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CIF Sectional
Team Rankings

Released October 3, 2005

CIF Sectional Cross-County Team Rankings
Released week of October 3, 2005

Boys Rankings for the week of 10/03/05

By Dan King
SJS Boys Rankings for the week of 10/3/05
By Dan King

Top 10
1. Jesuit(1-1-1) (D2)
2. Davis(2-2-2) (D1)
3. Sheldon(3-3-3) (D1)
4. Oak Ridge(4-4-4) (D2)
5. Del Campo(5-5-5) (D3)
6. Rocklin(6-6-6) (D2)
7. Ponderosa(7-8-7) (D2)
8. Lodi(7-NR-10) (D1)
9. Woodcreek(9-8-8) (D2)
10. Colfax(10-9-9) (D4)

Division 1
2 Teams Qualify for the State Championships
1. Davis
2. Sheldon
3. Lodi
4. Fairlfeld
5. Modesto
6. Nevada Union, Grass Valley
7. Franklin, Elk Grove
8. Tokay

Division 2
3 Teams Qualify for the State Championships.
1. Jesuit
2. Oak Ridge
3. Rocklin
4. Ponderosa
5. Woodcreek
6. Laguna Creek
7. Oakmont
8. Vacaville

Division 3
2 Teams Qualify for the State Championships
1. Del Campo, Fair Oaks
2. Union Mine
3. Woodland
4. Placer, Auburn
5. Vanden
6. Del Oro, Loomis

Division 4
2 Teams Qualify for the State Championships
1. Colfax
2. Riverbank
3. Amador
4. Hughson
5. Christian Brothers
6. Lincoln, Lincoln

By "The SJS Fan-Tom!"

Top 10, as of September 27

Jake Matthews, Folsom, D1, 12. Top 10 overall finishes at both Woodbridge and Stanford.
Brendan Gregg, Davis Sr., D1, 11. Monster performance at Stanford, 8th overall, 2nd underclassman.
Marlon Patterson, Franklin – EG, D1, 12. Ran with Matthews & Watchempino at Delta League meet.
Evan Watchempino, Jesuit, D2, 11. Multiple strong showings for the front-running Marauder.
Tim Cannon, Rocklin, D2, 12. Split a pair of 1-second finishes with Watchempino.
German Fernandez, Riverbank, D4, 10. Ran a blazing 16:01 at Sierra Invite for 43 second win & CR.
Jake Kelly-Strong, Jesuit, D2, 12. Consistently running in the low 16s.
Samir Benouar, Jesuit, D2, 12. Strong runner who is still improving.
Jeff Merrill, Lodi, D1, 12. Low 4:20s 1600m runner who is making noise now in XC, too.
Dillon Brook, Ponderosa, D2, 12. Moved into top 10 based on multiple finishes near the top.

Also to Watch (Alphabetical order)
Zach Bowers, Sheldon, D1, 12.
Shawn Boyte, Del Oro, D3, 11.
Ryan Cosens, Oak Ridge, D2, 11.
Brad Doering, Yuba City, D1, 11.
Sean Kelleher, Del Campo, D3, 12.
James Laville, Jesuit, D2, 12.
Patrick Lynch, Davis Sr., D1, 11.
Andrew Primrose, Nevada Union, D1, 12.
Michael Salvatierra, Jesuit, D2, 11.
James Tracy, Del Campo, D3, 10.

By Joe Hartman, Through 9/25/2005
Division 1 Two state team berths
1 Fairfield 3 of Top 13 SJS Stanford girls are from Fairfield - Bradshaw duo and D Jackson. Fairfield five places ahead of Davis at Stanford.
2 Davis That red and black blur on I-80 returning from Palo Alto was the Fairfield Ferrari. Another cardiac finish for Blue Devils?
3 Modesto Erin Lewis 2nd at Mt Carmel in Balboa Park senior race, Erica Cuellar 2nd in junior race. Hasn't put five on the line yet.
4 Sheldon Lodi champ Shelly Pugh (also 4th at Frogtown) getting help from Yuliya Derebenskiy. Held off Folsom for 2nd in Delta Meet #1.
5 Lodi Some nice finishes for Jillian Carli and mates: 2nd at Lodi Inv, 5th at Lagoon Valley, 10th at Stanford (D1)
6 Folsom Maria Malone (19:02 at Stanford) and Danzel Bradshaw are SJS's top two freshmen so far. Edged by Lodi at Stanford for 10th.
7 Yuba City Lauren Lewis (winner at Yuba-Sutter meet) joins Megan Fullmer out front for Yuba City. Amanda Sammut 5th in Yuba F/S.
8 Elk Grove Kristina Blackwood (6th at Yuba) joins Adrianne Syme (2nd at Yuba F/S) and Claudia Ortiz (5th at Yuba) up front.
WATCH LIST: Kennedy, Nevada Union

