D1: Placed ninth at Santa Clarita Invite against Southern Section teams.
8. North (Bakersfield) – D2: Top two ran great at Cal Poly, need more depth.
9. Shafter – D3: Won in Atascadero in small school varsity division.
10. Bakersfield – D1: Had an off day at Roughrider placing 8th.

Top 3 Girls Teams By Division
Division 1: Buchanan will win, but will they score 15 points at the Section Meet?
1. Buchanan (Clovis)
2. Clovis East
3. Madera
4. Centennial (Bakersfield)
5. Stockdale

Division 2: Clovis is another big favorite here, but it should be a great individual race.
1. Clovis High
2. North (Bakersfield)
3. Redwood (Visalia)
4. Golden West (Visalia)
5. Tulare Western

Division 3: Shafter has improved greatly this year, but Mt. Whitney and Yosemite have a shot at the upset.
1. Shafter
2. Mt. Whitney (Visalia)
3. Yosemite
4. Golden Valley
5. Wasco

Division 4: Possibly the most competitive division in the section, but only two teams can make it to State.
1. Exeter
2. Templeton
3. San Joaquin Memorial
4. Garces
5. Farmersville

Division 5: No real mystery here about the Individual race and Mission Prep should be able to handle this small division.
1. Mission Prep (SLO)
2. Central Valley Christian (Visalia)
3. Liberty (Madera Ranchos)
4. Bakersfield Christian

Top Ten Individual Girls (All Divisions Combined)
1. Jordan Hasay – Fr. – Mission Prep (SLO) – D5: Ran a great controlled race at Clovis Invite in cruising to a 17:35.
2. Lauren Saylor – Jr. - Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Struggled a bit at Clovis Invite, should come back strong at Mt. SAC.
3. Sue Choi – Fr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: 18:48 at Clovis Invite for her first race on the State Meet course.
4. Vanessa Zuzaurregui – Jr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: 18:47 at Clovis Invite is a huge P.R. for her.
5. Danielle Layous – Jr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: 19:01 at Clovis Invite as Buchanan’s normal 5th runner.
6. Taylor Votaw – Fr. – Bullard – D1: Ran very well at Clovis Invite and Cal Poly, isn’t afraid to go after faster runners.
7. Cathryn Saylor – Fr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Tough day at Clovis Invite and still ran 19:37, rebounded very well at Mariner staying with Choi.
8. Whitney Russell – Fr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: An amazing 19:17 at Clovis Invite, is coming on very strong as the season goes on.
9. Tiffany Hannah – Jr. – Edison (Fresno) – D1: Ran a great race for the win at Santa Clarita Invite after a sub-par effort at Clovis Invite.
10. Tandisha Nious-Flores – Jr. – Madera – D1: 19:35 at Clovis Invite to lead a strong Madera girls effort.

Boys: The top ten individuals are changing every week. The pool of good runners to choose from is very big right now. There are a lot of great runners that didn’t make this list.

Boys Teams (All Divisions Combined)
1. Madera – D1: Could have done much better at Clovis Invite with #2 and #3 runners.
2. Clovis High – D2: Ran amazingly well at Clovis Invite, sat out #2 and #4 runners at Roughrider.
3. McFarland – D4: Ran well at Clovis Invite and dominated Roughrider small school race.
4. Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Two amazing freshmen make this team 3 deep up front.
5. Clovis West – D1: Very tough #1 and #2 runners, drop off a bit to the rest.
6. Clovis East – D1: Very young team, could improve a bunch by end of season.
7. Centennial (Bakersfield) – D1: Was 7th at Roughrider, 20 points ahead of Roosevelt.
8. Roosevelt (Fresno) – D1: Finally got to race Central Section D1 competition.
9. Tulare Western – D2: Did very well at Crystal Springs representing the Central Section.
10. Avenal – D4: A solid 2nd place in the Roughrider small school race.

Top Three Boys Teams By Division
Division 1: Madera should win this division again this year. The individual race will be a fun one with as many as eight challengers for the title.
1. Madera
2. Buchanan (Clovis)
3. Clovis West
4. Clovis East
5. Centennial (Bakersfield)

Division 2: Another big favorite here in Clovis High may go 1-2 in the individual race as well.
1. Clovis High
2. Tulare Western
3. Highland
4. Foothill (Bakersfield)
5. South (Bakersfield)

Division 3: Golden Valley has done very well this year, especially against other divisional foes.
1. Golden Valley (Bakersfield)
2. Mt. Whitney (Visalia)
3. Tulare
4. Dinuba
5. Wasco

Division 4: While the team competition is all but wrapped for the #1 spot, I count about seven teams who could challenge for the next two State Meet berths.
1. McFarland
2. Avenal
3. Woodlake
4. Templeton
5. Corcoran

Division 5: Mission Prep looks for the division 5 sweep here, Marshall Ford looks to repeat as individual champ.
1. Mission Prep (SLO)
2. Central Valley Christian (Visalia)
3. Coast Union (Cambria)
4. Liberty (Madera Ranchoes)

Top Ten Individual Boys (All Divisions Combined)
1. Mikel Thomas – Jr. – Clovis High – D2: After running an amazing 15:22 at Clovis Invite, okay to have an off race at Roughrider the next week.
2. Erick Garcia – Jr. – Parlier – D4: Solidified #2 spot in the section with a strong 15:42 at Clovis Invite.
3. Jonathan Peterson – Jr. – Clovis High – D2: Ran a great 15:56 at Clovis Invite while not at full speed.
4. Javier Sanchez – So. – Madera – D1: Moving up this list every week it seems with a solid 16:02 at Clovis Invite.
5. Russell Pfaff – Sr. – Clovis East – D1: Has had a couple tough races of late while trying to stay with the section and state’s elite, probably would have run faster with a more even pace.
6. Eric Battles – So. – Clovis West – D1: Has been out the past couple weeks sick, should be strong again for next race.
7. Octavio Ruiz – Sr. – McFarland – D4: Very consistent the last 2 weeks with a 16:15 at Clovis Invite and 16:30 win in the small school race at Roughrider.
8. Max Hernandez – Jr. – Clovis High – D2: Had a breakout race at Clovis Invite to solidify Clovis High’s #3 spot for now, ran 16:07.
9. Eayoall Atsbeha – Sr. – Ridgeview (Bakersfield) – D2: Another newcomer to this list, proving he is one of the section’s best with a 16:16 at Clovis Invite.
10. Julio Moreno – Sr. – Madera – D1: Cruised to 16:41 at Clovis Invite while winning the J.V. race by a lot, would have run much faster if needed.

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