SJS Boys Preview 11/7/05

By Dan King



  1. Jesuit(1-1-1-1-1-1) (D2)(82:19)
  2. Rocklin(6-6-6-6-7-10) (D2)(83:22)
  3. Sheldon(3-3-3-3-5-4) (D1)(84:31)
  4. Ponderosa(7-8-7-7-9-6) (D2)(84:38)
  5. Davis(2-2-2-2-4-2) (D1)(85:55)
  6. Woodcreek(8-9-8-9-10-9) (D2)(85:55)
  7. Del Oro- (D3)(86:39)
  8. Fairfield(NR-NR-NR-NR-6-5) (D1)(87:01)
  9. Nevada Union (D1)(87:03)
  10. Oak Ridge(4-4-4-4-2-3) (D2)(87:03)
  11. Modesto(NR-NR-NR-NR-8-8) (D1)(87:18)
  12. Colfax(9-10-9-10-11-11) (D4)(87:37)
  13. Woodland(NR-NR-NR-NR-13-15) (D3)(87:40)
  14. Placer(NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-14) (D3)(87:43)
  15. Del Campo(5-5-5-5-3-7) (D3)(88:06)
  16. Lodi (D1)(88:06)
  17. Oakmont (D2)(88:12)
  18. Franklin, Elk Grove(NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-12) (D1)(88:41)
  19. Los Banos (D1)(88:44)
  20. Riverbank (D4)(88:59)
  21. Tokay (D1)(88:59)
  22. Granite Bay (D2)(89:33)
  23. Benicia (D3)(89:34)
  24. Union Mine(NR-NR-NR-NR-NR-13) (D3)(90:00)
  25. Sonora (D2)(90:12)
  26. Vanden (D3)(90:54)
  27. Christian Brothers (D4)(91:05)
  28. Amador (D4)(92:28)
  29. Hughson (D4)(93:31)
  30. Ripon (D4)(93:53)
  31. Lincoln, Lincoln (D4)(94:38)
  32. Escalon (D4)(95:00)



Each team in Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 are listed above based on their times this past Saturday in the Sub Section Meet at Angles Camp. If there are numbers after the school, this is where I had them ranked from the beginning of the season through the League meets. The questions remain: Who was racing for their lives to advance and who was training through. Many teams raced in flats while others were in trainers. Many schools spread their runners out and some raced with their top 7 in tact. Will be very interesting as the races unfold on Friday @ Willow Hills in Folsom.


