From Section to State (for 2006) - 12/11/05

In terms of any changes: D1 Boys - no change D1 Girls - no change D2 Boys - CS increases to 3, NCS decreases to 3 D2 Girls - no change D3 Boys - no change D3 Girls - no change D4 Boys - no change D4 Girls - CCS increases to 4, NCS decreases to 3 D5 Boys - CS increases to 3, NS decreases to 2 D5 Girls - NS increases to 2, SDS decreases to 2 Note: Very confusing as to the D5 boys situation as the State bulletin has the baseline value for the NS at 2 already, which I believe is a mistake (I think it should be one). I'll confirm the correct baseline values at the Advisory Committee meeting. The upshot is that in D5 boys the NS should get one more than it's baseline number. If it's baseline is one, then the NS would get 2 berths and the CS would get 3 berths. If it's baseline number is 2, then the NS would get 3 berths and the CS only 2 (which is no change from what was published for this season). Interestingly, only 21 complete D5 boys teams competed, so there were 2 berths unused. Ernie Lee Gunn HS