Division 2 Three state team berths
1 Vacaville All they needed was a number 5. Sophie Vasquez may be that - and then some. Bulldogs 2nd at Ed Sias, 6th at Stanford.
2 Oak Ridge 9th grader Kathryn Ferguson's nice varsity run helped earn a team 3rd at adidas meet in Concord.
3 Ponderosa 3rd at SVC #1. Team looks deep. Had 4 in Top 10 at Yuba F/S plus Mullen and Couper just outside Top 10 in varsity race.
4 Granite Bay Metro #1 champs. Caitlin Clark's foot has mended nicely. Jessie Sowers running well and many F/S looking strong.
5 Woodcreek Like all Roseville-area teams, young with great potential. 2nd at SFL #1. Frosh Ashley Joyner-Lapray #2 for team at Stanford.
6 Oakmont Frosh Stacey Haack won PVL #1 and is taking top tens at varsity invites already. Beat Colfax 23-33 at first league meet.
7 Roseville Nary an upperclassman among top 5 at Stanford. Soph. Rebecca Hbtamu (5th at SFL #1) joins Haley Carrigg up front.
8 Rocklin 3rd at SFL #1. Ursy Bergmooser (9th at Rocklin, 12th at NU) putting together fine season. Need Michelle Arensmen to return.

Division 3 Three state team berths
1 St Francis Troubies placed 2nd in Division 3 at Stanford (without Amy Lackner) with 0:45 1-5 gap. JV's even had a 0:23 1-6 gap
2 Del Oro Del Oro was 28 pts. (and only 0:11 team time) behind SF at Stanford despite #3 Paddeck falling early.
3 Union Mine Jones (team #3 at Fall Classic) and Sosa (team #2 at SVC #1) to go with Trainor, Gillen, and Dougherty have UM thinking Fresno.
4 Placer Respectable 8th at Stanford. State Champs lost so much to graduation but Jordan Burke is fine and others are coming along.
5 Casa Roble 11th at Rocklin.12th at Granite Bay, and 1st at CAL #1 with nice tight pack. Lyndsi Riley has emerged at Casa's #1.
6 Del Campo Baptism by fire so far for youthful Cougars. Frosh Natasha Brown (12th at Lagoon Valley, 27th at Stanford) tops in this group.

Division 4 Three state team berths
1 Riverbank Maritza Garcia might be the most improved SJS frontrunner in 2005: Sierra Invite champ, 2nd at Stanford, state title contender.
2 Bret Harte Tamilyn Lee moves to join Brooke Lawrence up front. Team mission: close the gap between 2 and 3.
3 Colfax 2nd at PVL #1, 7th at Stanford. Last year's team #1 drops back, but freshmen Danielle Stern and Josie Ruzette provide big boost.
4 Escalon Knee tendonitis didn't stop Stanford champ Moreno. Team just two spots behind Colfax with nice Frogtown showing by JV's too.
5 Calaveras Going on reputation here. Calaveras meet results (namely Frier sisters) proving elusive so far.