Division 1

2 Teams Qualify for the State Championships

  1. Davis – 3rd @ Granite Bay Invite(87:09), behind very highly ranked Madera and Jesuit, 1st @ Lagoon Valley Invite by 30 pts over Lodi, Ponderosa 3rd here. (84:05) @ Stanford, 1st @ Yolo Invite, 1st @ Roughrider (State Meet Course)(83:30), (80:03) @ Mt Sac Invite, Monticello Empire League Champions scoring a perfect 15 pts. The Blue Devils are lead by a very talented group, perhaps the best team Coach Bill Gregg has ever had. Brendan Gregg, Patrick Lynch, Scott Halliday, Kyle Buchoff, Kenny Durell, Zach Bonner and Mitchell Danforth. They looked very relaxed at the sub section meet. Last State Rankings had them 14th in the State in D1. Look for a hard fought battle from Sheldon who is ranked right behind them in 15th.
  2. Sheldon – 4th @ Granite Bay Invite(88:10), 1st @ Lodi Invite 53 pts better than host Lodi, 2nd @ Nevada Union Invite Lg Sc(86:44) behind Reno, 2nd @ Yolo Invite, 4th Clovis Invite Lg Sc(85:42), 2nd in Delta League behind Jesuit. (87:33) on the current Willow Hills course. Coach Rodgers has developed this team very nicely. Lead by Zac Bowers, Dominic Malfatto, Kyle Fujitsubo, Derek Baptista, Spencer Christy and Mitchell Milligan, this group sent a message at Angles Camp, that they were ready to challenge for the section title. Sheldon only finished with 6. They are ranked 15th in the latest State Polls.
  3. Fairfield – (88:03) @ Stanford, 5th @ Clovis Invite Lg Sc (85:45), (81:30) @ Mt Sac Invite. This team should not be taken lightly. They finished with only 6 at the sub section meet and appear ready to step in should Davis or Sheldon falter. They are lead by Myko Lucas, Terrell Kirtz and Darrell Fernandez.
  4. Modesto - (84:43) @ Crystal Springs, Modesto Metro League Champions scored a perfect 15 pts. This group could be the most dangerous. Not much info on them as they tend to race at grade level and not often as a top 7, they are very talented and could surprise many at the section meet. (They were hiding from me) They are lead by Alex Freitas, Steve Casado, Marty Pyeatt, Alejandro Hernandez, Clayton Beltran and Matt Maldonado.
  5. Nevada Union, Grass Valley –10th @ Rocklin Invite, 6th @ Nevada Union Invite Lg Sc(88:24), 4th @ Bella Vista Invite, (86:57) @ Crystal Springs, (85:24) @ Mt Sac Invite, Metro League Champions, (91:32) on the current Willow Hills course. This team is loaded with talent and starting to put things together. With the Addition of Sean Lane, who has only raced twice, in the League and Sub-Section meet. They could move up. He is the Miners #2 man. They could have one ace in the hole. Barrett Vertrees, a junior, who has been recovering from an injury and has not raced all year, could make a big impact if he returns. Vertrees ran (17:16) as a freshman at the Clovis Invite. NU had the best race of the season at Angles Camp. Leading the way for the miners is Senior Andrew Primrose, Lane, Parker Brown (the only one with State Meet experience)(17:32), Cody Hood and Dan Freitas.
  6. Lodi – 10th @ Granite Bay Invite(91:46), 2nd @ Lodi Invite, 2nd @ Lagoon Valley Invite, (89:17) @ Stanford, 3rd @ Yolo Invite. Led by the very talented Jeff Merrill and Daniel Magana they finished 6th at the sub section meet.
  7. Franklin, Elk Grove – 91:30 @ Stanford, 6th @ Yolo Invite, (85:21) @ Mt Sac Invite. 90:33 on the current Willow Hills Course. Marlon Patterson, one of the best runners in the state, will have help in the section meet. Ryan Freitas will help back Marlon up as they try to improve on their 7th place finish at the sub section meet.
  8. Tokay – 3rd @ Lodi Invite, 7th @ Nevada Union Invite Lg Sc(90:57), 87:01 @ Mt Sac Invite. Tokay is led by Seth Green and Michael Sandoval
  9. 5 Individuals to State (must finish in top 12)