Overall Div
1 Riverbank 4 Cohesive group won D4 Stanford... comfortably… without Asia Harrison. Currently ranked #3 in State.
2 Fairfield 1 Freshmen Danzel Bradshaw and Jessica Koehne having an enormous impact already.
3 Davis 1 Edged St Francis by two and Vacaville by 8 at Lagoon Valley showdown. St Francis rematch coming Saturday.
4 Vacaville 2 Annaliza Rizo getting stronger, she was second in the Vacaville-Davis dual Wednesday.
5 St Francis 3 Pack Attack. At Stanford, all the other top SJS teams had their #1 in before SF, but SF was the first to have all 5 in.
6 Del Oro 3 Juniors Jill Tokutomi and Sandee Mariner making loss of grads Drager, Wilson, and Lee much easier to swallow.
7 Modesto 1 Lewis, Cuellar, Drueen all look splendid already - it's all about numbers four and five here.
8 Union Mine 3 5th at the Fall Classic down in The O.C. to go with 4ths at Rocklin and Lagoon Valley. Defeated Oak Ridge at SVC #1.
9 Oak Ridge 2 Dromensk, Silas, and Dickson gradually closing the "Kosinski Gap": it's down from 2:56 at Granite Bay to 2:05 at Stanford.
10 Ponderosa 2 Tough call here. Coach Richardson seems to have lots of girls signed up and the Bruins nearly caught Oak Ridge for 2nd at SVC #1.

Ranked by Stanford Placing - all Divisions combined
Team Team Time
1 13 Riverbank D4 100:23
2 14 Fairfield D1 100:43
3 26 Davis D1 103:00
4 30 Vacaville D2 103:53
5 33 St Francis D3 104:49
6 36 Del Oro D3 105:00
7 37 Oak Ridge D2 104:10
8 51 Woodcreek D2 107:09
9 58 Placer D3 107:46
10 62 Lodi D1 108:38
11 64 Roseville D2 108:17
12 65 Folsom D1 107:29
13 77 Colfax D4 109:41
14 83 Rocklin D2 110:30
15 87 Escalon D4 110:36

(Number in parentheses is combined placing)
1 (13) 2349 Alex Kosinski JR OAK RIDGE 18:32
2 (15) 1006 Amanda Moreno SR ESCALON HIGH 18:36
3 (18) 2773 Maritza Garcia JR RIVERBANK 18:43
4 (22) 780 Chelsea Reilly JR DAVIS SENIOR 18:53
5 (33) 1172 Maria Malone FR FOLSOM 19:02
6 (36) 2004 Erin Lewis SR MODESTO 19:05
7 (37) 1095 Danzel Bradshaw FR FAIRFIELD 19:07
8 (44) 3568 Cecily Lemmon SR VACAVILLE 19:17
9 (55) 850 Brianna Atkins SO DEL ORO 19:27
10 (58) 2002 Erica Cuellar JR MODESTO 19:28
11 (80) 1094 Caprice Bradshaw SR FAIRFIELD 19:42
12 (87) 1174 Casey O'Day JR FOLSOM 19:47
13 (92) 1099 Dominique Jackson JR FAIRFIELD 19:51
14 (100) 2777 Bianca Melchor SR RIVERBANK 19:53
15 (104) 2003 Katie Drueen SO MODESTO 19:55
16 (107) 2771 Geogina Arnold SR RIVERBANK 19:57
17 (116) 3608 Maria Avalos JR VINTAGE 20:02
18 (117) 784 Jonah Weeks SO DAVIS SENIOR 20:02
19 (121) 2795 Ursy Bergmooser SR ROCKLIN 20:05
20 (128) 3566 Lindsey Dubs SO VACAVILLE 20:07

Input/comments always welcome: marlinsdad@hotmail.com

By Dustin Beauchamp
* I would appreciate central section coaches to e-mail me at dbeachum333@yahoo.com for comments and to give me information during the year about your teams and individuals. That will help me make these rankings as accurate as possible. – Dustin Beauchamp

Girls Teams (All Divisions Combined)
1. Buchanan (Clovis) - D1: Won the Stanford Invite by 1 point over Carona Del Mar. Will have a big re-match at the Clovis Invite on Saturday on the State Meet course.
2. Clovis High - D2: Won the Mt. Whitney Invite comfortably and barely got by Clovis East at the Golden West Invite for another win.
3. Clovis East – D1: Finally showed the talent they have had all year in coming close to upsetting Clovis High.
4. Madera – D1: Ran very well at the Dana Hills Invite and their own meet.
5. Centennial (Bakersfield) – D1: Extremely impressive at the Blue Lagoon Invite. The D1 central section race will be very deep and competitive for State Meet spots.
6. Mission Prep (SLO) – D5: The Clovis Invite will show whether or not this team deserves their high ranking.
7. Stockdale (Bakersfield) – D1: Second to Clovis East at the Golden Eagle Invite, good pack running team.
8. North (Bakersfield) – D2: Couldn’t find any results in the past 2-weeks.
9. Bakersfield – D1: Second at the Mt. Whitney Invite, need a 5th runner to put them in contention for a State Meet berth.
10. Shafter – D3: Has made great improvements from the beginning of the year and were third at the competitive Golden West Invite..