    Jake Matthews – Folsom

    Marlon Patterson – Franklin, Elk Grove

    Jeff Merrill – Lodi

    Brad Doering – Yuba City

    Myko Lucas - Fairfield

    Team Prediction

    1. Davis
    2. Sheldon
    3. Fairfield
    4. Modesto
    5. Lodi
    6. Franklin
    7. Nevada Union
    8. Tokay

Division 2

3 Teams Qualify for the State Championships.

  1. Jesuit –2nd @ Granite Bay Invite(84:50)behind D1 State ranked Madera(84:33), 1st @ Rocklin Invite 64pt win over Oak Ridge, 3rd fastest time of the day @ Stanford Invite(81:46) behind national ranked D1 Royal(79:47) in the Southern Section and Mead(80:30) of Washington, 1st @ Bella Vista Invite, 1st @ Clovis Invite/Championship race (80:26), Delta League Champions. Ran 85:15 on the current Willow Hills Course. Ranked #9 Nationally and #2 in California all divisions. Walt Lange’s harriers are by far the best in the section. They have met every challenge head on with the best to come, I believe. Led by Evan Watchempino, Samir Benouar, Michael Salvarierra, James Laville, Phil McKennan, Scott Donahue and Jake Kelley-Strong, this team continues to improve upon the storied history of cross country at Jesuit.
  2. Rocklin –4th @ Rocklin Invite, 4th @ Nevada Union Invite Lg Sc (87:18), (85:56) @ Stanford, 5th @ Yolo Invite, 5th Clovis Invite Med Sc (85:48). Sierra Foothill League Champions, Placed 3 in the top 5 at the sub section meet and are lead by the great trio of Tim Cannon, Jon Santellano and Kevin Hougen. They will have to have some help for #4 and #5 if they hope to travel to Fresno for Thanksgiving.
  3. Oak Ridge – 6th @ Granite Bay Invite (88:55), 2nd @ Rocklin Invite, (85:10) @ Stanford, 2nd @ Bella Vista Invite, 1st Clovis Invite Med Sc (82:58), SVC League Champions running (87:30) on the current Willow Hills course. This team has looked great all year and even though they were 5th in the sub-section, this team is in championship mode and will battle for a spot to the state meet. They are led by Ryan Cosens, Scott Crawford, Alex Mansoor and Josh Ruff.
  4. Ponderosa - 5th @ Rocklin Invite, 3rd @ Lagoon Valley Invite, 1st @ Yuba Sutter Invitational, (88:24) on the current Willow Hills course. 3rd at the sub section meet, Ponderosa is lead by the talents of Dillon Brook and Mike Wright.
  5. Woodcreek - 6th @ Lodi Invite, 6th @ Rocklin Invite, 5th @ Nevada Union Invite Lg Sc (88:44), (87:17) @ Stanford, 4th @ Yolo Invite on 6th man, Clovis Invite (90:57), Won Sierra Foothill League Championship meet on 6th man. Finished 4th in the sub-section meet. Cameron Mitchell races here and is one of the best in the section regardless of division.
  6. Oakmont – 9th @ Granite Bay Invite (91:06), (89:47) @ Stanford, Clovis Invite (92:09), 86:09 @ Mt Sac Invite. They are led by Garrett Infausto and Jason Sey.
  7. Los Banos – 7th @ Lodi Invite, (87:32) @ Mt Sac Invite. Led by Ivan Bojorquez and Luis Hernandez, they finished 6th in the sub section meet.
  8. Granite Bay – (92:17) @ Stanford, 7th @ Yolo Invite, (93:32) on the current Willow Hills course. Ari Shaeffer and company look to improve on their 8th place finish at the sub-section meet. They only finished with 6 runners.

5 Individuals to State (Must finish in the top 14)

Dillon Brook, Ponderosa

Mike Wright, Ponderosa

Cameron Mitchell, Woodcreek

Jake Hurd, Sierra

Frank Sanders, Pitman

Team Predictions

    1. Jesuit
    2. Rocklin
    3. Oak Ridge
    4. Ponderosa
    5. Woodcreek
    6. Oakmont
    7. Los Banos
    8. Granite Bay



Division 3

2 Teams Qualify for the State Championships

  1. Del Campo, Fair Oaks –7th @ Granite Bay Invite(88:50), 3rd @ Rocklin Invite, 1st D3 @ Woodbridge Invite, 2nd @ Yuba Sutter Invite (missing #1/#2), 4th @ Brea Invite(85:52) behind #5 state ranked (all divisions) D1 El Rancho(82:09), Rubidoux(85:24) and Brea Olinda(85:26) both D2 in Southern Section, 1st @ Castro Valley Invite, Capital Athletic League Champions scored a perfect 15 pts running (90:06) on the current Willow Hills course. Coach Bob King is looking for his 14th section title. This team has traveled to meets throughout the state in seek of competition they might encounter in Fresno. They are ranked #9 in the state’s latest polls. Leading the way are Senior Sean Kelleher and Sophomore James Tracy. The rest of the cougar harriers are very strong and ready for the task at hand. Look for James Always, Ryan Garcia, Jessie Russing, David Descalso and Seb Kavanaugh to follow nicely. Del Campo finished with 6 @ sub sections.
  2. Del Oro, Loomis – 4th @ Nevada Union Invite smsc (90:39), (88:49) @ Stanford, Clovis Invite (87:12). Coach Jake Hardey told me they would be ready and truly they are. Very impressive at the sub section meet where they were 1st, 4 pts ahead of Placer and 5 pts ahead of Woodland. A team waiting in the wings all season, a lot like last year when they tie with Placer in the sub section meet and won on 6th man. At the Section meet they tied with Sonora and lost on 6th man. Leading the way for Del Oro are Shawn Boyte and Nathan Spangler. The pair went 1-2 last weekend in the sub-section meet. They have to hope their 5th man can move up in the pack if they are to challenge for the section title.
  3. Woodland – 9th @ Rocklin Invite, 4th @ Lodi Invite, 89:00 @ Stanford, 87:00 @ Clovis Invite, (85:18) @ Mt Sac Invite. The Wolves have been on the prowl all season and are ready for this championship. With only 2 spots to the state champions, this will be a heck of a race. Coach Bruns will have to get his squad to pack race better than ever for them to have a chance. Leading the way is Russell Darling. Following him closely will be Danny Ponticello, Max Bencomo, Luke Koushmaro and Michael Brian.
  4. Placer, Auburn, 3rd @ Nevada Union Invite sm sc (90:30), (89:15) @ Stanford. The Hillman finished 2nd in the sub-section meet and are hoping to qualify for the state championships a year after they were heavy favorites and ended up 4th. Placer is led by Dan Labrador, Josh Vaughan and Thomas Evangelista.
  5. Union Mine – 4th @ Lagoon Valley Invite. Ran (90:55) on the current Willow Hills course. Their top harrier, William Marquardt will need help from the rest of his team if they are to improve on their 6th place finish at the sub-section meet.
  6. Benicia – (93:10) @ Stanford, 6th @ Bella Vista Invite. Richard Jones is Benicia’s top harrier but will need a lot of help from his teammates if they hope to improve on their 5th place finish at the sub section meet.
  7. Sonora – 8th @ Lodi Invite, (93:58) @ Stanford. The Sonora harriers are the defending Division 3 Section Champions. They were hit hard by graduation and the loss of their coach to retirement, but have rebounded nicely. They defend their title with two of the best runners in this division, Bill Brewer and Spencer Castro.
  8. Vanden – Capital Valley Conference Champions, 6th @ Lagoon Valley Invite. If they hope to improve on their 8th place finish at the sub section meet, Vanden’s top runner, Chris Langbehn will need for his teammates to move up.