Top 3 Girls Teams By Division
Division 1:

1. Buchanan (Clovis)
2. Clovis East
3. Madera

Division 2:
1. Clovis High
2. North (Bakersfield)
3. Golden West (Visalia)

Division 3:
1. Shafter
2. Mt. Whitney (Visalia)
3. Yosemite

Division 4:
1. Exeter
2. Templeton
3. Garces

Division 5:
1. Mission Prep (SLO)
2. Central Valley Christian (Visalia)
3. Liberty (Madera Ranchos)

Top Ten Individual Girls (All Divisions Combined)
1. Lauren Saylor – Jr. - Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Ran a perfect race at Stanford for the second fastest time of the day.
2. Jordan Hasay – Fr. – Mission Prep (SLO) – D5: It turns out she can’t do everything, doesn’t need to run 5:01 the first mile to win.
3. Sue Choi – Fr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Has been the most consistent of the Buchanan pack behind L. Saylor.
4. Cathryn Saylor – Fr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Ran great at Stanford and will get another chance to be a standout at the Clovis Invite on Saturday.
5. Vanessa Zuzaurregui – Jr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Tough day at Stanford (better than most girls’ good days), will try to come back strong at the Clovis Invite.
6. Danielle Layous – Jr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Has improved tremendously in the last two years, proves hard work makes good runners.
7. Taylor Votaw – Fr. – Bullard – D1: Isn’t intimidated by Buchanan’s freshman stars, will try to be the best freshman not named Hasay in the section.
8. Tiffany Hannah – Jr. – Edison – D1: Another strong run at the Big Ditch invite, will look to prove how good she is against statewide competition at the Clovis Invite.
9. Whitney Russell – Fr. – Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: It was only a matter of time until this stud freshman started running to her potential.
10. Amanda Johnson – Sr. – Clovis High – D2: Won the Golden West Invite by 15 seconds over a strong central section field.

Boys Teams (All Divisions Combined)
1. Madera – D1: Their performance at Dana Hills showed how deep this team is. Their performance at their own meet showed the strength of their top runners.
2. Clovis High – D2: Won at Mt. Whitney easily while not running their best. Won an amazing race over McFarland at the Golden West Invite by 5 points.
3. McFarland – D4: Very strong showing at the Bell-Jeff invite followed by a close second to Clovis High at the Golden West Invite.
4. Clovis West – D1: Had a faster team time than Buchanan at Stanford while missing a top 5 runner.
5. Buchanan (Clovis) – D1: Should battle with Clovis West all season for the second spot in D1.
6. Clovis East – D1: Got a good win at the Golden Eagle Invite, relying heavily on freshmen and sophomores that could improve enough to challenge Clovis West and Buchanan at the central section championships.
7. Centennial (Bakersfield) – D1: Did very well at the Blue Lagoon Invite with their #2 runner making a huge improvement.
8. Roosevelt (Fresno) – D1: Ran well against Clovis High at the Mt. Whitney Invite with a solid second place finish.
9. Tulare Western – D2: Ran great at the Golden West Invite in beating Highland by a bunch.
10. Avenal – D4: Was fourth at the Golden West Invite to Clovis, McFarland, and Tulare Western

Top Three Boys Teams By Division
Division 1:

1. Madera
2. Clovis West
3. Buchanan (Clovis)

Division 2:
1. Clovis High
2. Tulare Western
3. Highland

Division 3:
1. Golden Valley (Bakersfield)
2. Mt. Whitney (Visalia)
3. Tulare

Division 4:
1. McFarland
2. Avenal
3. Woodlake

Division 5:
1. Mission Prep (SLO)
2. Central Valley Christian (Visalia)
3. Liberty (Madera Ranchos)

Top Ten Individual Boys (All Divisions Combined)
1. Mikel Thomas – Jr. – Clovis High – D2: Won the Mt. Whitney Invite and the Golden West Invite with the top four individuals in the section in the later.
2. Erick Garcia – Jr. – Parlier – D4: Ran a very strong race at Golden West pushing Thomas most of the way.
3. Jonathan Peterson – Jr. – Clovis High – D2: Always improving, fearless runner, with lofty goals for November.
4. Russell Pfaff – Sr. – Clovis East – D1: Had another great win at the Golden Eagle Invite at Woodward Park and was fourth to the three ranked ahead of him at Golden West.
5. Nathan Longcrier – Sr. – Centennial (Bakersfield) – D1: Out of the top ten individuals in the section, he has only raced Pfaff. Hopefully he will get some more central section competition soon.
6. Javier Sanchez – So. – Madera – D1: Ran great at Dana Hills and even better in posting the fastest time of the day at the Madera Invite.
7. Julio Moreno - Sr. – Madera – D1: The lone returnee from last year’s varsity team has steadily improved this year.
8. Eric Battles – So. – Clovis West – D1: Ran very well at Stanford, but had only the 4th fastest central section time of the day at the Madera Invite.
9. Andrew Campbell – So. – Clovis West – D1: Had another great run at Stanford and sat out the Madera Invite.
10. Octavio Ruiz – Sr. – McFarland – D4: Posted a great time at Bell-Jeff and finished 5th at the Golden West Invite behind four great runners.

By Rich Gonzalez
Division I Boys
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Royal, Simi Valley (1-1-1)
2. Upland (7-3-2)
3. El Toro, Lake Forest (3-5-3)

4. Dana Hills, Dana Point (4-6-4)
5. El Rancho, Pico Rivera (5-2-10)

6. Murrieta Valley, Murrieta (2-4-5)
7. Arcadia (9-8-6)
Trabuco Hills (NR-NR-7)
Los Alamitos (NR-NR-NR)
10. West Covina

On the bubble: Thousand Oaks; West Covina; Marina, Sultana
Division II Boys

Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks from first week to most recent)
1. Valencia, Placentia (1-1-1)
2. Loyola, Los Angeles (4-3-2)

3. Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach (NR-4-3)
4. Edison, Huntington Beach (3-2-6)

5. D
on Lugo, Chino (2-5-4)
El Modena, Orange (6-6-5)
7. Chino Hills (7-7-7)

8. Vista Murrieta, Murrieta (?-?-?)

9. Torrance (5-8-9)
10. Brea Olinda (?-?-?)
On the bubble: Hemet, Norwalk, West Torrance

Division III Boys
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Barstow (1-1-1)
2. Cabrillo, Lompoc (2-2-2)
3. Corona del Mar, Newport Beach (3-3-3)
4. Santa Margarita, Rancho Santa Margarita (7-5-4)

5. Estancia, Costa Mesa (4-4-5)
Oak Park (6-7-6)
7. Laguna Hills (8-7-7)

8. Servite, Anaheim (5-8-8)
9. Burroughs, Ridgecrest (9-9-9)
10. San Luis Obispo (10-10-10)

Division IV Boys
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Lutheran, Orange (1-1-1)
2. Laguna Beach (2-2-2)
3. Big Bear, Big Bear Lake (3-3-3)
4. Oaks Christian, Westlake Village (5-5-4)
5. St. Bonaventure, Ventura (6-6-5)
6. Crespi (NR-NR-NR)
7. Paraclete (7-7-6)
8. Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks (4-4-7)
Bishop Montgomery, Torrance (NR-10-10)
10. Morro Bay (8-8-8)
On the bubble: Fillmore
Division V Boys

Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)
1. Woodcrest Christian, Riverside (1-1-1)
2. Santa Clara, Oxnard (2-2-2)
3. Maranatha, Pasadena (3-3-3)
4. Flintridge Prep, La Canada-Flintridge (5-5-5)
5. Webb, Claremont (4-4-4)