5 Individuals to the State Meet (Must finish in the Top 12)

Shawn Boyte, Del Oro

Nathan Spangler, Del Oro

Richard Jones, Benicia

William Marquardt, Union Mine

Dan Labrador, Placer

Team Predictions

    1. Del Campo
    2. Woodland
    3. Del Oro
    4. Placer
    5. Union Mine
    6. Sonora
    7. Benicia
    8. Vanden


Division 4

2 Teams Qualify for the State Championships

    1. Colfax –7th @ Rocklin Invite, 1st @ Nevada Union Invite sm sc (89:24), (87:38) @ Stanford, 3rd @ Bella Vista Pioneer, Valley League Champions. They are ranked #5 in the states latest polls. Defending Section Champions, the falcons are very strong. Leading the way are Matt Wollenberg, Alec Reynolds, JT Evans, Greg Reynolds, Joel Iventosch and Johathan Crebbin. Colfax finished with only 6 runners all in the top 21.
    2. Riverbank – 2nd @ Sierra Invite behind Roosevelt of Fresno, 4th Sm Sc@ Artichoke Invite. If this team is to challenge Colfax for the Section title and stay ahead of late charging Christian Brothers, super star German Fernandez will need help from Omar Fernandez and crew. German had the fastest time of the day @ Angles Camp (15:27), winning his race by 99sec. Only finished with 6 last Saturday.
    3. Christian Brothers – This team has run (93:22) on the current Willow Hills course. They will challenge Riverbank for the 2nd qualifying spot to the state championships. They pack well, but can they move up? They don’t need much. Leading the way for CBS are George Cook-Cantu, Jason Howard, Jonathan Soto, Matthew Smolich and Matthew Delgado.
    4. Amador – 6th Nevada Union Invite Sm Sc (94:00), 10th Sm Sc Artichoke Invite. Amador’s top runners are Jay Souza and Thomas Witt.
    5. Hughson – (92:10) @ Clovis Invite. Finished 5th at the sub-section meet and hoping to improve behind the talents of Cirilo Chavez and Joe Thiebold.
    6. Ripon – clearly hid from me all season. Finished 6th in the sub section meet and is being led by Nick Wever.
    7. Lincoln, Lincoln – 7th Nevada Union Invite Sm Sc (94:55). Kyle Knutson is one of the best runners in this division and hopes to lead his team to a better finish than the 7th place they received @ Angles Camp.
    8. Escalon – (94:02) @ Mt Sac Invite. Finished 8th in the sub section meet and is being led by the talented Randy Huntington.

5 Individuals to the State Meet (Must finish in the top 12)

German Fernandez, Riverbank

Nuno Espadinha, Livingston

Kyle Knutson, Lincoln, Lincoln

Randy Huntington, Escalon

Cirilo Chavez, Hughson

Team Predictions

    1. Colfax
    2. Christian Brothers
    3. Riverbank
    4. Amador
    5. Ripon
    6. Hughson
    7. Escalon
    8. Lincoln, Lincoln