6. Brentwood (6-6-6)
7. Cate, Carpinteria (8-8-10)
8. Oakwood Academy, North Hollywood (10-10-7)

9. Buckley, Sherman Oaks (NR-NR-8)
10. Chadwick, Palos Verdes Estates (7-7-9)
On the bubble: Sage Hill, Newport Beach

Division I Girls
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Murrieta Valley, Murrieta (1-1-1)
2. Fountain Valley (4-2-2)
3. Ventura (3-3-3)
4. Thousand Oaks (5-4-4)
Canyon, Canyon Country (7-8-5)

Redlands (NR-6-6)
Royal, Simi Valley (2-5-8)
8. Saugus (10-7-7)

9. Sultana, Hesperia (NR-NR-NR)
10. Esperanza, Anaheim (9-10-10)

On the bubble: Corona;
Crescenta Valley; Dana Hills, Long Beach Poly.
Division II Girls
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Edison, Huntington Beach (1-1-1)
2. Woodbridge, Irvine (9-2-2)
Brea Olinda (4-7-5)
4. Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach (5-3-7)
5. Ayala, Chino Hills (2-4-3)
6. Newport Harbor, Newport Beach (8-5-4)

7. Westlake, Westlake Village (3-8-9)
8. Serrano, Phelan (6-9-10)

Kennedy, La Palma (NR-6-8)
10. West Torrance (NR-10-6)

On the bubble: Mater Dei; Foothill-Santa Ana
Division III Girls
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Corona del Mar, Newport Beach (1-1-1)
2. Oak Park (2-2-2)
3. Great Oak, Temecula (5-3-3)
4. Yucca Valley (4-5-4)

5. Bonita, La Verne (3-4-5)
6. Santa Margarita, Rancho Santa Margarita (6-6-6)
7. Irvine (9-8-8)

8. South Pasadena (NR-7-7)
9. Cabrillo, Lompoc (NR-NR-10)
10. Atascadero (8-9-9)

On the bubble: Laguna Hills, Rosary.
Division IV Girls
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Lutheran, Orange (1-1-1)
2. Harvard/Westlake, North Hollywood (2-2-2)
3. Paraclete, Lancaster (3-3-3)
4. Laguna Beach (4-4-4)
5. Desert Christian, Lancaster (5-5-5)
6. Oaks Christian, Thousand Oaks (6-6-6)
7. La Reina, Thousand Oaks (NR-NR-7)
8. Morro Bay (7-7-8)
9. Fillmore (8-8-9)
10. Westridge, Pasadena (NR-NR-10)
Division V Girls
Rk  School, City   (Previous weeks, from first week to most recent)

1. Flintridge Prep, La Canada-Flintridge (1-1-1)
2. Maranatha (2-2-2)
3. Chadwick, Palos Verdes Estates (3-3-3)
Bell-Jeff, Burbank (NR-NR-10)
5. Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes (4-4-4)
6. St. Margaret's, San Juan Capistrano (5-5-5)
7. Sage Hill (NR-6-6)
8. Linfield (6-7-7)
9. Upland Christian, Upland (7-8-8)
10. Cate, Carpinteria (8-9-9)
On the bubble: Woodcrest Christian

any comments, questions, revisions, updates, please
contact me @ emceelaszlo@yahoo.com

Division 1

1. De La Salle – A great run @ the Ed Sias Invite and a #1 Bay Area (which includes NCS, OAL, and CCS) ranking by the SF Chronicle bode well for the Spartans. However getting beaten by a D-4 school, McFarland at the DLS invite shows that they aren’t untouchable.
2. Deer Valley – Deer Valley bares its teeth after some awesome races at the Ed Sias invite and DLS Invite turning some heads after two surprise finishes ahead of the Falcons of College Park.
3. College Park – A 5th place finish @ the Ed Sias invite and getting beaten in a tie breaker by previously ranked lower Deer Valley doesn’t help the Falcons maintain their spot. Andy Peabody, their #1 runners has made drastic improvement over the summer and is doing a good job in scoring them few points as possible. They were also beaten by DV @ the DLS invite which was won by storied D-4 power McFarland.
4. Livermore – Livermore lives up to its bidding and moves up in its new division. They got off to a rocky start after a 14th place finish at Ed Sias, BUT THEY FOUGHT BACK and beat College Park at the DLS Invite thus moving up in rank.
5. Monte Vista – The Chris Simpson led team blows some squads out of the water after they shock the competition with a 6th place finish at the Ed Sias Invite.
Division 2
1. Maria Carrillo – With Michael Brew on a hot streak the Fab Fours pack has stretched out a little bit. A great run @ the Rancho Cotate Invite coupled with a decent race @ the Ed Sias Invite and a 16 point total at the Santa Rosa Invite show that MC in no way is in trouble.
2. Granada – Granada put themselves on the map with a 3rd place finish at the Farmer Invite behind perennial powers Piedmont and Miramonte respectively.
3. Northgate – Northgate doesn’t live up to its bidding after a 23th place finish at the DLS invite. Luckily for them no one from D-2 placed ahead of them. Thus Granada moves up after its inspired run in Hayward.
4. Eureka – Not too much info has leaked from the upper region of NCS, nonetheless Eureka maintains a strong ranking due to strong depth and consistency.
5. Alameda – Miguel Castro is impressive in the early season running in all-comers at Joaquin Miller Park. As well, he and Arran Rogerson both placed high in a competitive field at the Farmer Invite. Alameda lacks its traditional depth but should be ok by the end of the season.
Division 3
1. Acalanes – With a bevy of frosh performing well at Ed Sias, and a solid race at the Stanford Invite the Dons keep the top spot, however they showed some weakness with their top returnee Ryon Lawson not performing to bar he set last year; great races by Nate Beach and Joey Thomas however.
2. Campolindo – Vizci is nursing a minor injury allowing Jed Hubbard and Tom Akita to step up big time definitely making a statement. Emerson Powell also has run well winning the Miramonte vs. Campo dual meet. However this coming Wednesday the 28th Chris Vizcaino returns for the climactic DFAL dual of Acalanes vs Campo.
3. Miramonte – Places 2nd to juggernaut Piedmont at the Farmer Invite
4. Bishop O’Dowd – Frontrunner Ben Gutierrez has a career day placing second to Ben Sitler with a fine time of 15:34 at the DLS Invite. He also gets runner-up honors at the D-3 race at the Stanford Invite. Guess who won it, yeah, Sitler.
5. San Rafael – After a big day @ the Ed Sias invite San Rafael knocks Tam out of the top 5. Then another top finish at the Farmer Invite, 4th place (guess what place Tam got), shows that San Rafael heralded by Dave Buscho and Ryan Jaeger shouldn’t be counted out of the team race.
Individually – Ben Gutierrez, though mentioned in the last NCS ranking has made a serious statement finishing close to All State runner Ben Sitler. Watch out for him come November.
Division 4
1. Piedmont – Gets #2 spot in the Bay Area rankings (which includes NCS, OAL, and CCS) just behind D-1 power De La Salle. In addition to the hi Bay Area ranking, the Highlanders did severe damage at the Farmer Invite scoring ONLY 33 points to rout D-3 power Miramonte. They have an awesome 1-2-3 punch in Mark Ceraldi, Ricky Griffith, and Jesse Baldridge…who are all on the D-4 state watch list.
2. St. Mary’s – Matt Duffy makes huge improvement over the summer and has run quite well in the early season meets. Erick Berthalden also has improved helping the Panthers maintain the #2 spot.
3. Arcata – Races to 9th place in the D-4 race @ the Stanford invite, the next highest NCS team was St. Mary’s which averaged only 30 seconds faster in the average team time.
4. St. Joes Notre Dame – Neal Rodrigues places in the top 10 at the Stanford Invite in the D-4 Race.
5. Salesian – Moves up with the addition of San Rafael to D-3.
Division 5
1. University – Has made few blips on the radar as its JV makes an appearance at the DLS Invite, otherwise things are quiet across the bay. Uni is the undisputed master of D-5 so there is nothing to worry about.
2. College Prep – CPS had a great day at the Stanford Invite placing 2nd in the D-5 race. Matt Katz, who had an outstanding race with his 11th place finish, leads them.
3. Head-Royce – Chase Wilson makes his debut at Hayward Invite and the rest of his Jayhawks practice daily at the infamous Joaquin Miller Park.
4. Crystal Springs Uplands – CSU gets 4th place in the Stanford Incite D-5 race.
5. Lick Wilmerding – (lack of sufficient info)

Division 1

1. College Park – Unimpressive day @ the Ed Sias invite being beaten by Campo and Vacaville. Junior star Kelsey Dallara runs in the 14s for two miles? Last year she was a top finisher in the NCS D-2 race rumor is that she is injured. At DLS invite Nicole Pennes spars with Alex Konsinski taking 2nd overall. CP still hasn’t fielded their “A” game at a meet yet. Despite the early season loses they keep their #1 ranking due to their remarkable consistency in the post-season over the years.
2. Castro Valley – (lack of sufficient info)
3. Berkeley – Kara Anderson has actually transferred to Oakland Tech in the Oakland Section. Kadja Bonet takes over the lead in Anderson’s absence and so far has led the Yellowjackets well in their new league, the BSAL
4. San Ramon Valley – After a 7th place finish at the DLS Invite where the Lady Wolves averaged 21:05 per person SRV moves up do to the relative silence of Logan.
5. Logan – (lack of sufficient info)
Division 2
1. Maria Carrillo – Kristin Sanzari has had an awesome start to her junior season so far. After a course record @ the Rancho Cotate Invite she ran quite well @ Ed Sias Invite. Additionally she and Jackie Wentz have been put on the statewide D-2 watch list.
2. Alameda – Alameda explodes onto the season with a very impressive runner-up finish at the Farmer Invite. They finished 2nd to 03 State Champ Miramonte. A vastly improved Devaja Shafer has taken command of the Hornets and is followed closely by MOC qualifier Jessie Mason and Jessica Vaughn.
3. Carondelet – Carondelet finished 6th at the DLS Invite attaining a notable team average of 20:43 per runner. Freshman Sara Aliotti steps it up big time with a 10th place individual finish.
4. Arroyo – With a 4th place finish behind Alameda at the Farmer Invite Arroyo shows they are quite a team to beat. Ashley Chan and Lacey Beckhavs both ran well and should give Arroyo much needed strength at the front.
5. Northgate – Northgate finished 16th at the DLS Invite behind Carondelet and with an poorer performance to that of Arroyo at the Farmer Invite.
Individually – Montgomery continues its tradition of fueling out talented runners. With Kim Conley gone a newcomer has emerged, who only has a year’s experience of XC. Jennifer Martindill ran a superb 19:46 only 8 seconds off of Maria Carrillo ace Jackie Wentz. Keep your eyes out for her.
Division 3
1. Bishop O’Dowd – Ari Wright is sitting out some races do to minor injury. In her stead Lexi Pappas takes command. With a 3rd place finish at the DLS invite behind star harriers Alex Kosinski and Nicole Pennes respectively O’Dowd looks very strong even without their senior star..
2. Campolindo – Catherine Murrillo running under the alias “Sparky” and Marie Casabonne lead the Cougars to a huge upset win over College Park @ the Ed Sias Invite.
3. Miramonte – The Matadors clean up at the Farmer Invite winning the women’s F/S JV and Varsity divisions… nice job.
4. Acalanes – Mo Huber smashes Joaquin Miller 2 mile record then goes on to become the “Queen” of the Ed Sias Invite. The rest of the Dons are still quite behind her but have shown marked signs of improvement.
5. San Marin – (lack of sufficient info)
Division 4
1. Arcata – NCS favorite Yasmine White place in the top 50 at the World Youth Triathlon championships.
2. Moreau Catholic – Finishes last place at the Farmer Invite, doesn’t fall in rank do to the fact that next best team in NCS is Arcata.
3. Terra Linda – (lack of sufficient info)
4. Marin Catholic – (lack of sufficient info)
5. Ursuline – (lack of sufficient info)
Division 5
1. University – Andrea Imhof makes an appearance breaking 20:00 at the DLS Invite.
2. Crystal Springs Uplands – CSU wins the D-5 race at the Stanford Invite. They looked primed to give university a run for its money.
3. Lick Wilmerding – (lack of sufficient info)
4. Marin Academy – (lack of sufficient info)

5. Head-Royce –

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